“Halt! Who are you?”

The soldiers outside the compound raised their hands and waited. 

The approaching young man wore a loose casual jacket. His appearance was not so outstanding and his eyes looked a little weird.

With a smile, the young man said, “Tell Commander Liang, I, Yang Chen have come to see him.”

Yang Chen?!

The soldiers did not know about this name last time, but had heard a lot from these recent two days.

This was the Young Master of the Yang family in Beijing who killed the chief’s son!

“How did you come in? How can you prove that you are Yang Chen!” said a soldier. 

Yang Chen frowned and sighed impatiently.


Yang Chen’s figure flashed and he had come to the back of a group of soldiers. He took a slight charge from the arms of a soldier who was approaching and shot at several soldiers in front of him.

“Bang, bang, bang!!”

Fire sparks splattered everywhere, a group of soldiers who hadn’t had time to react were shot, staggered and killed on the spot. 

The remaining two or three soldiers shouted Yang Chen’s name and hid behind the shelter subconsciously.

The noise shocked other officers and soldiers in the compound. 

The whole Liang courtyard was extremely noisy and a horde of soldiers came rushing towardss the gate.

But Yang Chen did not care about the remaining soldiers and disappeared behind the gate. 

When he appeared again, Yang Chen was already inside the Liang Residence living room. 

“Yang Chen?!”

Liang Shengchuan who was in his suit of armour, with his greasy hair standing in the middle of the living room, was anxious about the situation. 

Liang Shengchuan could tell who the young man was immediately with just one glance!

He was the person who killed his beloved son. Liang Shengchuan already had a lot of information about this person but of course, it did not include the secret information of Yang Chen in the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade.

Around the living room, there were seven or eight generals who were also wearing military uniforms. They were discussing with Liang Shengchuan about tomorrow’s military parade. The moment they heard that Yang Chen was here, they all got up in horror. 

Yang Chen took a glance at everyone and let out an evil laugh, “All your idiotic soldiers had already left, only the few of you remain here, do you all have any last words?”

“You… Why are you here?” Liang Shengchuan’s face turned pale, the situation in front of him is beyond his imagination. 

Yang Chen looked at the clock on the wall and said, “Hey, I already gave you all the chance to speak your last words, don’t just ask some boring questions! Time is precious, if you all have nothing to say, I’ll start already.”

After that, Yang Chen’s eyes turned silver, he made a few actions at the back and a few soldiers were immediately down!

“Boom, boom, boom!”

After a few loud sounds, the other soldiers who were in the room all became headless corpses!

Blood and brain plasma were all around the room and it smelled so bad. 

Liang Shengchuan who witnessed all of this could not make a sound, even though he was a brave soldier himself, he could not handle this pressure and sight. 

“You… Who exactly are you?!” Liang Shengchuan was too frightened that his face turned pale. 

“Me?” The young man laughed, “I am of course ‘Yang Chen’…”

Then, Yang Chen’s body became a ball of silver, like a shadow of light, and headed to cover up Liang Shengchuan’s body!

In a moment, Liang Shengchuan’s body became blurred, like it was nearly disappearing, but it also looked like it was combined with “Yang Chen’s” body. 

A few seconds later, “Yang Chen” was gone, “Liang Shengchuan” was not injured.

He clenched his fist and stretched a little, then looked at the dead bodies around him with cold ice.

At this moment, a group of soldiers finally responded and rushed inside the living room with the guidance of an officer. They saw that Liang Shengchuan was standing there alone, with the other generals dead at the scene. 

“Commander! Are you alright? Are these all done by Yang Chen?” A soldier wanted to vomit but he controlled himself. 

Liang Shengchuan calmly waved that it was nothing serious, he said,” Yang Chen this young man is indeed very fierce, I am also not weak, he did not dare to kill as he was afraid that it would make a war of soldiers. But I did not expect that he took this chance to kill the other few generals to declare a war with me.”

“Commander! The Yang family is too arrogant! Just because he is better in his skills,  but we cannot give up!” The few soldiers saw this situation and felt extremely mad.

Liang Shengchuan nodded,“That’s right, we cannot surrender, but he came and went without us knowing, so we need to plan wisely.”

While speaking, he ordered his soldiers to pack up the dead bodies to burn them, but this led their anger to turn even stronger. 

“Commander Liang, this Yang Chen is hard to deal with, but the Yang Family has a good foundation. Our troops in the south can reach Beijing City in less than half a day. How about we join forces with Commander Wang in Beijing and attack the Yang family! We must force the Yang family to hand Yang Chen over!” said one of the soldiers. 

Liang Shengchuan shook his head and said, “Commander Wang of Beijing is sided with the Yang family, they will never join us to go against them.”

“Commander, things have changed, now in Beijing City, everyone is aware of each other, a lot of people want Yang Chen to leave the Yang family! We mobilized the troops for a parade because we didn’t want to take in such disrespect! We just need to tell the soldiers about today’s incident, I believe that he will understand. He knows the Yang family well, if the murderer did anything in the future again,  what should we do? This means that if one day Yang Chen does not feel good about him, it will be a disaster!”

After listening to his men, Liang Shengchuan thought for awhile and nodded, “Alright, I will contact Commander Wang from Beijing Military, you all help me gather proof from the cctv that Yang Chen stormed inside the compound just now and the pictures so that I can send to him!”

“Yes!!” The whole group of soldiers said in unison, their eyes are full of anger. 

A cold smile appeared at the corner of his lips, but it disappeared very quickly. 

In the morning, the sky started to brighten, and was glowing gradually at east, the clouds were thick and gloomy.

When Yang Chen came out from the room, he saw Lin Ruoxi’s face with a complicated look. 

“Still thinking about the person who messaged you?” Yang Chen asked. 

Lin Ruoxi did not deny, “I was thinking, he wants me to be careful, what does it mean?”

“What can it mean? The Yang family has become the hatred point of Beijing City because of me now, I think you should go back to the Ning family as well, following your husband is too dangerous now,” said Yang Chen. 

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes at him, “You still have the mood to joke with me now and sleep so soundly at night, today the Liang family is going for the parade already, what’s your plan?”


“Don’t worry, as long as I control that man before the parade, he won’t be able to attend. If he doesn’t attend the parade, then it is a joke for the day, there will be no point,”' Yang Chen said. 

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes glowed, “Oh, this is what you’ve thought of, I thought…”

“You thought that I wanted to kill the Liang family,” Yang Chen said bitterly. “Even though I really wanted to, I will not do so as it will arouse intense emotions and make the situation even worse.” 

They chatted and as they walked inside the dining room, a servant quickly came and bowed,” Young Master Chen, Old Master is expecting you in the front hall.”

Yang Chen patted his forehead, he knew that there was something early morning but he didn’t delay further and went.

Yang Gongming who felt tired these few days was frowning as he looked at the printed pictures on the table.

Yang Pojun who looked gloomy and Yang Lie who had a sorrowful look kept quiet.

When Yang Chen walked closely, he realized that they were pictures of him killing men with micro punches?!

And in the other pictures, there were countless dead bodies, and it looked like the way he killed Liang Zhen!

Worse still, Yang Chen did not know that he had gone to a stranger’s place to kill people?!

“Liang Shengchuan, was killed in his sleep with a gun 4 hours ago,” Yang Gongming who was silent for some time finally spoke.