“I heard that the main forces of that military district were formed by his old father who had climbed over mountains and dodged artillery shells in the rear base during the war of resistance. This is only the second generation of leaders, their military spirit would obviously belong to their family and it’s normal for the troops to listen to the Liang family. Why are you all so fussy?” Yang Chen simply skimmed through the report and said casually. 

“Hmmph, what do you know about it!? Do you know what kind of chain reaction this would cause?! Not to mention that the people of the five provinces will be panicked, if we allow him to continue acting like this, the other military districts, especially the ones from the Northwest region, follow the parade, how can the image of the central government be preserved!? Who should the people in this country listen to!?” One of the generals in the centre yelled in anger.

Yang Chen stuffed the rest of the bun into his mouth and chewed as he asked Yang Gongming, “Old man… You were saying… Is this really such a big problem?”

Yang Gongming closed his eyes and fell into deep thoughts, “General Liu has a point. Liang Shengchuan has been dominating in the south for decades with his father Liang Bocheng’s identity as the army builder and he never had the heart to actually compromise. Initially after two more generations, when the older batch of the military and their descendants die, the troops will not side the Liang family, but sadly… this happened early, he’s gambling.”

“The Old Marshal is correct, I suggest sending a representative to Guangdong Province immediately to negotiate and test the Liang family’s limit. Forgive me for being straightforward, your eldest grandson should take responsibility for this matter as well!” General Liu glared at Yang Chen furiously.

“You want me to take responsibility?” Yang Chen sneered, “Are you guys asking me to repay them with my life? Or are you asking me to settle this matter?”

“Settle? Are you kidding me? Is this something that can be settled with just a casual statement!? If it isn’t because we respect the Yang family and Old Marshall Yang, we would’ve tied you up and dumped you into prison!”

The other officers agreed as General Liu shouted, they were standing upon justice and didn’t bother about the rest.

Yang Chen shrugged, “Since Liang Zhen is dead, might as well send the whole family down to the underworld to accompany him. If that’s the case, we can even cancel the parade tomorrow, isn’t it better?”

A chubby central official sneered, “Haha! What a joke! The Yang family is indeed very prestigious, but not all families will be afraid, do you think the Liang family is easy to deal with? Are you thinking of using the Yang family’s power to fight a civil war? Letting the Beijing and Jiangnan Military Districts to fight in full force and create a tragedy in China?! If you are thinking of a sudden attack from our side, that’s even a better joke! Let alone the masters who are secretly guarding, with just the 3000 special forces who have been battling on the border of South Asia all year round, even if you have the ability, do you think you can beat them all at once!?”

The group of officers and generals were all staring at Yang Chen wryly, as if wanting to tie him up and send him to Guangdong Province for assurance. However, they couldn’t do anything as Yang Gongming hadn’t made the final call.

Li Moshen was drinking his tea without any reaction, just like what Yang Gongming was doing. 

Yang Chen didn’t bother as he thought that there was no need to explain to these people. Just as he was about to ask the servants to send them off, someone came in from the front hall.

“Old Master, the lady’s father and brother are here, they seem to have something urgent!”

Yang Gongming twitched his brows, “The in-laws are here?”

Yang Pojun was also confused, “What’s my father and brother-in-law doing here early in the morning?”

Yang Chen who wanted to send the guests away started to think faintly that he had missed something.

Speaking of it, it seemed to be his first time meeting Guo Xuehua’s father and brother, which was his grandfather and uncle. 

“Yang Gongming!! Return my grandson!!”

When a rough voice came in from outside, all the officials present shook slightly.

A tall and old man with gray hair walked into the main hall with a flushed face, followed by a middle-aged man which looked extremely similar to him and he seemed to have cried earlier.

Yang Chen heard from Guo Xuehua that his grandfather’s name was Guo Yi and his uncle Guo Xuelong was Guo Yue’s father. 

Yang Gongming was polite to his in-laws and stood up gradually, “Oh, why did you say so?”

“Still trying to pretend huh!? Get that unfilial grandson of yours out here now! Ask him to tell you himself how he killed his younger cousin brother! My grandson!!!” Guo Yi shouted furiously.

The rest looked at Yang Chen shockingly at the same time they noticed Guo Yi and Guo Xuelong had black satin on their sleeves.

Guo Yi and his son then saw Yang Chen and their eyes were already on fire with such a glance.

“Right… You are Yang Chen huh…” Guo Yi laughed in anger, “This is my first meeting with you as your grandfather but I didn’t expect that the reason behind our meeting to be this. I really admire how the descendants of the Yang family are getting better!”

Yang Chen asked, “You were saying… Guo Yue is dead?”

“Haha! Are you asking us now?! You killed my poor grandson in the car and yet you still dare to ask!?” Guo Yi’s eyes were red.

Yang Pojun had a pale face and his muscles were stiff, “Father-in-law, there must be some misunderstanding in this, Yang Chen has no reason to kill Guo Yue.”

“Do you think my father and I will come all the way here to accuse the Yang family!?”

Guo Xuelong took out his mobile phone from his pocket and showed everyone the picture.

Everyone felt the chills! 

On the screen, it was a scene of a tragedy in the car. Guo Yue’s head was shattered by a violent force and his headless body fell on the steering wheel, with blood drenching the car seat. 

“This method of killing is exactly the same as what you did to Liang Zhen that day! Bless the God for letting us find someone’s fingerprint on the front passenger seat and after analyzing it with the police station computer, it was a match to yours! It’s exactly the same!!” Guo Xuelong yelled.

Even Yang Chen was confused right now.

My own fingerprint? Exactly the same?!

It was normal for the police station to have his fingerprint information as it wasn’t difficult to retrieve and it was necessary to keep it in record. However, he wasn’t the one who killed Guo Yue, how did the fingerprint appear in the front seat? He was in the back seat when they came home!

He didn’t think that the father and son of the Guo family were trying to frame him in this as there was no benefit to be gained. 

Seeing the officers and generals present being terrified and staring at him with anger, he immediately felt that things were out of place.

Hearing that her father and brother’s arrival, Guo Xuehua came out from the backyard along with Lin Ruoxi and Lanlan. Before they reached the hall, the voices of Guo Yi and his son could be heard.

Guo Xuehua walked up to Guo Xuelong with teary eyes and took over the handphone. Seeing the headless body in the picture, she staggered and was about to faint!


Yang Pojun immediately helped his wife and glared at Yang Chen furiously.

Lin Ruoxi carried Lanlan and stood aside. Knowing that things had gone this far, she could only look at Yang Chen worriedly without being able to do anything.

Guo Xuehua looked at Yang Chen in grief, “Son… Tell mother that it’s not true, you didn’t kill your cousin brother… right?”

Yang Chen nodded without hesitation, “I didn’t, I guarantee you.”

“Does it really prove that you didn’t kill Guo Yue!? Do fingerprints deceive people? Isn’t the killing method too similar!? Who would smash a person’s head in such a way except you!?” An officer sneered.

Li Moshen finally spoke after being silent for a long time, “Everyone please listen, this matter is extremely strange. You need a reason to kill somebody, even more to kill a cousin. There’s only a fingerprint as proof, but what would his motive be for killing Guo Yue? I suppose Yang Chen and Guo Yue didn’t have any great hatred when they were alive, no?”

“Patriarch Li, do you think that I am such an unreasonable person!? I’ve thought about his possible motives before coming here,” Guo Yi said in pain, “I’ve got information about the few young gentlemen going to a nightclub named Pink Lady yesterday. The guards there proved that my grandson Guo Yue had a fight over the part time waitress Wu Xiaoli with this bastard Yang Chen.”