However, they didn’t have the time to think much about it.

After engulfing the sword, Wen Tao glanced at Luo Cuishan and Ning Guodong, “Do it quickly if you two want to have a chat with Premier Ning. I’ll be eating him once I’m done with these two.”

Having said so, Wen Tao transformed into the antimatter energy and flew towards Ning Xin and Ning De in the form of silver threads!

Ning Xin and Ning De tried to dodge but the silver threads had occupied the space above them!

They didn’t think their bodies would be tougher than the sword.

Thus, their only option was to summon their True Yuan to form a barricade in hope of blocking the antimatter energy!

However, the antimatter energy was capable of engulfing the True Yuan!

Wen Tao obtained a large amount of information from the biochip and most importantly, the method to improve the antimatter energy.

The current antimatter energy was completely different from before.

During the battle between Yan Buwen and Yang Chen, the antimatter energy could be called a missile but now it was basically a railgun; the perfect blend between technology and violence.

Wen Tao didn’t need to store the God’s Stone in his body like Yan Buwen. The antimatter energy within the God’s Stone had fused with his body!

He was the antimatter energy!

Back in the room, Luo Cuishan didn’t want to waste any more time since the use of True Yuan would attract cultivators, including Yang Chen who was still in Beijing.

‘Eating’ Ning Guangyao would have lost its purpose if Yang Chen were to witness their act. 

“Dear Guangyao, I’m really sorry but I’ll have to return the pain you’ve caused me…”

A wicked grin appeared on her lips as she charged towards Ning Guangyao with her modified body!

Suddenly, a loud crashing sound was heard!

Luo Cuishan’s claws were blocked by a pale golden light pillar!

The light pillar covered Ning Guangyao as if Buddha was protecting him!

“This is…”

This was beyond their expectations. Even Wen Tao was taken aback by this!

Ning Guangyao breathed out in relief and he gleamed, “How is this? You didn’t think of this, right? You think, I, the patriarch of the Ning clan, the representative of the Ning clan in the mundane world would be killed so easily? Back when Yang Chen showed enmity to me, my clan sent this protective amulet to me. It will react when I’m in danger. Who knew that it would be used against you guys first!”

While saying so, Ning Guangyao pulled out a glowing toad jade pendant from his shirt!

“Damn it, he has this…” Ning Guodong cursed. During his days in the Ning clan, he never imagined the jade pendant to be an artefact!

Ning Guangyao cackled, “This isn’t just a protective amulet, it’s also an alarm to my clan. They will send someone over immediately once they learn that I’m in danger. Do you guys still want to stay here?”

Ning Xin and Ning De were delighted to hear this.

“Is it the Golden Toad Amulet?! Haha, good job, Guangyao! This artefact may be of low rank but it can be used for 30 minutes every three months. Its defence is strong as a god-like artefact! Our elites will arrive in less than 15 minutes. Leave now if you don’t want to be killed by them!” Ning Xin taunted them.

Luo Cuishan gritted her teeth out of anger but no matter how hard Ning Guodong tried to attack Ning Guangyao, no marks were left on the light pillar!

Wen Tao was furious. He didn’t expect Ning Guangyao to be this sly, hiding an artefact like this so well!

But they had to do it now!

It was too late to give up!

Their plan of replacing Yang Chen and subduing the Yang clan failed. If they fail to get the Ning clan too, the only ones left would be the Li clan and the Tang clan. One was in charge of the Public Security Bureau whereas the other one was in the corporate world. None of them attracted him! 

He had been working hard for this moment, how could his plan be destroyed by some artefact?!

“I’ll eat you two first then break the artefact!!!”

Wen Tao growled and the antimatter energy glowed in white. Ning Xin and Ning De could feel their True Yuan barricade thinning, eventually cracking under pressure!

The silver energy wrapped itself around them and their presence could no longer be felt…

Back in the Yang mansion, Yang Chen who was preparing to sleep with his wife and kid jolted up!

Lin Ruoxi was surprised by him and she asked with a dazed expression, “What’s wrong? Is it too early for you to sleep?”

“True Yuan is spreading across the city. I think a fight has broken out between cultivators.” Yang Chen said with furrowed brows. 

Lin Ruoxi was startled, “Then…is it near us?”

“No, it’s kind of far.” Yang Chen thought about it, “I’ll go and have a look. It should be from someone in the Soul Forming stage. I’ll be fine.”

Lin Ruoxi knew she couldn’t stop him so she just nodded and reminded him not to act recklessly.

Yang Chen got dressed and left the room with bare feet. With a flash, he already appeared in the sky above the outskirts south of Beijing.

Upon his arrival, he noticed a familiar-looking silver ball of energy was engulfing a pale golden light pillar!

The two buildings had collapsed from the dissipating energy and the only thing left standing was the light pillar.

Standing within the light pillar was Ning Guangyao who looked ghastly pale!

The antimatter energy?! Why was it here?!

Yang Chen finally understood the situation when he noticed Ning Guodong and Luo Cuishan at the side.

Even though he wasn’t fond of Ning Guangyao, he couldn’t watch him die since he was still Lin Ruoxi’s biological father. 

He summoned a ball of platinum coloured Samadhi True Fire and tossed it towards the silver ball. The moment the Samadhi True Fire left his hand, it transformed into a fire pillar!

With a deafening crashing sound, the fire pillar missed the antimatter energy and collided with the light pillar instead! 

Did he predict his movement and dodged it?!

The antimatter energy rose in the air and materialised into Yang Lie who sneered at Yang Chen.

Ning Guangyao was relieved. He was fortunate to have such a protective artefact and although the light pillar became dimmer, it was still standing tall around him! 

He was delighted to see Yang Chen, knowing that he would be able to survive!

“I knew it was you. You’re not Yang Lie. Even though I don’t know how you concealed your abilities or how you have gotten the antimatter energy, I know Yang Lie wasn’t smart enough to plan all this.”

“Haha, my plan failed. I’ve underestimated this sly fox,” Wen Tao sighed loudly, “Never mind, you saw me so I’ll have to drop the act.”

“You should’ve seen this coming,” Yang Chen said with an expressionless face, “The Yang and Ning clans would have been eradicated ages ago if your tactics truly work.”

“Is that so?” Wen Tao chuckled, “I can only blame my luck for having such an unstable element like you in China. I would’ve subdued the two major clans easily if the people here are the same as Yang Lie and Ning Guodong.”

“Can I take it as a compliment?”

“No, I’m just saying that you’re lucky.” Wen Tao waved his hands.

“Then are you planning to tell your true identity to this lucky guy?” Yang Chen squinted his eyes.

Wen Tao smirked, “My identity? Haha, you saw me, I’m Yang Lie…”

“No!! He’s not Yang Lie!! Yang Chen, listen to me!! He’s that cripple, Wen Tao!! Only he can be with Luo Cuishan, only he can come up with these dirty tricks!! I remember the way he talks, it’s him!!”

Ning Guangyao spat out as he stood inside the light pillar. Being at the brink of death infuriated the Premier!