“Eradicate? Haha…”

Yang Chen couldn’t hold in his laughter and glared at Wang Shibo, “Are you sure that these people can kill me?”

Wang Shibo didn’t flinch, “I can hand you over to the court-martial for your master’s sake and you’ll be sentenced after everything has been taken into consideration but we’ll not back off if you look down on China’s military force!”

Just when things were getting heated, a few military Jeeps drove towards them.

The military stopped them but they were immediately permitted entry when someone from the car showed them a black ID.

The Jeeps stopped at the main gate and the passengers were revealed. The special agents of the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade had arrived under the lead of Cai Yuncheng.

Cai Yuncheng‘s face was stern as he made his way towards the crowd. 

“Cai Yuncheng, what are you doing here?” Wang Shibo asked with a frown.

“Commander Wang, retreat now before it's too late!” Cai Yuncheng looked at Yang Chen apologetically before persuading Wang Shibo.

Wang Shibo snorted out of discontent, “Your special department has no rights to interfere with the military, nor do you have the right to give me orders!”

“I’m not ordering you,” Cai Yuncheng sighed, “I had to interfere as I don’t want to see a massacre within our army.”

”Are you saying that we can’t arrest Yang Chen?” Wang Shibo accentuated his words.

Cai Yuncheng smiled bitterly, “Please forgive my bluntness but there are still doubtful issues with this incident and your current military force is ineffective against Yang Chen.”

Yang Chen patted Cai Yuncheng’s shoulder, “As expected of my father-in-law, you know me well. Commander Wang is a fool, he’s being manipulated but he’s not aware of it.”

Cai Yuncheng cursed internally, Yang Chen was such a troublemaker. He wanted to curse at him so badly since he took two of his daughters away. One of them was even sent overseas without him knowing. Even so, he had to stop the army from committing suicide!

“Nonsense! I only believe in facts! You guys are afraid of Yang Chen so he let him do whatever he wants! We’ll never allow an extremist like him to do as he pleases in China!!” Commander Wang gritted his teeth. 

“Cai Yuncheng, bring your people out of here! We have to make Yang Chen pay the price today, we won’t chicken out just because he’s rumoured to be exceptionally powerful. We’ll show you how a true soldier should be!” 

Cai Yuncheng was frustrated, “Wang Shibo! Why are you so stubborn?! Think about it, who had been spreading the rumours? These rumours started spreading from the people of the Zeng and Lu clan. The Chen clan too, Minister Chen held a grudge against Yang Chen because he was humiliated at the Yang clan for failing to stop Yang Chen’s succession. Is your brain so rusty that you can’t even see through things?!”

“That’s a different matter. Rumours may not be the most important thing now but Yang Chen murdered Commander Liang and his son; he even massacred groups of commanders and soldiers! The military officers aren’t pleased about it! All citizens should be held accountable for the crimes they have committed! Besides, Yang Chen murdered his cousin and the Guo clan has cut ties with him. Do you have any more doubts about this?”

“You…the investigation hasn’t ended yet, why are you so sure that Yang Chen did it?”

“You’re wrong, the truth is so obvious!” Wang Shibo motioned towards the army behind him and they immediately unlocked two of the armoured cars. 

With confused gazes, they saw some people getting out of the car.

“Third brother, sixth brother, they…”

Yang Gongming recognised them and he sighed, “It seems like they really disapprove of my decision for handing the clan over to Yang Chen.”

“They even hid in armoured cars, I guess they’re afraid of being beaten up again.” Yang Chen scoffed.

“Hmph, you admitted to using violence on them,” Wang Shibo glared at Yang Chen before telling Yang Gongming with an earnest face, “Master, other than them, plenty of youngsters from the collateral branches of the Yang clan work in the military have also reported vicious acts of Yang Chen. This has strengthened my resolution to get rid of him!” 

“Hilarious! They’re just trying to take our spot. Commander Wang, I believe this is the internal affair of the Yang clan!” Yang Pojun was indignant.

Wang Shibo shook his head, “They belong to the Yang clan but they’re also citizens that deserve our protection. Their descendants work with the military, so Yang Chen has to be sentenced.” 

“Commander Wang, is there really no other way to solve this? It is highly possible that someone has plotted against my brother.” Yang Lie stepped forward and asked sincerely.

Wang Shibo was pleased to see him, “Yang Lie, your performance has been exceptionally well and I know you want to help our brother but he has committed too many crimes. I can no longer look the other way.”

After saying this, he bowed at Yang Gongming, “Master, I don’t intend to challenge your clan but if you insist on protecting Yang Chen, my army and I will have to arrest Yang Chen by force in ten minutes. Please think about it…after all…”

Wang Shibo cast a deep look at Yang Lie before continuing his sentence, “You have more than one grandson. Punishing a relative in the cause of justice can be a heroic act too…that’s all I have to say.” 

Wang Shibo turned around and walked towards his army.

Cai Yuncheng and his people felt helpless whereas the rest of the Yang clan looked at Yang Lie with a meaningful gaze.

Yang Lie feigned innocence, showing them a bitter smile.

“This is getting interesting. I’m in a tight spot, surrounded by my enemies!” Yang Chen scratched his head and tittered.

“How can you still laugh? You only have ten minutes left, shouldn’t you seize the chance and explain yourself?! If you can’t, at least come up with some excuses!” Yang Pojun reprimanded him.

Yang Chen pursed his lips, “Don’t you get it? They’re working together to take me down. They’re basically asking me to scram, worse still, they want me to die here.”

“This wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t been causing trouble! No one would have challenged our clan for no apparent reason!”

“Enough,” Yang Chen waved his hands out of annoyance, “It’s all my fault. I’ll just be aimed by guns anyways. I’ll talk to them, everything will be settled soon.”

While saying soon, Yang Chen leisurely walked towards the army.

“Yang Chen! Don’t act rashly!” Cai Yuncheng pulled him back.

“Hey, father-in-law, I haven’t said anything, why are you being so anxious?” Yang Chen grinned, “Besides, it’s not like anyone can stop me if I really act rashly.”

Cai Yuncheng turned pale and he let Yang Chen go. With a sigh, he motioned others to get back into the car.

Tian Long asked anxiously as Yang Chen got closer to the army, “General, are we going to let him go? Will he…”

“We’re not authorised to interfere, leave now and contact the public security bureau. Make sure that the traffic within 10-kilometre of radius from here is under tight control!” Cai Yuncheng commanded. 

They didn’t dare to waste any more time and drove away immediately.

“Father, shouldn’t we stop him?” Yang Pojun was anxious.

Yang Gongming squinted his eyes and shook his head, “Pass down my words. No one is allowed to move without my command.”

Having left with no choice, Yang Pojun obliged. 

Although Yang Lie looked nervous at the side, he remained silent the whole time.

Somehow, Yang Chen had entered the shooting range, being surrounded by tanks and armoured cars. 

Wang Shibo stood in front of Yang Chen fearlessly, “Are you here to surrender?”

Yang Chen shook his head while smiling.

Wang Shibo’s gaze was sharp and he raised his voice, “I know that you’re skilled and that your abilities are at an unimaginable level. To minimise casualties, I have allocated the best sniper team to surround the whole mansion. No matter how strong you are, the moment you make a move, I’ll order the snipers to attack. Even if you are able to take us down, no one will be able to save your family members and your innocent guards…”