Seeing the girl’s stubborn yet sincere expression, Yang Chen could only tell her his number or else this little girl might drag him and not let him go.

After returning to the cabin, Yang Lie and Li Dun were already having fun. Although Guo Yue wasn’t completely satisfied, he still got two women to drink with him.

Sister Luo then called in a few chicks in uniforms and accompanied Yang Chen to drink until midnight.

Li Dun had cultivation practices so he wouldn’t get drunk. He got up and pulled Yang Chen indicating that they should leave.

He naturally wouldn’t want to pay for this kind of expensive entertainment activity judging from his stingy personality, fortunately Guo Yue was well prepared ahead. He took out a few stacks of cash and the chicks were all flattered.

After leaving Pink Lady, Li Dun drove home himself and Yang Chen followed Guo Yue’s car.

As soon as he reached home, Li Dun’s call came in.

His voice sounded exceptionally serious, “Brother Yang, I’ve made an exception this time to accompany you to ‘solve the case’. You don’t know how uncomfortable I was hiding from Xin’Er.”

Yang Chen smiled as he walked toward the backyard, “I thought you were having fun, since it didn’t cost you anything.”

“Cut that shit, I might not be as rich as you, but I still have my pride as the father of my child,” Li Dun yelled proudly then asked, “Back to the topic, did you find anything suspicious?”

“I did, but not much,” Yang Chen pouted his lips, “At least I know that Sister Luo is not the true owner of the club, even if she looks exactly the same as the owner before, it’s still not her.”


“Remember I mentioned ‘Golden Hall’? Do you know what’s that?”

“How would I know? Didn’t you say you were helping your master to look for someone?” Li Dun was confused.

“Don’t be naive,” Yang Chen laughed, “I’ve used my phone to search about ‘Pink Lady’ on our way there and ‘Golden Hall’ was the name of the club five years ago. That ‘Sister Luo’ didn’t even know the name of her shop previously but she said that she has been working there for a decade. This indicates that she only replaced the actual person recently and didn’t do enough homework. In addition, she kept on glancing at Yang Lie, although he had good acting skills, she didn’t. But this still can’t justify their relationship.”

Li Dun was stunned, “Why didn’t you catch that ‘Sister Luo’? Interrogate her hard! Who knows she might be teaming up with Yang Lie or even the Liang family!”

“Be it the Liang family, that Sister Luo or even Yang Lie and Guo Yue, I don’t think so they are the ones behind all these. The game has not reached its climax yet, if I act too rashly, how can I catch the final dragon?”

Li Dun chuckled, “I am afraid that your appetite might not be big enough by then, I… Oh my, I’ll talk to you later, I think my son is crying, bye!”

Immediately, he hung up the call.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly, it seemed that this guy had transformed from a tough soldier into a super dad. But he himself was quite envious, in fact he had a daughter but when she appeared in his life she was already a big baby so he didn’t get to experience the infant stage.

Before he knew it, he had already reached his room in the backyard. The light in the room was still on, obviously Lin Ruoxi was still waiting for his return.

Yang Chen didn’t think further and quickly walked into the room.


Inside Pink Lady, in a luxurious room exclusive to the owner.

Yang Lie was lying on the huge bed, with a cigarette in his mouth.

Luo Cuishan, naked, lying limply between the man’s legs, was using her pink tongue softly wrapping around his majestic root. 

Looking at the drunken woman, a glimmer of coldness flashed through his eyes and he suddenly stomped on her stomach!!


Luo Cuishan cried and stared at Yang Lie in shock and panic.

“Little one, what have I done wrong, why did you kick me…”

Yang Lie shook his head angrily, “Rather than a bitch, I think your brain belongs to a sow… How many times have I told you to be prepared? Do you know the ‘Golden Hall’ that Yang Chen mentioned just now was the name of this place 5 years ago!? Didn’t you do enough homework before this!? Didn’t I tell you to take over this character ‘Sister Luo’ completely?!”

“What!?” Luo Cuishan was stunned and said, “I… I did research about this woman, but I didn’t think about the history of this shop. Besides, it’s from five years ago...then...why didn’t he expose me?”

Yang Lie snorted, “He ain’t as stupid as you. It's just that he hasn't managed to guess who’s the person behind all these, yet he’s arrogant enough to think that he’ll be able to set the world in one fell swoop.”

“You seem to know him well?”

“Because I’m not the second Yan Buwen,” Yang Lie chuckled.

Luo Cuishan squinted her eyes, “So what do we do now?”

Yang Lie grinned, “ Just do what we should do, go as planned. My moves are to let him know that it was designed, yet they can’t do anything but to accept it!”

Seeing Yang Lie’s eerie smile, Luo Cuishan also showed vengeful flames in her eyes as if the cruel kick she got earlier was nothing.


The next morning, when Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi walked to the dining area of the front yard, Lanlan was already drinking her oat porridge in a big bowl.

Breakfast was mostly vegetarian so the chubby little girl frowned slightly as she ate, but in order to fill up her stomach, she ate with determination. 

What surprised Yang Chen was, only Guo Xuehua was there, Yang Gongming and Yang Pojun weren’t here and Yang Lie was not seen in the morning.

“Mother, where did the old man go?” Yang Chen sat down and touched his daughter’s head with one hand, then took a bun with another while asking.

Guo Xuehua looked worried and forced a smile, “Early in the morning, the generals from Beijing Military District and Commission came over for a meeting. The Liang family of the Southwest District seemed to have caused some trouble.”

Yang Chen frowned, “Why didn’t you inform me since it’s about the Liang family?”

“Your temper is well known in the upper levels of the military and Beijing, those people think that you are too murderous and are afraid that you might cause a bigger scene so they are avoiding you while they try to comfort the Liang family,” Guo Xuehua sighed.

Yang Chen snorted and walked outside with a bun in his mouth.

It was most probably Yang Pojun who told her to not say anything, but she knew that it was impossible to hide from him so she spilled everything.

Lin Ruoxi watched Yang Chen walk out and wanted to say something but hesitated. Although she briefly knew what happened, it was still a matter for the upper levels of China, she as a businesswoman didn’t want to cause more trouble despite having a bad feeling about it.

In the guest’s main hall of the Yang Residence right now. 

Yang Gongming read through the information in his hand thoroughly and slammed the papers on the table with a darkened face.

The old man sitting on the first seat was Li Moshen. As the head and deputy premier of the Security Bureau, his information would definitely be more accurate.

“Old Master Yang, all navy, land and air forces from the West Province and the five major North and South Provinces will rush to Guangdong Province today. The parade will start tomorrow sharp at noon,” Li Moshen said.

“Hmmph, he’s just a military district commander and he dares to go beyond his authorities and mobilize the troops out of nowhere to his parade, he’s literally implying pressure on our central district!” One of the military commission generals said angrily.

“It’s more than just pressure, he is taking the opportunity of his son’s tragic death to show us how prestigious the Liang family is in Guangdong Province. If he joins forces with the NATO countries saying that they are oppressed by tyranny, even if we don’t get killed, our national army will have to peel a layer of skin,” another general slammed the chair and said.

Yang Pojun said in an embarrassed and upset face, “Dear all, it’s all because of my unfilial and wicked son. If it wasn’t for his boldness and arrogance, things wouldn’t have gone this far.”

The few generals present responded with a few words of comfort and told Yang Pojun to not blame himself too much, but his expression was already fretful as it is, being extremely dissatisfied about Yang Chen causing such trouble.

“I suppose I didn’t ask you to apologize on behalf of me, I am not even thinking of admitting my mistake.”

Yang Chen walked into the hall while eating a bun and looked at those generals ironically with dark faces and took the papers Yang Gongming was reading.