Yang Chen was dazed for a moment until he remembered who this lame man was. 

“It’s you...Didn’t expect you to be alive until now,” Yang Chen sighed.

Wen Tao sneered, “Why? Do you think that a lame man like me should be trampled to death? When you sent that bitch to me, you definitely did not expect that one day, the sluggish and lame man from under the bridge would be standing up in the sky just like you huh? You’re just like them, using a judgmental attitude to look at groups of humble beings. But what I am telling you is, in fact, you guys are no different from us. A group of ugly animals calling themselves humans just because they are dressed more decently.”

“I initially thought you hated me, that’s why you came up with all these boring plans, but I suppose you hate all of us here to the fullest?”Yang Chen questioned.

“Hate you? You all don’t deserve my hate! I am only seeing you as my prey and I shall do whatever I want.”

Yang Chen chuckled, “You seem confident. I can sense that you are using the antimatter energy, I suppose you achieved all because of Yan Buwen huh? I am curious about how you got to where you are now, but you are indeed different.”

“Look, you are still talking to me in such a contemptuous manner… This is what I hate about you people, besides, what makes you think that you can interfere? Did you really think that you could win me?”

Wen Tao sneered, “Your so-called four major families, the rich of Beijing and the legendary families of China, are just scums of fame! In this country, you who call yourselves nobles, the scums that see themselves standing at the peak of the society deserve to be crushed to death! In fact, it is for you guys an honour to be eaten by me!”

Just as Yang Chen was about to say something, he sensed an unfamiliar pressure coming from the west. 

In a blink of an eye, a long haired man in a white robe appeared above the pear garden.

The white-robed man looked prestigious, with some frivolous disdain between his brows, he squinted at Ning Guangyao in the beam of light and then glanced at Yang Chen and Wen Tao thoughtfully.

“Fourth Master!? You are here?” Ning Guangyao recognized this man, he was the fourth son of the Ning family who brought Ning Xin and Ning De over.

Yang Chen could roughly guess the origins of this person as he heard about him from Xiao Zhiqing. The generation in power currently consisted of four siblings and the fourth was Ning Zhengchun. 

In terms of cultivation, Yang Chen could identify he was at the mid stage of the Three Yang Fire. Although he seemed to be another level higher than Ning Xin and Ning De, he was still not a match to Yang Chen.

“Useless idiot, you actually fell to the point that you had to use the Golden Toad Amulet,” Ning Zhengchun took a glance at Luo Cuishan and Ning Guodong with ruthless eyes and sneered, “They are also a disadvantage for you?”

Ning Guangyao immediately said, “Yes! Fourth Master, please settle them once and for all!” 

Ning Zhengchun took a glance at Yang Chen and grinned, “I know you, the kid from the Yang family. You are considered quite famous in our illusion, and I can’t seem to assess your cultivation level, you do seem well-deserved for the fame. I am here today to protect my Ning family members, since he’s fine right now, I shall not make a move. Why don’t you kill these three here for me?”

“Where did such trash come from? Who do you think you are to judge!?”

Without waiting for Yang Chen to say anything, Wen Tao swung his arm and a stout antimatter energy body shot straight to Ning Zhengchun!

He was well prepared and immediately summoned a long white jade sword! 

Although this jade sword was not made out of metal, it was filled with sharp metal aura!

A sharp golden sword aura vacated from the sword and formed a fierce wave, colliding into the antimatter energy! 

“Boom boom boom!! …”

The waves were being resisted one by one and after a few consecutive tremors, the antimatter energy was finally crushed by the sword energy, but Ning Zhengchun was also shaken to the ground!

Moving a few steps back staggering, Ning Zhengchun was shocked. He didn’t expect this stranger to have such an ability! 

“Hah! That’s all you’ve got and you’re thinking of saving Ning Guangyao!? You might as well die together!!”

Wen Tao’s confidence immediately increased and two successive antimatter beams continued blasting toward Ning Zhengchun on the ground!

Yang Chen had the chance to stop it, but Ning Zhengchun was not exactly related to him and he wanted to see what Wen Tao could do, so he stepped aside.

Ning Zhengchun was tired dealing with this and couldn’t help regretting his carelessness. He should’ve brought more helpers, or ask some masters of the clan to come over!

When he fled, he had no time to look at Ning Guangyao behind him and a beam of light hit the golden shield!

After a loud bang, the golden shield which was almost losing its protection duration, shattered into pieces!

Ning Guangyao lost his protective shield and was horrified!

At the same time, Luo Cuishan and Ning Guodong who were helpless previously showed ecstasy!

“My father, you gave up on me and chose that wild breed first, don’t blame me for turning the tables then!”

Ning Guodong’s resentment and anger over the past few days finally broke out at that point, his body turned into a shadow and went straight up to Ning Guangyao!

“Be careful!!”

Luo Cuishan let out a stern yell, and her figure appeared in front of Ning Guodong!

Ning Guodong paused his steps!


After a sharp sound, a white and delicate beam, shot through Luo Cuishan’s chest like a laser!

In the distance, Ning Zhengchun, who had moved back a long distance, was raising two fingers that issued the golden sword energy that saved Ning Guangyao!

Ning Guodong was completely stunned at that point, seeing the woman in front of him pierced with a bloody hole in her chest, his eyes widened, without any reaction... 

Time seemed to be frozen and going backwards at the same time...

Wen Tao in the sky didn’t feel anything after seeing the scene. Luo Cuishan and her son Ning Guodong had lost their value after the plan failed, so he wouldn’t bother to care.

Ning Guangyao let out a sigh of relief, luckily Ning Zhengchun didn’t forget to take care of his safety, that was really close. He then smiled eerily at the woman on the ground.

Yang Chen didn’t expect such a dramatic scene to happen in this short period of time. He didn’t expect Luo Cuishan who was not her original self to sacrifice and save Ning Guodong who was also not his original self anymore.

Although his transformed body possessed a strong self-healing ability, this kind of sword energy filled with platinum True Yuan was simply not something their body could immediately repair.

The remaining sword energy on Luo Cuishan’s chest caused her wound to continuously expand, she was losing a massive amount of blood and it was unstoppable!

Even if it was a normal mid stage of the Three Yang tribulation passing stage, it was still over the Soul Forming Stage, definitely not something they could imagine at their level.

Ning Guodong subconsciously rushed up and carried Luo Cuishan with red eyes and yelled, “What are you doing!? Why did you save me!? Have you lost your mind!?”

Luo Cuishan tried to touch Ning Guodong’s cheek but the pain in her chest was unbearable as the sword energy was consuming her. 

“Silly child… I am your mother….” Luo Cuishan said weakly.

His tears couldn’t stop, falling on her chest, but they passed directly through her body and fell to the ground.

“I… I know… You are disgusted by me… You think that I am filthy...and you...don’t regard me as...your mother anymore…” Luo Cuishan smiled bitterly, “But I… I’ll forever... treat you as my…”

When she blurted out the last two words, she had lost too much blood and couldn’t sustain anymore. Her head dropped a little and she was gone.


Ning Guodong screamed, and his canthus were about to split. A mixed emotion of despair, remorse and pain was driving him crazy!

But no one would be bothered about his broken heart at that moment.

Luo Cuishan’s death was just an unintentional consequence. 

Wen Tao’s continuous beams of light were unable to suppress Ning Zhengchun and the antimatter energy on his body rolled up madly as countless silver-gray silk threads surrounded Ning Zhengchun from all directions like inexhaustible waves!

At the same time, a greater amount of antimatter energy went over to surround Yang Chen, as if it was preparing to swallow him!