The young boy couldn’t be bothered by his shivering body and he pounced onto the Caucasian boy!

With his teeth, he pierced the Caucasian boy’s neck and broke his artery!

He needed blood! He needed warm blood!

At this moment, in this area, nothing could compare to fresh blood! 

Even if it was human blood!

The Caucasian was still breathing and he could only watch as the boy feast on him!

His eyes were wide open until his last breath. 

The black-haired boy finally felt warm after drinking lots of blood. He quickly took off the Caucasian boy’s clothes and cut off part of his clothes to dry himself before wearing them.

As a matter of fact, he noticed the Caucasian boy half an hour ago when he was behind him by a few hundred meters. Right after realising his location, he quickly concealed himself and set up a trap before the Caucasian boy reached the river.

He knew that he wouldn’t be able to survive past tonight if he didn’t find any food by night time!

So, killing the boy and eating him was the most reliable option. Compared to hunting for animals or fishing for fishes, killing someone was the most effective plan!

In a situation where he had no prior knowledge of his opponent’s abilities, setting up a trap would have a higher chance of success as compared to direct  combat!

Even if it was a gamble, he had to do it!

To increase the probability of success, he took off his clothes and tossed them into the river to make sure that he wouldn’t be hindered by the weight of his wet clothes.

He succeeded in the end! Also, with this body, the chances of him surviving would increase!

After doing some warm-up exercises, the black-haired boy chewed on the body and drank his blood to make sure he had enough energy for the night.

Lastly, he chopped off lean meat from the corpse and stuffed into his makeshift sack for emergency purposes.

As for the rest of the corpse, he tossed it into the river, not wanting to benefit his competitors.

After all, the less survivors, the lesser threat he would have.

Eating a human didn’t affect him as he was already used to it. After confirming the direction by looking at the sun, he continued to walk to the valley located on the other side of the river.

The sky was getting dark at 3 o’clock and it would be night time soon.

If it wasn’t for the harsh weather, he would have paused for a while to enjoy the marvellous night sky.

He felt the breeze and decided to dig a hole somewhere against the wind to use as his bed for tonight.

Fortunately, there were many trees around him so he could use the leaves as bed sheets to make his sleeping area less moist.

However, just when he was crawling, his survival instincts along with his reflexes made his body shift a little to the left!

Something silver whirred past his right side and a silhouette jumped down a tree to assassinate him!

An ambush?!

He reacted immediately and pulled out his dagger to attack the silhouette!

Sparks flew from the clashing metal and he realised that he had met a tough opponent!

His opponent’s reflexes and skills were sharp, one of the very few elites among his peers!

However, his opponent was lacking in terms of strength. He or she could only resolve his strong attacks skillfully.

With a faint light, the boy finally realised that the silhouette in front of him looked familiar.


The silhouette paused and light reflected off the dagger onto her face to reveal a young but beautiful face.

Seventeen snorted, “Thirteen, you’re lucky.”

Thirteen gripped onto his dagger tightly, “We survived the same training camp, there’s no need to be so aggressive. It won’t be easy to defeat me and we’ll only waste our calories if we continue.”

“Don’t try to cheat me, you have two pieces of human meat in your sack. You would still survive even if I don’t.” Seventeen said coldly.

Thirteen squinted his eyes, “You saw me?”

“I ambushed you because I saw it,” Seventeen stepped closer to him, “I have nothing and my stamina will fall behind by night. I’d rather fight for my life now than wait for my death…I’ll just be eaten by you if I lost.”

“We almost ate each other in Siberia and you want to do it again? Aren’t you sick of it?”

“I’ll give you two options, give me food or fight me.” Seventeen’s words were filled with resolution.

Thirteen grinned, “Why should I? You’re getting tired and weaker, I can just kill you and eat your meat. You should have looked for rotten meat or eaten bugs from rotten trees instead of fighting me, you could’ve saved your life.”

“Cut the crap. I’m not a match for you on flat ground but my speed and agility are better than yours. You might not win me on this terrain.” Seventeen said in disdain.

“You’re feisty.” Thirteen was speechless. Honestly, he wasn’t afraid of fighting her but he felt that it wouldn’t be an easy fight.

Seventeen didn’t want the cold to consume more of her calories so she pounced on Thirteen!

Their daggers moved speedily in the forest as their bodies moved up and down the terrain. It was very energy consuming to keep their lower bodies stable in rugged terrain like this.

Seventeen moved around the trees to take Thirteen down, but she knew that she wouldn’t last any longer if this went on.

Suddenly, terrifying howls were heard from the mountains.

The loud howling forced them to pull apart abruptly.

“A wolf?!” Seventeen widened her eyes.

“No, it’s a wolf pack.” Thirteen’s face darkened.

Soon, thundering footsteps were heard as the wolves jumped towards them from different directions!

Alaska was the very few areas to have wolf packs and they move about the rugged terrains as if it was a flat ground! 

This was their kingdom!

Thirteen and Seventeen knew that they were in big trouble when they were faced with pairs of red glinting eyes!

“There are more than thirty wolves, there could be up to fifty wolves too. We’re in deep trouble.” Thirteen smiled bitterly.

Seventeen took a few steps back subconsciously while looking at Thirteen carefully.

“Can you run away?”

“Are you kidding me? Their feet can climb mountains as if they’re skiing. We have to climb. Our legs will be bitten the moment we run!” Thirteen said gloomily. 

Seventeen’s expression didn’t change, “We only have one way out of this since you can’t run away. Kill the wolves with me, us working together is our only chance to survive.”

“Hehe, doll, you wanted to kill me just now and now you want to work with me. Do you think I’ll believe you?”

“You don’t have a choice. You should know the difference if you’re not a fool.” Seventeen’s voice was icy, “Kill the wolves and I’ll have food. I wouldn’t need to risk my life to fight you anymore.”

Thirteen whistled and reached into his pocket to pull something out.

He tossed something to Seventeen and she grabbed it to feel something sticky and bloody in her hand.

It was something round with strips of white stuff stuck onto it.

“This is…”

“It’s his eyeball, the protein content is much higher than meat. Just swallow it to fill your tummy. We can roast the wolves after we kill them…”

Seventeen didn’t hesitate and bit the eyeball before forcefully swallowing it down.

Thirteen’s eyes glinted and he smiled at her headstrong expression, “You’re fierce but I like it…let’s get to work!”