The wolves growled when they smelled the blood sputtering from the eyeball eaten by Seventeen.

Being attacked by a wolf pack was a nightmare especially when they possessed inhuman fighting skills.

When the first wolf pounced at Thirteen, he bent and used his dagger to stab its stomach!

The bone-cracking and meat slicing sound caused a whimper from the wolf! 

Blood splattered out of the wound which tainted Thirteen’s face!

It was smelly and warm!

The whimper from the injured wolf provided the rest of the pack to attack!

Before he could pull out her dagger, dozens of wolves pounced at his head, arms and legs!

On the other side, Seventeen breathed in and faced the other wolves straight on!

Different from fighting with humans, beasts aim for their fragile spots through tearing. There wasn’t time to think, she had to strike them as hard as possible!

Seventeen grunted when a wolf arched its back to bite on her shoulder!

Thankfully her fur covered clothes softened the impact. Seventeen endured the pain and waved her arm to stab its eye! 

The wolf pack howled and roared at them angrily.

They kept moving which made the rocks and icicles fall onto them. It was hard to keep the balance on the rugged terrain which complicated the battle!

Somehow, they leaned closer to each other to cover up each others’ weak spots!

Their necks would be broken if they let their guard down. No matter how tired they were, they didn’t dare to loosen up.

Soon, less than twenty wolves were left behind. The bleeding corpses on the ground made the remaining wolves retreat.

Thirteen and Seventeen were drenched in blood but it was hard to tell whose blood it belonged to.

They glared at the wolves with bloodshot eyes and they sighed out of relief when the wolves’ footsteps became faint.

Thirteen panted and gleamed, “We have more than enough meat now but it’s troublesome to start a fire. If you don’t mind it, should we just eat it raw?”

Seventeen kept quiet and she struggled to walk towards the nearest corpse with a pale face.

Suddenly, Thirteen reached out for her left arm from behind.

With a silver glow, Seventeen turned abruptly and her dagger slit his finger!


A wince was heard.

Thirteen retracted his finger and yelled at her, “PsYang Chenho! What are you doing?”

Seventeen’s hands were trembling. Her stamina was depleting rapidly from the cold weather and the earlier fight with the wolves.

“You touched me first. I should be the one asking you this.”

Her eyes were filled with caution and killing intent. Her ferocious gaze had helped her to defeat countless boys, contributing to her survival! 

Thirteen sighed and looked at his bloody finger. She would’ve chopped off his finger if he hadn’t moved quick enough.

With a bitter smile, he said, “I only wanted to check on your wound since your cloth had torn open. You should treat it soon if it’s a large wound. I think you can’t feel it because your arm is numb.”

Seventeen was startled and she looked at him suspiciously. She took a few steps to keep a safe distance between them before looking at her arm.

Just as expected, her wound was bloody from the wolf’s bite.

Even though it looked nasty, Seventeen wouldn’t cry like a normal girl. She only needed to treat it and she would be fine.

Under the night sky, Seventeen looked at Thirteen who had started to de-skin a wolf and eat its meat raw.

“Why, why did you remind me of my wound…” Seventeen blurted out as her heart felt oddly warm.

Thirteen turned around and he answered while chewing on the meat, “I wouldn’t have lasted against these wolves if it wasn’t for you. You helped me. Plus, you don’t have enough stamina to be a threat to me. There’s no harm in caring for you. I might be able to make a new friend.”

“I don’t need you to care for me nor do I want to be your friend.” Seventeen said with a cold face.

“I can tell.” Thirteen raised his injured finger, “You’re fierce.”

......The bedside lamp cast a warm glow in the room and the three of them were immersed in the bloody and barbaric story for more than an hour.

Yang Chen hugged his leg and placed his chin on his knees. As the story went on, he had forgotten that he was telling a story to his daughter.

Heavy emotions welled up in his eyes as he reminisced on the past.

Yang Chen didn’t even notice that Lanlan had fallen asleep on the pillow.

She sprawled across the bed like a piglet with pouting lips as if she was having a good dream.

It wasn’t that she disliked his story, but there were so many things to think about that she fell asleep from exhaustion.

“…do you know that daddy wanted to tell her to stop acting. She’s obviously lonely because I know that she’s shy. No one cares about us but I had an uncle who taught me kung fu. He took care of me so I knew simple words like this can win someone over. To be honest, I wasn’t being serious about it but she believed me which made her feel awkward. After that night, we went our separate ways and she told me something which made me realise she’s not a fool…”

Yang Chen muttered and paused his sentence. He looked up and asked Lanlan, “Lanlan, do you know what she said…”

Halfway through his question, Yang Chen realised that his daughter had fallen asleep.

Yang Chen felt dispirited as he was sharing his story earnestly even if it wasn’t age-appropriate.

However, someone answered him!

“Don’t you dare care about other girls, because they won’t do the same thing as me, only letting the dagger slit your fingertip…”

It was so cold and sharp yet discreet. This sentence had been imprinted in Yang Chen’s mind for years and it suddenly rang in his ears again?!

Even the tone and emotion sounded exactly the same!

Yang Chen’s pupil constricted and he fixed his gaze on the woman lying on the bed!

Lin Ruoxi was the one who said this?!

At this moment, she looked kind of lost. Her eyes were fuzzy and he couldn’t really read her expression. It was kind of calm yet it seemed like she had been through a lot.

“Ruo…ruoxi…you…how did you…”

Yang Chen widened his eyes in disbelief. He thought that he was hearing things.

Lin Ruoxi snapped out of it and looked up at him with a perplexed gaze.

Soon, fear appeared in her eyes when she noticed how agitated Yang Chen looked. He was glaring at her with bloodshot eyes.

“H-hubby, why are you…looking at me like this?” Lin Ruoxi sat up.

Yang Chen gulped to calm himself down. He observed her closely and realised the aura from earlier had vanished.

“Rouxi, how did you know what she said?” Yang Chen tried to sound as gentle as possible.

Lin Ruoxi tried to recall but she shook her head as if it was too difficult, “I don’t know either. You asked just now and it suddenly appeared in my head. Why, was it the same?”

Yang Chen thought he was thinking too much as he looked at her dazed expression. Well, Lin Ruoxi was kind of similar to Seventeen so she could have thought about it on her own.  

Even though it felt really odd, Yang Chen decided not to probe further. 

Lin Ruoxi sounded sour, “It must be interesting to tell your daughter a love story with your ex, huh?”

Yang Chen felt awkward and he forced a laugh, “Dear, calm down. I’ll be careful next time. I won’t tell a story about her again, hehe…”