The Liyuan Tea House sounds old fashioned but it was a meeting place designated for the high society.

Different from other clubhouses, Liyuan Tea House maintained a plain and refreshing renovation style to attract politicians and people of class. 

Ning Guangyao didn’t really like going to the outskirts because of the long travel distance but he was particularly attracted by the food here. 

As a premier, his food has to be tested by his guards for safe consumption. This caused the dishes to be cold when it was served to him.

Liyuan Tea House’s menu mostly consisted of fresh and tasty cold dishes. This way, his appetite wouldn’t be affected even if the guards took a long time.

Being in a high position meant that he lacked freedom, so he would appreciate all the things that he could enjoy.

Even so, he didn’t think that he had made the wrong choice.

He couldn’t resist the superior feeling of being above billions of people!

“Premier, enjoy your meal.” Two waitresses served him food and left with a smile.

Ning Guangyao sat on the cane table which was filled with dozens of delicacies.

If this went out to the public, he would’ve been cursed for having such a lavish meal.

But who would dare to report this?

Hardworking and frugal? Those traits were only portrayed when a show was needed.

Even so, eating dinner alone still felt lonely.

He could've brought his wife along or even his only son for dinner and no one would have dared to gossip about him.

However, he ended the woman’s life himself and the unexpected return of his only son aroused suspicions.

These thoughts flashed through his mind for a brief moment. Ning Guangyao knew that women and descendants weren’t important when he was so far from retirement.

He still had a long way to go in the political world. There’s plenty of power out there, waiting for him to discover and enjoy!

Ning Guangyao slowly picked up the chopsticks and started to enjoy his meal.  

Ning Xin and Ning De sat in a private room next to him but they weren’t interested in a meal.

Ning Guangyao left them alone after preparing some incense and tea.

Even though he was aware of cultivators in the Ning clan, he wasn’t interested in cultivation or eternal life.

If it wasn’t for Yang Chen’s appearance, he wouldn’t have gotten involved with them.

Ning Guangyao knew that it was difficult to enter the sect and he didn’t think that everyone had the talent to be successful.

Even if he managed to enter the Soul Forming stage, he didn’t think living in the realm was an ideal life.

Anyhow, the cultivators would eventually die, their lifestyle didn’t attract him as he felt that his life was more meaningful and interesting than theirs.

Halfway drinking his tea, a knock on his door interrupted his meal.

Ning Guangyao furrowed his brows, he didn’t like to be interrupted at times like this.

“Who’s there?”

The person outside the door didn’t answer him and swung the door open instead.

Ning Guangyao was alerted immediately. His guards didn’t step up to stop the intruder? 

His heart fell when Ning Guodong strolled into the room with a beautiful woman.  

“Guodong?” Ning Guangyao looked at the suspicious woman who was smiling at him weirdly. She felt familiar to him although he had never met her before, “Who is she? Where are the guards?”

“Rest assured, they’re fine. They died peacefully.” The woman said.

“Who are you?!” Ning Guangyao tensed up subconsciously.

Luo Cuishan looked especially amorous with a red dress and a light brown coat.

“Dear hubby, we’ve been married for years. Don’t you recognise your wife?”

Ning Guangyao stood up abruptly and stared at her with widened eyes, “It’s you?!”

Luo Cuishan cackled, “Hahahaha, do you recognise me now? Ning Guangyao, have you been looking for me? I bet you didn’t see this coming.”

Ning Guodong snorted, “Mom, cut the chase. He’s about to pee himself.”

“Bastard! How dare you plot against me with this b*tch?!” Ning Guangyao finally caught on. Ning Guodong came prepared and he was secretly working with Luo Cuishan to plot against him!

He should have kept him under control instead of being merciful.

He thought that he would be safe with Ning Xin and Ning De even if he knew that Luo Cuishan was still alive.

But as of now…

“What did you both do to Ning Xin and Ning De? Impossible, you two are no match against them!” Ning Guangyao took a few steps back.

“We’re not his match but that doesn’t mean that someone else can’t take care of them. Ning Guangyao, you’re too calculative and proud so you will always have a flaw.” Luo Cuishan stepped forward. 

Ning Guangyao gulped. His body was trembling from seeing the hatred in her eyes.

Just when he was hoping for Ning Xin and Ning De to save him, shouts were heard from next door.

Ning Xin and Ning De had fallen onto the floor by an unknown force!

Yang Lie walked out of the room leisurely with a silver ball on his hand.

The antimatter energy brought up fear within Ning Xin and Ning De. Even though they were both in the Soul Forming stage, they still felt helpless against the antimatter energy.

No commotion could be heard as if the guards and waiters were wiped out silently.

“Yang Lie?!” Ning Guangyao was dumbfounded. He couldn’t understand why Yang Lie was here.

Yang Lie smirked at the sight of Ning Guangyao, “Premier Ning, you got the wrong person.”

Ning Guangyao’s pupils constricted when he heard his tone, “You’re not Yang Lie, you are…Wen Tao?!”

Everything started to make sense to him and he gasped, “No wonder the reckless Yang Lie could stir up so much trouble. It was you all along?! You damned slave, I let you go at that time and now you’re trying to harm me with them?”

Wen Tao shrugged, “Premier, you should be grateful and that I didn’t transform into you at first. I’ve been merciful. As for them, you deserve the punishment.”


At this time, Ning Xin and Ning De crawled up and summoned their low ranked artefacts - a Bagua mirror and a purplish-green flying sword.

“Uh, you two are still resisting?” Wen Tao grinned.

Ning Xin summoned his True Yuan and a gold light pillar shot out of the Bagua mirror.

“Blazing golden light!”

With a roar, the light pillar pierced Wen Tao’s chest!

Ning De followed suit and summoned the flyings sword to slice Wen Tao’s neck!

Their faces brightened when they managed to strike Wen Tao successfully. Earlier before, they were knocked down by surprise because they weren’t prepared.

With the artefacts, Wen Tao would no longer be a match against them.

However, their jaws dropped when Wen Tao’s wounds recovered within the next second!

“How…how is this possible…it’s impossible! Is he immortal?!” Ning Xin was petrified.

Wen Tao had pulled out the flying sword and he clucked his tongue while letting the antimatter energy engulf the sword!

Ning De summoned his True Yuan as hard as he could but his sword wouldn’t return to him!

Even though it was just a low ranked flying sword made out of normal black iron and Purple Cloud granitic rock but it was an incomparable artefact for someone of his rank.

How could he not freak out when his precious possession got stolen?!

Wen Tao guffawed at Ning De’s pained expression, “It looks like the True Yuan isn’t that effective? Your sword isn’t tasty but I’ll have it as an appetiser."

While saying so, the sword was corroded and consumed by the antimatter energy!

Ning De and Ning Xin were shocked. Nanming Li Fire was needed to forge the sword, so what was the silver energy made of?! How could it disintegrate the artefact so easily?!