Yang Chen’s heart pounded faster, he found it unbelievable and at the same time  mad as he obviously got framed a step earlier.

“Old man, you can’t possibly think that I would go to Guangdong Province in the middle of the night and kill the entire group of people, right?”

Yang Gongming shook his head, “Although I am old, I am not stupid. I believe that it wasn’t your doing, even if that person looked exactly like you. However, my trust alone is not enough. These pictures have spread to everyone in the whole of Beijing and I’m sure they all believe that it was you who snuck to Guangdong Province and did this series of questionable things.”

From one side, Yang Pojun mused dissatisfactorily, “What’s more, there’s no way for anyone to provide you an alibi. After all, everyone was asleep at that time.”

“Father, I believe my brother will not do such a thing. This is literally trying to create a panic in all military districts and Beijing City,” Yang Lie said righteously. 

Yang Chen peeped at Yang Lie with a reticent flicker in his eyes, but Yang Lie didn’t seem affected. He remained calm and rather indignant for his brother.

Just then, a Yang family guard dashed in and reported nervously, “Marshal, our compound is being surrounded and blocked!”


Even if Yang Gongming had fought in numerous wars, he never expected something like this to happen!

The Yangs’ residence has been blocked?!

“Speak clearly!” Yang Pojun demanded with an enraged expression.

“Yes.” The guard tried his best to calm down. “Earlier, when our team was patrolling the area, we noticed that a fence was erected about 50 meters away, guarded tightly by a lot of soldiers! From the looks of their clothing and markings, I reckon they are from the most elite artillery units from the headquarters of the Beijing Military Region! Aside from that, there are also rows after rows of machine guns, cannons, rocket launchers and other heavy machinery, and it seems they are still bringing more in! Judging by the sounds from the distance, it’s likely that they also have tanks approaching!”

“Wang Shibo’s artillery department?” Yang Pojun turned to Yang Gongming, perplexed. “Father, isn’t he your student? How come…”

Yang Gongming’s expression darkened. “Even if he’s my student, he’s got a mind of his own. Did you really think he’d do as I say his whole life?”

“This Wang Shibo you guys speak of, is he the commander of the Beijing Military District?” asked Yang Chen.

“That’s right.” Yang Gongming nodded. “It seems some people have grown a little too impatient. As the saying goes, what’s meant to be will be.”

Melancholy clouded Yang Lie’s face. “Grandfather, has Commander Wang misunderstood something such that he’s being used by crooks? Perhaps I could find out more about this.”

“You work in the military region; have you caught wind of anything?” Yang Gongming squinted and asked.

Yang Lie shook his head and said flatly, “No, I haven’t seen Commander Wang in the past few days. I’m not sure who he’s been in contact with.”

Yang Gongming plunged into deep thought. A while later, he ordered, “Pojun, give Wang Shibo a call. I want to know what exactly is going through his mind.”

“Yes, Father,” Yang Pojun immediately ordered for someone to get him the phone. However, the call was declined once it got through.

“Motherf*cker, that fool Wang Shibo! He’s not picking up my call!!” Yang Pojun couldn’t help but swear.

Tension hung low in the hall. Many of the servants and guards of the Yang family were veterans who had retired from the fire and warfare of the battlefield. Under present circumstances, everyone was on edge, but none of them were scared in the least.

Just then, Yuan Hewei and Yang Jieyu barged in. The couple had been spending some time in Beijing to strengthen their connections but, to their dismay, were kept from leaving.

“Father, Brother, what’s going on? Earlier, we tried to drive out, but there’s a horde of soldiers out there that obstructed us and even pointed their guns at us,” Yang Jieyu complained.

Yuan Hewei could sense the change in atmosphere. He tugged at his wife’s shirt and asked cautiously, “Did something happen with the Liang family?”

Yang Pojun nodded at his sister, adding, “Where’s Yuan Ye? Make sure he stays put and doesn’t try to run off.”

“Xiao Ye went to the Tangs’ for the night. I told him not to come back for the time being, that should suffice,” Yang Jieyu replied.

Yang Gongming rose to his feet and stated, “The two of you should remain in the backyard. Don’t act rashly. Tell Xuehua and Ruoxi to watch the kids and not to panic.”

With that, Yang Gongming began to leave.

“Father, where are you going?” Yang Pojun asked anxiously.

Yang Gongming turned to him and said nonchalantly, “Since he wouldn’t pick up the call, there’s no need for further action. Very soon, we will see the results. There should be many people waiting outside; since they’re not our guests, why wait in the house? You two, follow me outside!”

The Yangs’ compound was situated in the outskirts of Beijing. They had originally chosen this location for the pristine environment and vast terrace, as well as the nearby equestrian arena.

But today, it was this boundlessness that permitted the ingress of such a large number of troops and the subsequent siege.

After evacuating the citizens, the entire Yang’s Residence got surrounded completely. Even if they bombed each other it wouldn’t affect the people around them, not to mention the media that would never dare to get involved in their issues. 

Over hundreds of cannons and dozens of rocket launchers stood in place while thousands of heavily armed military soldiers were on standby. A massive number of machine guns blocked every possible exit and there were even batches of snipers laying low and eyeing the compound for peeking heads as their target.

Under the chilliness of the January air, rays of sunlight shone onto the mass of polished cannon barrels, which reflected off cold gleams.

A tense atmosphere channeled around the entire territory! 

Right outside the Yangs’ compound was a spacious parking lot neatly paved with stone slabs. It had green pines and cypresses that lined either side.

As of now, apart from the few vehicles, there were also seven or eight armored cars parked about a dozen meters away.

Beside each armored car were over a dozen tanks with their guns aimed straight at the Yangs’ residence.

Without any doubts, if there was a button who could fire all the armored car around them, the entire Yang Residence would turn into ash in an instance!

When Yang Chen and Yang Gongming walked out of the door with the guards, everyone was overwhelmed with the scene.

“Things are always unpredictable, who would’ve known that I needed to go through such a disaster. I guess I really am old now, this was all planned by someone who knew our family well. We didn’t even get any news beforehand,” Yang Gongming frowned.

Yang Chen used his divine sense secretly and scanned through a few miles around them. His face then turned solemn.

“I’m afraid these are not all. There has got to be another 30-or-so snipers lurking in different positions. There’s no doubt that no person in the courtyard is safe.” 

Yang Jieyu let out a sullen chuckle.

Yang Gongming’s gaze flickered, “Hey bad kid, you’ve given me assurance before saying that no matter what happens out there, our family shall not be a mess. Are you trying to say that things are out of your control now?”

“This… kinda I guess,” Yang Chen touched his nose embarrassingly, “but there will always be a way.”

“Huh! You still have time for sarcastic comments!” Yang Pojun could not conceal the fury coursing through his veins. “You only know to make one mistake after another; to put it simply, you are the root of this problem! You acted rashly outside our compounds and brought chaos upon the Yang family, yet you can still laugh?!”

Sarcastic comments? Why do I feel like the one who’s not doing anything but blabbering is you? Yang Chen muttered in his heart but couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention to Yang Pojun.

Yang Lie aside kept quiet with a frown, as if he was worried about the family.

Right at that moment, the rumbling of helicopters sliced through the sky.

On both sides of an American Black Hawk, there were two other armed choppers guarding. 

When the three helicopters landed, the surrounding soldiers moved together into a formation.

After the Black Hawk helicopter’s door was opened, several suited generals walked down. 

The general leading the troop had a dark face, thick brows and two moustaches. He was tough and seemed to be in his fifties.

On his ground force uniform epaulette laid a shimmering gold star.

Unless there were special circumstances, or they were at the rank of a colonel, major or generals these people wouldn’t have come, but this man right in front of them was obviously Commander Wang Shibo of the Beijing Military District.

Wang Shibo glanced at Yang Gongming and the rest then waved his hand, indicating the guards in front to make way for him. He then walked proudly toward Yangs Chen and the group.

One of his senators immediately followed and advised, “Commander, Yang Chen is extremely cruel, why don’t you…”

“Regardless of Yang Chen’s cruelty and ruthlessness, my teacher is fair and righteous, he’ll not harm me,” Wang Shibo said in a deep voice.

The senator and the rest kept quiet and watched him arriving in front of the Yang family.

Looking at the old man with white sideburns, Wang Shibo bowed with respect, “Teacher, your student is forced to be rude this time due to the current situation. I suppose you know the reason as to why I am here with my troops today.”

Yang Gongming showed nostalgia of the vicissitudes of life in his eyes. He looked at Wang Shibo for a moment and said, “I remember telling you that the army’s cannon should always point towards outsiders, who would’ve known that you would be pointing it at my house door right now.”

“How should we defend our enemies if we don’t settle internal conflicts,” Wang Shibo stared at Yang Chen with sharp eyes, “Yang Chen had a bad history before and has caused a bloody rain in Beijing City and Guangdong Province. Everyone is in panic and we must remove him to serve the rest justice!”