Yang Chen’s awkwardness almost made Lin Ruoxi laugh and forget about her awkward position.

Yang Chen tightened his jaw and slapped his forehead, “Be a good kid and go out. If you go out, daddy will prepare a roast whole lamb for you tonight!”

“What’s a roast whole lamb?” Lanlan’s eyes lit up.

“It means to roast a baa baa sheep, it smells so good and yummy.” Yang Chen forced a smile.

Lanlan licked her lips and nodded, “Daddy, you have to keep your promise! I’ll go play with great-grandfather!”

Having said so, she ran off the room so quickly as if she was afraid of Yang Chen breaking his promise.

Lin Ruoxi’s face darkened. Her child was so easy to fool, she would listen to anyone as long as you gave her food. 

Yang Chen got down the bed angrily and locked the door.

“This naughty kid, I have to educate her! She didn’t even close the door!”

He jumped back onto the bed and pulled Lin Ruoxi into his arms while taking off his clothes.

Soon, moans filled the room…

Just when Yang Chen was having fun in the room, several clans in Beijing were being purged.

They were planning to subdue the Yang clan and force Yang Gongming to choose so they persuaded Wang Shibo to step up as their representative and lead an attack with his army.

But they never expected Yang Chen to be even more imperious!

Not only did he intimidate the top Artillery Regiment, but Wang Shibo was also killed for nothing!

With the loss of military support, these ordinary officials lost the ability to challenge the Yang clan. 

As for the Liang clan, a fight for power between their factions began after Liang Shengchuan’s death so they couldn’t be bothered to deal with the situation in Beijing.

Using this time, the Li clan arrested several people who were involved in the scheme under the name of the Public Security Bureau. As for those who didn’t show up in the public, they were killed in the name of an accident.

All the hidden threats of the Yang clan were cleared due to this incident which eased the burden of the Yang clan.

Yang Chen only walked out of the room in the afternoon with a refreshed look. On the other hand, Lin Ruoxi felt embarrassed to leave the room. She kept her head lowered while walking as her legs felt jelly after their intimate session.

When they walked to the garden, they saw Yang Gongming sitting by the stone table with Lanlan in his arms. He was talking to Lanlan and Lanlan was listening to him attentively. 

“What are you guys talking about? What winning and losing…”

A helpless expression appeared on Yang Gongming’s face when he noticed them.

Lanlan said to Yang Chen excitedly, “Daddy, great-grandfather was telling me stories! So many people were fighting and great-grandfather’s people defeated those bad guys!”

Yang Chen knew it was a war story since that was the only story he could think of.

Yang Chen caressed her head and smiled, “Your great-grandfather only knows how to bluff, just listen to him.”

“Hmph! Rude,” Yang Gongming shook his head and put Lanlan onto the ground to stretch his body.

At this moment, a servant walked up to them and bowed, “Master, someone from the hotel called to ask if we have any preferences.”

Yang Gongming looked at his great-granddaughter, “Tell them to prepare whatever they have.”

Yang Chen was confused, “What are you talking about?”

“How dare you ask me this?!” Yang Gongming was getting mad at Yang Chen, “You were the one who wanted to give Lanlan a roast whole lamb, where can I get lamb from? We wouldn’t be able to eat roast lamb in time if I hadn’t asked the hotel to prepare beforehand.”

Yang Chen chuckled when he was reminded of this, “Old man, you’re so attentive. I almost forgot about that. This makes things easier now, hehe.”

A weird smile formed on Yang Gongming’s lips and he bent down to face Lanlan, “Lanlan, go and sleep in your parents’ room tonight. Ask your dad to tell you stories, his fighting stories are far more interesting than mine.”

Lanlan’s eyes lit up and she stared at Yang Chen with a look of expectation.

Yang Chen’s lips twitched. His grandfather was taking revenge on him, he wasn’t going to let him have fun tonight but he would feel embarrassed if he said no.

Lin Ruoxi had been listening to their conversation quietly but now she was also staring at Yang Chen with a look of expectation, curious of the stories he would tell Lanlan.

Yang Gongming feigned ignorance and took a sip of his tea, “Young man, I know you have good stamina but it’s good to refrain yourself sometimes…”

On the other side of the backyard, Yang Lie stood anxiously outside his parent’s room.

He took a deep breath before knocking on their door.

Seconds later, Guo Xuehua opened the door and she smiled when she saw Yang Lie, “What’s wrong, Lie’er? Didn’t you say you were helping your father?”

Yang Lie chuckled, “It’s almost done and I can’t help much with the rest anyway.”

Guo Xuehua nodded her head, “Why did you come to look for me? Is everything alright?”

“It’s…it’s nothing much, I just wanted to check on you. You must be startled after cousin Guo Yue and this morning’s incident, right?” Yang Lie sounded worried.

Guo Xuehua held his hand with a gratified expression, “I know you care about me a lot. I’m fine, I feel much better now after some rest. Your brother always scares me, he’s too impulsive."

Yang Lie looked at her with a complex gaze. He tightened his jaw before telling her, “Mom, you have to care more about your health. Don’t worry too much and take care of yourself.”

Guo Xuehua thought he sounded weird but she smiled at him, “Why are you talking about this suddenly? You sound odd.”

“Humans can change,” Yang Lie sighed, “Sometimes even if we don’t want to change, we’re forced to make a decision and change our lives because of certain people or incidents.”

“You sound even odder now. Lie’er, are you in trouble? Tell me. If mom can’t help you, your grandfather and father can help you. You can beg for your brother’s help too.” Guo Xuehua was concerned.

Yang Lie shook his head, “No, I just thought about it. I’m relieved that you’re fine now. I need to go out now, I still have military work to deal with.”

Guo Xuehua didn’t think much about it and patted his shoulders, “Go, you don’t have to worry about mom.”

Yang Lie turned around and walked for a few steps before turning back to wave at Guo Xuehua.

“Goodbye, mom.”

Guo Xuehua waved back at him. Even though she was surprised by Yang Lie’s sudden politeness, she was happy to see this change.

However, when Yang Lie turned his back towards her, silver light sparkled in his eyes! 

He no longer looked gentle.

During evening, in a wooden pavilion at the outskirts of Beijing, Yang Lie stood still with his arms behind him.

He was looking at the city centre with an unreadable gaze when Luo Cuishan walked up the hill with an expectant smile.

“Is everything ready?” Yang Lie sighed and asked.

Luo Cuishan giggled, “Ngy will be meeting with the officials from the Embassy of Germany at a nearby Liyuan Tea House at 11 o’clock tonight but he’ll arrive at 8 for dinner and tea. We have plenty of time.”

“Very good…” Yang Lie nodded.

Luo Cuishan smiled brightly at him, “Little Cripple, have you really made a decision? Are you giving up on the opportunity to replace Yang Chen and take over the Yang clan?”

“Hmph,” Yang Lie snorted, “Opportunity? I spent too much time gathering so many people but they’re all useless. I’ve failed to kick Yang Chen out of the circle this time and there won’t be another chance to do so. He would’ve killed me today if it wasn’t for Guo Xuehua stopping him. I bet he’ll try and kill me again. Rather than waiting for him to find him and have my identity exposed, I should take down the Ning clan when he still hasn’t made up his mind…although Yang Chen will still be an obstacle for me in China, at least we’ve made a huge step with the resources from the Ning clan.”