Sister Luo immediately frowned after hearing what he said, “Young Master Guo, it’s not that I want to let you down but you know we can’t force those students who are here solely for working purposes, they aren’t like the other girls.”

“Nonsense, are there still working girls that aren’t willing to sell themselves even if I give her more money?” Guo Yue said in disdain.

“Brother Guo, stop it, she’s just here to work as a waitress, it’s illegal if you do it,” Li Dun advised him.

Guo Yue’s expression was rather unbearable, and he smiled and said, “Brother Li, you may rarely visit such places, so you aren’t familiar. I have seen many of these pretentious women, in fact, they are willing to do anything as long as you give them more money. Besides, men are usually domineering creatures, only incapable men will be loyal to one woman in such a flowery world. Capable men should continue to conquer no matter the methods. It’s also a technique to be able to leave smarter after playing, if you only choose the ones who only know how to show their butts to you, it would be too boring.”

Li Dun frowned but after taking a glance at Yang Chen, he kept quiet.

Yang Chen felt strange being stared at by Li Dun, as if the term ‘dominating animal’ was directed at himself.

“Sister Luo, I don’t care about the rest, I want Wu Xiaoli tonight for sure. I’ve asked the reception just now, that girl came from a poor village in Shanbei and is now studying in Beijing. If she refuses, I can simply grant her a stable job in Beijing, it’s still better than her working for years,” Guo Yue said triumphantly. 

Sister Luo didn’t talk further and called the guards while chuckling then winked at Guo Yue giving him a green light.

Guo Yue blinked his eyes at Yang Lie and went out happily, running toward the single room beside.

Seeing whatever happened, Yang Chen didn’t say anything but took the glass of red wine given by Sister Luo and asked after a few sips, “Hey beautiful, how long have you been doing business here?”

Sister Luo smiled, “Young Master Yang, why are you asking such a boring question? Businesses are annoying, why don’t we drink and play games?”

“If I insist on knowing?” Yang Chen grinned.

Sister Luo pouted her lips, “ It’s been more than ten years.”

“Really? Sister Luo, you seem to be very young though. Do you remember a famous nightclub named ‘Golden Hall’ which existed here ten years ago?”

Sister Luo showed a look of recollection, “I have some vague impressions but I don’t remember much. Aren’t you very young, why would you mention something from ten years ago? Is there anything you’d like to ask?” 

Yang Chen sighed, “I have a master with the surname of Song, when we were overseas he told me he had an old lover in Beijing. They knew each other in the ‘Golden Hall’ nightclub and he asked me to help find her, but sadly I didn’t get to see that club here.”

“I am sorry then, I can’t help you,” Sister Luo gently rubbed his shoulder and she took a few glances at Yang Lie who was keeping quiet. But he seemed to have not heard anything and was joking with the two other chicks.

Sister Luo noticed that Yang Lie wasn’t reacting and said, “Young Master Yang, if you come by often, perhaps I can keep an eye for you. I am quite familiar with the area, there are many old people here too.”

“I shall thank Sister Luo then,” Yang Chen smiled meaningfully.

There was a hint of suspicion in her eyes but she still proposed a toast with him.

At this moment, a vigorous running noise came from outside the room.


The door was pushed open hard and a delicate figure rushed in.

“Sister Luo! Sister Luo please save me!!”

Wu Xiaoli who was wearing the maid outfit ran in and fell in front of Sister Luo then pleaded in tears, “Sister Luo, the guards are trying to catch me! Please tell them I am just a waitress!!”

Tears streaked her immaculate face, bringing with them her intricate eye shadow making her look like a piteous porcelain doll.

Two tough and suited bodyguards walked in followed by Guo Yue who was cursing all the way.

“Damn you little bitch, how dare you show me your temper!?” Guo Yue walked up ferociously and grabbed Wu Xiaoli’s shirt, trying to pull her out.

She tried to escape and run away, but the two bodyguards carried her up and she couldn’t do anything.

Seeing Wu Xiaoli being carried away by the guards, Sister Luo showed an indifferent face as if it had nothing to do with her.

Li Dun was being served wine by the two chicks and didn’t respond in time. He then shouted after a moment, “Hey! Guo Yue, let go of the girl!”

Guo Yue looked embarrassed after being yelled at and answered stiffly, “Brother Li, let’s not spoil each other's interest since we are here to play.”

“Is that interest you call!? Aren’t you trying to rape!? If the girl doesn’t work for this, you can’t force her to,” Li Dun frowned.

Guo Yue suddenly squeezed Wu Xiaoli’s chin and whispered a few words by her ears.

He then asked, “Xiaoli, you tell this master the truth, are you willing to come with me?”

Her eyes were tearing up but she nodded anyways.

Li Dun was then stunned, “Hey girl, are you in your right mind? Don’t be afraid, tell me, did he threaten you?”

Wu Xiaoli clenched her teeth and shook her head.

Guo Yue immediately smiled, “Brother Li, see what I told you? These women nowadays are open-minded as long as you give them some benefits. You enjoy yourself and I shall have some fun with this little girl beside.

Seeing Guo Yue pulling the girl away, Li Dun still felt uneasy.

Yang Lie advised in a lazy tone, “Young Master Li, save it. It’s her choice, she will receive benefits.”

“No,” Li Dun shook his head after thinking for a moment and went to Yang Chen, “Brother Yang, Guo Yue is your cousin brother so you should talk to him. He is obviously threatening the girl, I can’t let this slide!”

Yang Chen chuckled, “And you said we are here for entertainment, I think you are trying to find me trouble.”

That being said but seeing his serious face, Yang Chen could only stand up and walk to the other room.

Sister Luo quickly followed worriedly as if she was afraid that something big might happen.

As soon as Yang Chen reached the entrance of the room beside, the sound of Wu Xiaoli’s unstoppable cries and shouts could be heard. 

Yang Chen motioned and Sister Luo behind her could only ask the guards to leave.

After the door was opened, two figures could be seen rolling on the big bed under the dim light.

Guo Yue had tore Wu Xiaoli’s maid outfit to pieces, her snowy white skin was revealed and her chest was exposed.

Hearing the door opening, Guo Yue turned over and got stunned after seeing it was Yang Chen, “Brother Chen, you… why are you here?”

Yang Chen walked upfront and pulled Guo Yue off the bed with a cold face, “Get out, play with those women who are willing to.”

Guo Yue’s face darkened but didn’t dare to say anything, “Alright, since Brother Chen is stopping me as well then I shall let her go, we are cousin brothers anyway.”

That being said, he snorted and walked out of the room, followed by Sister Luo to comfort him.

Wu Xiaoli hugged her knees in bed, shivering and tearing up, she looked at Yang Chen and said, “Thank you, sir…”

Yang Chen sat by the bed and asked with a smile, “ I thought you were acting at first, but now, I didn’t think your emotions were fake so I came and helped.”

Wu Xiaoli wiped her tears and said, “What act…”

“Nothing,” Yang Chen stared at the girl for a moment and couldn’t find anything special so he smiled.

Although Yang Lie, Sister Luo and Guo Yue were suspicious, this girl had nothing special on her. Judging from her body shape, walking posture and her movements, Yang Chen could clearly say that she was still a virgin!

He was probably overthinking, how could such a seemingly coincidence be a trap?

Seeing that he was about to walk out, Wu Xiaoli pleaded softly, “Sir, can you tell me your phone number? I want to thank you one day, my father told me that if you don’t repay one’s kindness, you will get shocked by lightning.”

The girl’s accent turned rustic and made Yang Chen dumbfounded.