The moment Yang Chen stepped into the backyard, he noticed Lin Ruoxi walking back and forth anxiously. It felt as if she was about to bite on her finger by the next second. 

Her face brightened when she saw Yang Chen but she quickly froze when she noticed his bloody appearance.

Yang Chen lifted his sleeve and smelled himself. An awkward smile formed on his lips when he noticed meat fragments on his shirt.

“I…I guess it’s kind of disgusting. Don’t worry, I’ll shower in another room.”

Lin Ruoxi ran forward and pulled his arm to stop him from leaving.

“What are you thinking about? Why would you go to another room? Do you want others to think that I’m disgusted by you? We’ve been together for so long, I’m already used to it. It’s just blood and meat. Follow me in!”

Yang Chen’s heart softened at her words and he followed her into the room.

When they got into the bathroom, Lin Ruoxi pulled Yang Chen’s tattered shirt off and washed her hands before running out to grab him a new set of clothes.

Yang Chen turned on the shower and smirked when Lin Ruoxi walked in and out without noticing his naked body, “Eh, when did you change? You were so shy last time that you wouldn’t even let me enter your room.” 

“What?” Lin Ruoxi couldn’t react in time as she was busy clearing his dirty clothes.

“No wonder they say marriage is the tombstone of love. I guess from now on I can only call you my child’s mother, tsk tsk.” Yang Chen joked.

Lin Ruoxi stopped what she was doing and looked up at him with puffed cheeks, “You suck, I was trying to treat you well and you’re already picking on me. I’ll go sleep with Lanlan then.” 

Yang Chen tittered, “Ruoxi darling, I was just joking. Don’t take it seriously. By the way, where’s Lanlan?”

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes at him, “You wouldn’t let her go out so she fell asleep in her great-grandfather’s room. Seriously, she’s been sleeping a lot ever since she started cultivating with you. It’s worrying that she’s able to sleep right after breakfast.”

“She’s still young. It’s normal for her to sleep for longer times since cultivation is mentally taxing and her brain has not fully developed.” Yang Chen sighed, “I couldn’t sleep at that time, worried that I wouldn’t be able to wake up if I do. But to survive, I had to cultivate as much as I could…she has everything she needs now and she doesn’t have to worry about her own life, so she’s more blessed than I was. Now that I think about it, I had it best when I first came back to China. I’ve been busy for the past years…I used to do it for myself but now I’m doing it for the both of you…”

Yang Chen finished cleaning himself while saying these things mindlessly.

Lin Ruoxi listened to him quietly while passing him a towel and new clothes.

Yang Chen got dressed leisurely and sat on the bed.

The moment he sat down, Yang Lie appeared in his head which bugged him a lot.

However, Guo Xuehua would be devastated if he were to kill Yang Lie openly.

Maybe he should find an opportunity to kill him secretly…

“What are you thinking about?”

Lin Ruoxi’s gentle voice broke his train of thoughts.

Yang Chen looked up and smiled at her when he noticed her worried expression, “Nothing, I was just thinking, how would old man deal with the aftermath.”

Lin Ruoxi pursed her lips and contemplated for a while before sitting next to Yang Chen, “I know I shouldn’t ask about the earlier incident but I only want to hear the truth from you.”


“Do we have a lot of enemies now? Are we in danger?” Lin Ruoxi’s eyes widened anxiously.

Yang Chen patted his chest while chuckling, “I’m still around, so don’t be afraid.”

“Then promise me this, if anything happens, tell me about it. I’m not an irrational and foolish woman, you know that. I have a sense of reasoning.” Lin Ruoxi said sternly.

Yang Chen suddenly realised that she looked cute when she was serious. Her lips pouted slightly as she looked at him with sparkly eyes. Yang Chen couldn't stop himself from reaching out to touch her cheek. 

However, Yang Chen furrowed his brows when he noticed a hint of red in his right finger. Blood had seeped into his nails so it wasn’t cleaned completely.

In fact, he could smell the mixture of body wash and blood on his hand.

His hand felt exceptionally dirty whenever he was reminded of the way he broke someone’s neck with his bare hands.

A self-deprecating smile appeared on his face and he retracted his hand while nodding, “I understand, I’ll definitely tell you when the time comes.”

Lin Ruoxi suddenly reached out and pulled his hand towards her cheek.

Yang Chen didn’t understand what had happened but his hand was already touching her soft cheek.

“Why did you put down your hand? I didn’t stop you. Do you think I’m dirty?” Lin Ruoxi pouted.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly, “No, my hand smells like blood and my nails are still dirty.”

“Did I say anything about it?” Lin Ruoxi questioned him with red eyes. 

“Uh…” Yang Chen didn’t know what to say.

Lin Ruoxi rubbed her cheek against his hand as if to pull him closer to her.

“Do you know that no matter how bloodstained your hands are, no matter how many corpses you’ve touched; to me, these are the hands that held mine as we walked past the bustling streets, they’ve blocked bullets for me, they’ve knocked some senses into me, they’ve hugged me to sleep and they’ve hugged my daughter…I’ll never think that they’re dirty because these are my husband’s hands, my lover’s hands…”

Yang Chen’s eyes moistened at her soft words.

To cover up the awkwardness, Yang Chen lowered her head and chuckled, “Lin Ruoxi, who gave you the script? Are you in a play?”

“I'm being serious.” Lin Ruoxi said earnestly.

Yang Chen thought she looked so soft. She was everything he needed after a bloody fight, the coldness in him needed consoling from her.

Yang Chen wrapped one arm around her legs and the other arm wound his waist to toss her onto the bed!


Lin Ruoxi gasped when Yang Chen pressed himself against her!

She quickly covered his lips when she realised what he was trying to do, “Don’t do it! It’s still morning and I haven’t showered!”

“My wife doesn’t even mind my dirty hands, how can I be bothered by that? Besides, my darling smells the best!”

Yang Chen chuckled and buried his face into her chest, leaving kisses everywhere.

Lin Ruoxi couldn’t do anything so she just decided to let him do as he pleased. It just bothered her that she had to change into a new set of clothes after this.

Right at this moment, Yang Chen stopped abruptly and looked at the bedroom door with a weird expression.

Lin Ruoxi was about to ask him what’s wrong when she heard someone opening the door!

“Mommy, mommy! Is daddy back?!”

Lanlan rolled into the room like a round ball. Her chubby cheeks were shaking while she looked for her parents.

She cocked her head in confusion when she noticed them lying on top of each other on the bed.

“Daddy, mommy, what kind of game are you playing?” Lanlan asked.

Lin Ruoxi turned beet red, wishing so badly to crawl under the bed! Thank goodness her clothes were still on or it would've been so embarrassing!

Yang Chen was calm, “Daddy and mommy are exercising.” 

“Exercising? Lanlan wants to do it too!” Lanlan tried to jump onto the bed.

Yang Chen stopped her immediately, “Lanlan, you can only do this exercise when you grow up…now go play with great-grandfather, don’t come into the room until we’re out.” 

Lanlan wasn’t happy about it and she stared at Yang Chen at a pitiful gaze as if condemning Yang Chen for kicking her out.

Yang Chen’s pants were bursting from his erection and he was almost losing his sanity from it!