“I know that it’s an insult towards the Guo family, but my grandson was killed because of it, so I couldn’t care less about the Guo family’s face!” Guo Yi said. 

But Guo Xuehua kept on shaking her head,” No, father you must  have mistaken something, Yang Chen is not someone like that, I’m sure that he isn’t as impulsive as you think!” 

“Shut up!!” Guo Yi rebuked. “It’s your “good” son that killed your nephew!” There is  human and physical evidence there and the motive is obvious. He had previously killed Liang Zhen in front of so many people in Beijing City, who else could it be but him? He is clearly a bloodthirsty demon, what else can you say!?”

“I....” Guo Xuehua looked at her father with tears in her eyes. She then looked at Yang Chen anxiously, then her body felt wobbly and she fainted all of a sudden!”


Yang Pojun was shocked; he looked at Yang Chen angrily and immediately ordered servants to send Guo Xuehua to rest in her room.

With such a scene like this, Yang Pojun did not think that it was good for Guo Xuehua to stay. 

Yang Chen could tell that there was nothing serious about Guo Xuehua’s faint, he breathed a sigh of relief and turned his head to ask, “Old man, you said that there's a witness? If the physical evidence is my fingerprint, then who is the witness?”

“Hmmph, since you asked me, I’ll tell you about it”, Guo Xuelong looked at the whole room and said loudly, “Us, the Guo family had sent some people to the investigate at Pink Lady, we knew that yesterday night, my son who is up to no good, has got interested with a lady who is a waitress there, her name is Wu Xiaoli. What is unexpected is that Yang Chen also got interested in Wu Xiaoli and he pulled her away from my son! There were a few guards who were outside the room and they saw and heard the scene of Yang Chen pushing my son out of the room. When we asked Wu Xiaoli ourselves, she said she was playing with my son at first, but at the end Yang Chen wanted her to be with him, she did not want to, so he transferred his anger on my son Guo Yue!”

After listening to this, Lin Ruoxi who was standing in the corner looked mad. When she stared at Yang Chen, she saw that he was also helplessly staring back at her.

Lin Ruoxi was frozen for a while, and immediately felt relieved. She knew Yang Chen’s personality, if he wanted a woman, there’ll be no woman who would resist him. Besides that, women from those places would not attract him. 

It’s just that, the father and son of the Guo family had let anger overpower their rationalism, that’s why they blamed Yang Chen without wanting him to explain. 

Lin Ruoxi held Lanlan in her arms, took a small meaty finger of her and waved at Yang Chen, as a sign of supporting him. 

The little girl did not know why her mother did that, she just saw Yang Chen winked at both of them and smiled sweetly. 

“You’re just saying it without evidence, why don’t you call Wu Xiaoli here so that we can question her face to face,” Yang Pojun said. 

Guo Xue Long smirked, “Well, since you still do not believe me, I’ll let the policemen bring her here in a while. She is currently in the police station as a witness,” Guo Xuelong immediately took out his phone to call, without hesitating. 

But, he hadn’t even spoken more than two sentences and his face turned pale. 

After he hung up, Guo Xuelong said in a low voice,” Wu Xiaoli had poisoned herself to death at the police station just now, she couldn’t be saved.”

All the officials looked at Yang Chen in unison. 

Yang Chen smiled coldly and said,'' Why? Do you want to say that I already knew all about this so I paid the policemen to let them poison Wu Xiaoli, so that there will be no proof? Don’t you think that the reasoning is too biased?”

“Shameless boy! Yang Family had always been so successful with pride over the years, but once it reached you, you appeared to be the wicked obstacle, what do you have to say about this? Guo Yi looked so angry with his red face. 

Yang Pojun wanted to help and explain, but was gently knocked by Yang Gongming as a sign to be silent. 

All the officials and generals at the scene were already angry with Yang Chen about the issue of the Liang family. Now they saw that Yang Chen was someone who ruined his cousin because of a woman, and had a worse impression on him. 

“Old Master Yang, if you still insist on passing the Yang family to such a murderous devil and evil-stained offspring, I will not be able to ignore it even if I respect you! The hundreds and thousands of the children in the Beijing Military and Jiangnan Military region are also unconvinced!” 

“Indeed, Old Master Yang. You should know that after Yang Chen returned to China, he was already an enemy with the Zeng family and the Lu family already. He even hurt Minister Chen of the Chen Family. Many people already have an unsatisfactory impression of the Yang Family, Beijing City does not only consist of the Yang family, if this still goes on like this, do not blame us generals for being disrespectful!” 

The officials began to instill pressure and bluntly referred to the incidence of the past, which was then justified. 

But Yang Gongming did not take any action, he sat calmly in his seat, without any facial expression, Yang Pojun beside him was so anxious that he did not know what to do. 

“Are you done?”

After everyone scolded very furiously, Yang Chen took a small cough and wanted to speak.

He saw that no one gave any responses so he said,” Since you all already finished talking, please leave, if not I will kill someone again.” 

“Kill? Kill me if you dare! You animal!”, Guo Yi yelled at him. 

Yang Chen did not hesitate and grabbed the man’s neck, and held him up with his hands. 

Even though Guo Yi wanted to scream, Yang Chen’s arms were so strong that he could not move at all.

“Let him go! You evil boy! This is your grandfather!” Yang Pojun yelled. 

Yang Chen laughed,” Grandfather? He simply blamed me upon our first encounter, and  called me an animal, you really think that I have such a good temper? I am already a murderous devil and a crazy man, it's easy for me to kill my grandfather.”

The soldiers there found out that Yang Chen was not joking about it, he was saying the truth. 

Yang Chen’s whole body and eyes are full of killing intent, not only toward Guo Yi who was in his hands now, but towards everyone!

A lot of people turned pale. When they thought about the death of Liang Zhen and Guo Yue, their legs felt wobbly. 

“Honey! No!”

Lin Ruoxi came up to him without any hesitation.

“Honey, if you really kill him, mother will suffer a lot when she wakes up,” Lin Ruoxi said softly to him. 

Only then Yang Chen did not grab him so hard, he looked at the innocent Lanlan, then at Lin Ruoxi and sighed.

Compared to Guo Xuehua, Yang Chen cared about Lan Lan more since she was just a little kid. Killing a relative in front of her would be too much for a little girl. 

“Since my wife came to plead, then I’ll let all of you go today,” Yang Chen let go of Guo Yi. 

All the officials were sweating. After seeing Yang Chen calm down, they left the place. 

The father and son of the Guo family were already in shock, they gave a deadly glare at Yang Chen and left the place. 

When the place quietened down, the only one remaining was Li Moshen who was still sitting there. 

The old man then got up and looked at Yang Chen,” This situation cannot be helped by us old people already, you got to deal with it on your own now.”

“Don’t worry, I know that all of you can’t do much as well, I don’t think that it’s such a complicated situation anyway,” Yang Chen said. 

Li Moshen nodded, exchanged gazes with Yang Gongming and then walked out of the room. 

The situation seemed to be over already. The Yang family members were worried, they knew that the situation could get worse but they did not know how to stop. 

It was now obvious that everyone was referring to Yang Chen as a murderer and the upper levels of the Beijing’s military department had been smeared blood red in colour and everyone was afraid themselves.

As the reason for the whole situation, Yang Chen didn’t have any intense emotions, Yang Gongming also didn’t let others affect him. 

After lunch, Yang Chen offered to help Lan Lan with her practice.

Even though Lan Lan was still eating and sleeping a lot, she practised very hard so that she could be successful one day. 

In no time, the chubby little girl had already achieved the first level of full cycle for the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture and would be entering the second level, ‘forgetting yourself’. 

Since Lanlan had the support from her father, her progress was fast. Even Yang Chen envied this little girl for having such a strong father. 

Lan Lan had a physique stronger than other people, if she practised as hard as her father did, his daughter could be even stronger in the future. 

However, Lanlan was still young, we would not know about her future, and about whether she could grow stronger than who she was now, it’s unpredictable. 

After teaching Lanlan some terms, Yang Chen walked out of the room and saw Lin Ruoxi sitting alone in the garden, she seemed to be daydreaming about something.

Yang Chen hugged the woman from behind and laughed, “Lady Lin Ruoxi, after your resignation, I’ve been seeing you daydreaming a lot now. Are you becoming more like an idiot already?”

Lin Ruoxi twitched her mouth and pinched Yang Chen’s arm,” It is you who is slowly becoming an idiot, don’t you find it weird and that a lot of the pieces of the problem are hard to figure out?”