“Are you sure that you can subdue Yang Chen and his clan by controlling the Ning clan? Ning Guangyao couldn’t do it till now and he’s still thinking of becoming in-laws with them.” Luo Cuishan spat out.

Yang Lie tightened his fist, “It’s not a must to subdue the Yang clan in order to achieve my goals. Since directly dealing with Yang Chen won’t work, I’ll use him to stir up some trouble.”

Luo Cuishan looked around and smiled, “Little Cripple, can you promise me something?”

“Say it.”

“I know you’ll definitely want to control Ning Xin and Ning De tonight. As for Ning Guangyao…can you let me and Guodong take care of him? Rest assured, we’ll leave his body as a whole, it won’t affect your meal.” Luo Cuishan’s eyes glinted.

Yang Lie turned around and looked at her with a teasing gaze, “As long as his brain is fine, I can still recover even if he’s crippled. You can do whatever you want to vent out your anger, I don’t mind.”

Luo Cuishan rushed forward and pecked him a few times, “I knew it, you’re the best!”

Yang Lie sneered, “It’s just a corpse anyway, I don’t mind letting you guys play with it first.”

During the night, Lanlan lied on Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi’s bed after a hot shower.

Lin Ruoxi lied on one side of the bed and caressed her back while propping her head to smile at Yang Chen naughtily. 

Yang Chen sat cross-legged in front of Lanlan. As Lanlan stared at him attentively, he ruffled his hair and cursed at Yang Gongming internally for doing this to him.

Lanlan blinked and asked him with an expectant gaze, “Daddy, are you done thinking about the story? I want to hear an interesting story.”

“Say, chubs, you ate four lamb legs tonight. Aren’t you full? Don’t you feel sleepy?”

Lanlan shook her head, “I’m not sleepy. I’m not full, I don’t want to sleep yet!”

Not full?

Yang Chen regretted eating the rest of the lamb, he should have left some for her.

While rubbing his cheek, Yang Chen forced a smile and asked her, “How about I ask mommy to tell you a story first?”

“I’ve told her a lot of stories, I did the same in Zhonghai too. You’re the centre of attention today.” Lin Ruoxi tossed the responsibility back to him.

Yang Chen’s face twitched but he couldn’t bear to disappoint his daughter.

Once again, he felt the burden of being a father. Being rich and powerful wasn’t sufficient, he needed to be a good storyteller too.

Yang Chen never read any fairy tales nor did he hear much of it. Even if he wanted to tell her those stories, Lanlan wouldn’t like it. In the end, he thought of telling her his life experience.

“How about I tell you the story of when I did my best to survive while living with a wolf pack in Alaska?”

“Where’s Alaska?” Lanlan asked.

“It’s far far away from here, over there, it’s cold and filled with ice and snow. There’s barely any good food there and people can easily dieif they ever get lost.” Yang Chen answered her.

Lanlan blinked, “What’s a wolf pack?”

“They are made up of forty to fifty wolves, those that eat Little Red Riding Hood. They hunt in areas up to thousand square kilometres!”

“Then were they trying to hunt and eat you?”

“That’s right, but there were also other kids around my age, around ten to twelve years old.”

“Oh!” Lanlan’s interest was piqued and she nodded in excitement.

Yang Chen thought about it and he didn’t think she could understand the concept of square kilometres, “Lanlan, do you know how big is the hunting area?”

Lanlan answered him seriously, “Huge! Really huge!!”

Lin Ruoxi couldn’t hold in her laughter. Yang Chen’s conflicted expression really entertained her.

Yang Chen faked a cough, “Lin Ruoxi, be more serious. Your parent is telling a story here, be more attentive.”

Lin Ruoxi stifled a burst of laughter and nodded, “Say it now, I want to hear the story too.”

Yang Chen shifted his body to find a comfortable position. After organising his thoughts, Yang Chen started reminiscing on his past.

“Now that I think about it, I still think it’s a miracle that I survived…”

Years ago, in the north of Alaska, the blue sky and white mountains at the Brooks Range created a majestic natural view. 

However, scientists were aware that it was an abyss!

The barren lands welcomed its coldest winter season and even in low-lying areas, the temperature was around minus 10.

As the sea level increased, some areas could reach up to minus 30. Worse yet, some areas had hidden subterranean rivers which further decreased the temperature!  

This was a no-man zone in Alaska and explorers wouldn’t dare stay for a long time due to the wolf packs!

A thick layer of ice formed on top of a river, allowing humans and animals to walk over it.

A Caucasian young boy dressed in a black leather shirt and animal fur walked over from one side of the river bank.

He had chestnut coloured hair and freckles and even though he looked young, his gaze was cold and cautious.

While breathing out white clouds of water vapour, he glanced across the area as if he was wary of something. 

The young boy only walked to the centre of the river when he was certain that his surroundings were safe.

In order to get to the port and get out of this plight, he had to cross rivers and mountains.

The young boy walked cautiously while listening to his surroundings. He held onto his dagger tightly, ready to fight anyone or anything that came at him.

Due to the minimal friction on the ice, he would be in grave danger if anyone tried to throw something at him or if wolves attacked him!

Those who participated in this wildlife training were survival experts who had survived the Siberia training grounds. He didn’t dare to let his guard down as there were merciless assassins!

Holes were found all over the ice layer and they were obviously made by other people who tried to hunt for fishes.

One of them even used plant fibres to make a fishing line and a tree branch as a fishing rod.

To prevent the hole from closing, that person even filled the hole with tree leaves as a cover-up.

As someone who had undergone wildlife training, the young boy understood it immediately. It was a basic survival skill to make a simple fishing tool!

The fishing rod was not taken away which meant that either the owner left in a hurry or the owner was looking for food somewhere else!

Regardless of the possibilities, he wouldn’t give up on the opportunity of obtaining food!

Any form of food was precious on this barren land! He had to survive to leave this hellhole! 

The Caucasian young boy got slightly excited and after confirming that no one was near him, he quickly ran towards the hole and removed the tree leaves.

A bright smile formed on his face when he grabbed the fishing rod.

It was heavy and this meant that there was fish underneath it!

However, he realised something odd when he tried to pull the fishing rod!

There was something in the river?!

It was too late for him to react!

A pale hand reached out from the river to hold onto the ice surface whereas the other hand reached out to the young boy’s neck!

A dagger sliced through his throat before he could even react!

All this happened within a second!

The Caucasian young boy widened his eyes with anger and regret as he fell onto the ice layer.

Only then he realised that the fishing rod was meant to fish him…

After his fall, a naked black haired boy crawled out of the hole. It was unimaginable to think that he would take off all of his clothes just to hide in the river and wait for his prey to fall for his trap.