“Are you threatening me with my women and child?” Yang Chen smirked.

“As long as it will minimise the harm inflicted on my people. It doesn’t matter if you see it as a threat. You can think of me as despicable, but nothing is too deceitful in war.” Wang Shibo replied.

Yang Chen looked at the collateral branches of the Yang clan and asked, “I’m sure many people want to collaborate to plot against me. Since you’ve already made such a great plan, why don’t you just tell me who those people are?”

Wang Shibo sneered, “Are you planning to seek revenge? Or are you planning to kill your relatives now? Do you really think I’ll let you do so? You can’t even get out of this situation safely and I’ve already taken a huge step back by not letting you kill yourelf.” 

“I know who’s involved even if you won’t tell me. Yang Lie must be involved...right?” Yang Chen looked dead into Wang Shibo’s eyes.

Wang Shibo’s gaze flickered ever so slightly but Yang Chen caught on to it.

“I don’t understand what you meant by that, are you suspecting your younger brother? Here’s a piece of advice from me, don’t gauge the heart of a gentleman with your mean measure.” Wang Shibo said.

Yang Chen started to count with his fingers, “Other than third uncle, sixth uncle, the Chen clan, Zeng clan, Lu clan, Guo clan, there should be some more generals, uh…including you, there are quite a lot of people in Beijing who are after my neck.” 

“This proves that they all represent the popular sentiment, you deserve this ending.” Wang Shibo said with a strained face.

Yang Chen took a sudden step back and smiled at Wang Shibo before clearing his throat, “Dear seniors!!! Dear brothers and sisters!!! Y’all have worked hard!!!”

His shouts shocked everyone!

Weirdly enough, Yang Chen’s voice was able to spread 500 meters away. All the soldiers could hear him but not to the extent that it would burst their eardrums.

Yang Gongming and the guards couldn’t understand Yang Chen’s shouts.

Yang Chen even waved his hands at the surrounding army warmly as a friendly act.

“Yang Chen! What are you doing?! The ten minutes limit is almost ending, you'd better behave well!” Wang Shibo felt embarrassed as if someone had slapped him.

Yang Chen ignored him and cleared his throat before raising his voice, “I know it’s not easy being a soldier, everyone has family members, some are still single and some are still waiting to marry your girlfriends! We’re all youngsters from different places but every life is precious! I’m sure everyone has the ability to make judgments. Military order might be important but you need to know if you’re doing this for the sake of the nation or just to fulfil someone else’s selfish act! You guys hold no grudges against me and you’re now holding the barrel against me because of this pig commander! This is Beijing! The capital of China! The guns and firearms in your possession should be used as weapons to defend and protect our country! It’s not meant to kill fellow citizens! I never go back on my words and I always seek revenge on those who have wronged me. I’ve just found out about my actual enemies and you guys are innocent! I’ll count to three, if you put down your weapons and leave, I’ll guarantee your safety. Once the military changes the commander, you guys will be prized for annihilating a commander that abuses his power! If you choose to stay and follow this hypocrite’s order, you’ll be my enemy. Those who dare to shoot me, you’ll end up like Liang Zhen…”

Yang Chen’s tone of voice was slow but his words made the soldiers’ facial expressions changed.

“Father, has he lost his mind?! Is he planning to fight against the army?! Didn’t he hear about the snipers?!” Yang Pojun was astonished.

Yang Gongming stopped his son, “Calm down, I’m sure he has a plan.”

Yang Lie looked at the mansion with a flickering gaze as if he was deep in thought.

Wang Shibo cackled, “Damn you! How dare you waver my army?! You have to know that with my command, artilleries, cannons and armour-piercers will burn your house down into ashes! How dare you act like a savage?!” 

Yang Chen ignored him completely and raised three fingers.


His voice rang across the site, causing restlessness among the crowd.

Wang Shibo’s facial muscles were twitching as he glared at Yang Chen.


The guards and servants from the Yang clan shivered.

Yang Chen’s gaze turned cold as he let down another finger.


Yang Chen was calm as he said the last word calmly but still, no soldiers chose to put down their weapons.

Wang Shibo stopped trembling when he saw that Yang Chen didn’t do anything. He chuckled and commanded his soldiers, “You’re done counting. I guess it’s time to end this nonsense! Take him down!!”


Two buff soldiers rushed forward and tried to pull Yang Chen’s arm to his back.

However, Yang Chen’s body was impenetrable. Their forces were ignored as Yang Chen moved towards the closest armoured car where the collateral branches of the Yang clan were seated.

The two soldiers tried their best to keep him under restraint but Yang Chen wouldn’t budge. Instead, they were dragged along with him to the armoured car.

“Go! Go!! Stop him!!”

Wang Shibo shrieked and more soldiers rushed forward to press Yang Chen down onto the ground.

Unfortunately, Yang Chen was determined to have the soldiers fear his brute strength.

Before they could even get close to him, Yang Chen had already lifted the two soldiers and threw them across!

The rest of the soldiers were knocked down to the ground!

They could only watch him walk towards the armoured car and pierce through the thick plating with his bare arms!

The tearing sound made their hearts drop!

Soon, Yang Chen tore the plating apart with ease!

The bulletproof plates were torn apart as if they were fragile thin paper!!

The crowd held their breath, wishing that none of this was true. If only it was all a nightmare! 

Yang Chen punched the car casually to tear the rest of the plating before kicking on it hard!

The mechanisms and dashboard were broken into pieces by his kick!

Finally, the terrified faces of Yang Chen’s relatives were revealed.

Yang Chen grinned, “You guys have made the biggest and silliest mistake for coming here to watch the ‘show’”. 

“Commander Wang! Save us!!”

“Save us!!”

They howled at the scene unfolding in front of their eyes. Yang Chen looked like a devil who had torn apart their only protective barrier and he was just one step away from swallowing them alive.

Yang Chen snatched a rifle from a soldier beside him and the soldier just gave it to him willingly, being overwhelmed by the shock.

Yang Chen bounced the rifle on his hand and nodded before pointing them at his relatives. 

They had no way out of this situation and the only thing waiting for them are bullets!

Many of them wet themselves as the fear of dying caused them to lose control of their body. The car stank of urine but no one noticed. 

“Stop it!! I’ll command the snipers to fire at your family if you pull the trigger!!” Wang Shibo finally snapped out of it and he bellowed at Yang Chen with a red face. 

Yang Chen turned around and showed him a mocking smile, “Is that so?”

Yang Chen pulled the trigger the moment he ended the sentence.

Bullets were fired rapidly and those inside the car were flooded with blood!

Yang Chen didn’t even look at them for more than a second but his eyes were sparkling with excitement. He had turned the corpses into meat fragments!

The car was dyed red as if Hell had come to them!