The soldiers finally snapped out of it when Wang Shibo’s head rolled across the floor, leaving a bloody trail behind!

It felt as if they had woken out of a nightmare. Fear was evident in their eyes!

Wang Shibo died just like that?!

A commander with the title of a general was beheaded…just like that?!

Yang Chen’s action showed them that they weren’t dreaming because he had already tossed Wang Shibo’s headless body onto the ground.

Blood was dripping down his hands which obviously didn’t belong to him.

Yang Pojun turned ghastly pale. His lips were trembling as he turned to his father, “Father, he…he killed Wang Shibo?! What…what should we do?!”

Pain flashed across Yang Gongming’s eyes for a second but he calmed down immediately, “He’s already dead, there's nothing that we can do.”

“But…” Yang Pojun was short for words. His mind was a complete mess.

Yang Gongming motioned a guard over to give him some orders. The guard nodded and ran back into the yard to carry out his orders.

Yang Lie squinted his eyes at the side with a stiff expression.

Yang Chen stood in front of them and averted his gaze towards the surrounding army.

“Your commander is dead, will you die with him or abandon his side and show your loyalty to the country as a soldier?”

Yang Chen sneered and it caused goosebumps on the nearby soldiers.

Suddenly, Wang Shibo’s underlings ran toward Yang Chen while shouting.

“Young Master Yang! We were forced to do this! We support your nomination as the new commander in our Beijing military force!!” One of them smiled at Yang Chen.

“Yeah, Wang Shibo abused his powers for his benefit! He deserved to be killed!! I’m willing to serve the Yang clan and work for you!!” Another guy sucked up to him.

Yang Chen furrowed his brows. He grabbed a submachine gun from a nearby soldier abruptly and fired at the two officers!

Everyone looked at him with shock as the two officers were shot continuously!

Their bodies dropped dead to the ground with their eyes wide-open as if they couldn’t understand why they were killed.

Yang Chen threw the gun away and raised his voice with an expressionless face, “Didn’t you hear my words? I said show your loyalty to the country! Not to me!! Why? do you think I’m Wang Shibo? Do you think I’m a traitor who wishes to start a riot?!”

The remaining officers turned pale. Sucking up to him would get them killed?!

Yang Chen was so unpredictable which made them lose the courage to talk. They were afraid of saying the wrong thing.

Suddenly, some of the officers went down on their knees and kowtowed to Yang Chen!

“Young Master Yang, please calm down! We’re willing to serve the country! We’ll fight till the traitors and we’ll never give in!!”

The rest of the officers snapped out of it immediately, swearing their loyalty while howling.

Now that the tables have turned, the rest of the army started to surrender.

As more and more soldiers surrendered their weapons, the formation was disrupted.

The Xuanshui flying sword was retracted by Yang Chen and the barrier disappeared from the sky.

It felt like a dream to the soldiers as everything happened so quickly.

Cai Yuncheng led the Iron Flame Iron Brigade to control the traffic and when he returned, he was startled to see that Yang Chen had kept the situation under control.

He has also thought about the worst scenario and just as he had expected, Yang Chen had killed Wang Shibo.

Back when Wang Shibo was still alive, he had to stay on the fence since he was also a soldier.

But now that Wang Shibo had lost to Yang Chen, he wouldn’t hold any grudges against Yang Chen since he was technically Yang Chen’s father-in-law.

With a bitter smile, Cai Yuncheng acted as the temporary commander and commanded the army to leave the site.

As for Yang Chen, no one would dare to interact with him since he looked tattered. Him being covered in blood intimidated others too.

Yang Pojun dealt with the aftermath and he led the guards to clean things up.

Yang Chen walked back to the front yard and his gaze landed on Yang Lie.

Yang Lie looked at him with respect. Nothing was wrong with his expression, “Brother, thank goodness for your courage. It looks like we can maintain control of the military force completely now.”

“Is that so?”

Yang Chen stepped forward abruptly and lifted Yang Lie into the sky!

The crowd gasped whereas Yang Lie looked at Yang Chen with a frantic expression.

“You must be disappointed right? Since all your efforts had gone to waste, I’m sure you didn’t see this coming!” Yang Chen cackled.

“I…brother…I don’t understand what you are saying?! I did nothing!” Yang Lie pretended to be wronged.

Yang Chen sneered, “Even though I don’t know what’s wrong with you, it doesn’t mean that I have to find an answer to kill you. I can just kill you now. I’d rather kill the wrong person than to let a guilty person go. What do you think about this?”

“Young Master Chen! Please calm down!”

“Yeah, Young Master Chen, you two are brothers!”

The guards and servants persuaded him whereas Yang Gongming remained silent as he watched them with a flickering gaze.

At this moment, Guo Xuehua’s voice was heard from behind the door.

“Yang Chen! Don’t hurt your brother!”

Guo Xuehua pushed through the crowd with dishevelled hair. She was walking out of the door when she heard the commotion so she ran over immediately. 

“Mom, I’m fine. Quickly stop brother.” Yang Lie tried to stay calm.

Guo Xuehua tugged Yang Chen’s arm but he wouldn’t budge. Her eyes reddened and she pleaded, “Yang Chen, I beg of you. Your brother did make many mistakes in the past but he’s changed! You have to give him a chance! How can you just hurt him without any reason?!”

Pain and worry filled her eyes which softened Yang Chen’s heart.

It was pointless to explain some things to women, especially when it came to mother and son relationships. Maternal instinct would make her ignore everything!

“Yang Chen, you said that your brother is plotting against you but you can’t just hurt him without any evidence.” Yang Gongming stepped up.

Yang Chen knew he was helping him but it wasn’t like he could hurt Yang Chen with Guo Xuehua beside him.

Even though he was reluctant to let go, Yang Lie was so good at hiding that he couldn’t find any strong evidence even if he was confident that Yang Lie was involved!

With a light snort, Yang Chen let go of Yang Lie.

Guo Xuehua sighed and looked at Yang Chen with a gratified look.

Yang Chen didn’t want to say anything, walking past them to shower. He needed to change out of this mess.

Yang Gongming stopped him and told him with a deep voice, “I’ve sent someone out to inform the Li clan. Li Moshen has responded and he promised that he will capture the people who were involved in this incident after informing us.”

Yang Chen smirked, “I bet they’ve already got their hands on the information and they’re just waiting to see how we would handle it.”

Yang Gongming didn't mind his attitude, “Regardless of their initial intentions, they’re willing to use their resources to get rid of them for you. They won’t be laying their hands on the Guo clan in fear of affecting your mother, but the rest of them won’t be able to do anything anymore…”

“They’re just afraid that I would personally kill them and stir things up!” Yang Chen lost interest quickly, “Fine with me, I’m not interested in killing weaklings anyway.”

Having said so, Yang Chen left them behind and walked towards the backyard.