Everyone was stoned. How sinister must he be to pull off such a terrifying act?!

“You…you…you’re a madman…they are your relatives!! You murderer!!”

“Murderer? Hahaha….”

Yang Chen threw his head back in laughter, “So what if I’m a murderer? So what if they are my relatives? They want me dead, do I need to be nice to them as though I’m Buddha?! I’ve had enough of being a good person, it’s time to revert to my old self. Why? Are you already afraid of me? This is just the beginning…”

Yang Chen tossed the empty rifle and walked towards Wang Shibo with lighter steps than before.

Right at this moment, Wang Shibo finally realised that Yang Chen wasn’t bluffing!

Murder meant nothing to him and there was no need for him to think twice about it!

It was as natural as breathing!

“I don’t believe that you would give up on your wife and child!!”

Wang Shibo moved backwards whilst commanding his soldiers, “Release the signal!”

Several soldiers fired flares immediately!

Red lights flew to the sky and the reason why they were using such a traditional signal was to prevent interference from wireless devices.

Yang Chen snorted.

Everyone had failed to notice a sword rising from the backyard of the mansion!

The flying sword was glowing in blue as if blue gems were mounted on it!

Just when the flares were fired, the sword made a speedy turn before spreading a giant ice wall around Yang Gongming and others!

This sparkly and chilly wall formed a giant fort around the Yang clan!

It looked complicated but the ice barrier was able to solidify within seconds.

Shortly after, armour-piercing bullets were fired from surrounding snipers! 

The projectile of these bullets were blocked by the ice shield accompanied by cracking sounds and falling ice chips!

The Yang clan members were stunned.

The scene unfolding in front of them was mockingly beautiful!

“What…what is that?”

“It looks like ice…”

The army turned rowdy. The current situation has overloaded their mental capacity!

Yang Lie feigned shock but his eyes were dark.

Xuanshui was the sword Yang Chen had gotten after he killed Hao Changfeng and the Lu siblings. He wasn’t really fond of it since it was a lower-ranked artefact.

Plus, using this flying sword would reveal that he had killed two Hongmeng messengers so Yang Chen had been refraining from using it.

However, judging by the earlier situation, Yang Chen knew that it was safer to use Xuanshui than the Chaos Cauldron.

This sword was stronger at defence rather than attack and the ability to form ice within seconds had surpassed Hao Changfeng’s sword-wielding skills.

The ice walls were rather thin as it was meant to cover huge areas. It wouldn’t last against attacks from cultivators but they were sufficient to stop the bullets from hurting others.

It would be fine as long as he wasn’t caught by the Taoist Juejian.

That was why Yang Chen summoned the flying sword the moment he found out the snipers’ hiding spot. No one would notice the sword anyway.

“How is this possible…my snipers…”

Wang Shibo started to tremble. Even though he was an experienced commander, he had never met an opponent like Yang Chen.

The plot against Yang Chen, his trump card was cracked just like that?!

“What are you guys staring at?! Fire!! Quick!! Fire!!”

Wang Shibo ran to the back of his soldiers for protection and his underlings joined him immediately.

The soldiers aimed their rifles at Yang Chen and within seconds, bullets were fired at him like a thunderstorm!

However, Yang Chen’s body was impenetrable like the Wall of China that stood tall for thousands of years. The bullets tore his shirt apart but Yang Chen remained unharmed.

Those armour-piercing bullets were only tickling him. Instead of killing him, the bullets only brought up debris in the air.

Somehow, someone had started to fire missiles but this time, they were aimed towards the front yard.

Hundreds of missiles travelled across the sky like a meteor shower and sparks flew when they landed on the ice barrier!

No one could believe their eyes that the missiles were turned into fireworks!

Although the barrier was cracked, the semicircle structure made it impossible to crack within a short time!

The Yang clan members were impressed by Yang Chen and they even started to cheer for him!

The guards were bathed in blood from war and if they hadn’t retired, they would’ve fought with Wang Shibo themselves.

Yang Gongming looked at his clan members deeply, his eyes crinkling at their cheers.

Yang Lie couldn’t control his expression as he looked at Yang Chen darkly. Hesitation was evident in his expression.

Wang Shibo kept retreating at the sound of gunshots but he couldn’t seem to reduce the distance between him and Yang Chen. 

Those who stood in front of Yang Chen couldn’t even last one second against him. Some had their chests crushed, some had their necks broken and the rest had their brains smashed.

Blood was splattering everywhere but Yang Chen held his head high as he walked towards Wang Shibo with big steps. He was drenched in blood and slowly, none of the soldiers dared to go near him!

No one would be willing to die for nothing and at this moment, they no longer doubt Yang Chen’s warning!

Wang Shibo fell to the ground as his legs gave out!


His underlings wanted to pull him up but Yang Chen was so close to them that it made them run away.

The moment Wang Shibo stood up, Yang Chen was already standing in front of him with a wicked smile plastered onto his face.

Everyone stopped firing and their gazes were fixed on Yang Chen.

Their commander had turned into a trapped beast and no matter how hard he begged for mercy, Yang Chen wouldn’t forgive him easily!

“You…you…don’t come near me!” 

With shivering hands, Wang Shibo pointed at Yang Chen, “Yang Chen, calm down. I’m Wang Shibo, I’m the main commander of the Beijing military force!! Do you know how many people will be affected if I die?! Even though we’re not a prestigious clan, we’re not nobodies! Killing me will only bring you more trouble! If you’re smart enough, you would choose to have a discussion with me instead of killing me!” 

Wang Shibo tried everything he could to persuade him but he failed to see a hint of hesitation in Yang Chen’s eyes.

Yang Chen looked at him with pity, “Are you done talking?”

“I…” Wang Shibo roared, “Are you really planning to kill me?! Have you lost your mind?! Do you think you can really kill all your enemies?! Are you aware of the consequences?! Aren’t you afraid of the consequences?!”

Yang Chen wrapped his left hand around Wang Shibo’s neck and lifted him up. With a slight press, Wang Shibo’s face turned beet red.

“I’ll tell you something before you die. You guys foolishly think that you could defeat me because you’re afraid of dead people, but I’m different from you guys. I have never feared the deceased because to me, they’re dead. They won’t harm me. No matter how many people I have killed, they won’t be a threat to me as long as they’re dead. But if someone’s still alive, they’ll be able to kill me even if they’re lurking in the dark. So, I’d rather have everyone dead than have someone like you lurking in the dark…”

Wang Shibo couldn’t hear his last words because Yang Chen’s right hand had gripped his head and pulled it off his neck!

Blood gushed out of his neck and Wang Shibo’s head was tossed onto the ground…