Yang Chen casually gathered a layer of azure Kui Water around his body. Clinging up the antimatter energy, the cold Heaven and Earth Energy slowed it down.

He didn’t expect it to drain off the antimatter energy, as all he wanted was just a moment of opportunity.

Breaking open a ball of blue and silver interlaced light, as if a long and narrow slit was being torn, he rushed towards Wen Tao’s body and slammed his head with his fist!


His head was smashed into shattering pieces, his blood and flesh scattered and even his eyeballs could be seen exploding into a slurry.

But at that moment, Wen Tao’s body turned into countless silver-gray energy particles, like a trickle, once again converging from the far side of the sky, recovering into shape! 

Between his complacent laughter, his body turned into an arrow tower with countless sharp arrows, shooting frantically at Yang Chen!

Although the series of arrows seem to be dense and small, each one of them contained traces of antimatter energy.

This antimatter energy could not be completely assimilated even with the Heaven and Earth energy, and Yang Chen knew that if he got directly hit, even he would not be able come out unscathed!

Wen Tao also knew about this and was not afraid about Yang Chen’s devastating blows which led him to keep attacking him frantically! 

For a while, Yang Chen didn’t have any good solutions, so he could only use Nanming Li Fire, Samadhi True Fire and even Ming Water and Ye Fire to bombard in turn. However, it was still impossible to stop Wen Tao’s attack!

In the crisscross of platinum, crimson red and night blue energy, Wen Tao’s body continuously got decomposed and blasted away, but it did not affect his reassembling at all!

What made Yang Chen feel even more flabbergasted was that Wen Tao did not have any intentions of leaving Yang Lie’s body.

This meant that he was not just occupying Yang Lie’s body, instead he fused Yang Lie into his body!

Meanwhile below, Ning Zhengchun faced a small part of Wen Tao’s antimatter energy and was constantly evading. He looked quite exhausted while using the wave-shaped metal sword energy to fight against it. 

Ning Guodong who was holding Luo Cuishan’s body crying bitterly, saw this scene and his eyes were flushed immediately. He gave a death stare at Ning Guangyao who was currently unprotected!

The Golden Toad Amulet lost its effectiveness and Ning Guangyao was now just a piece of meat on the chopping board!

“It’s all because of you… You killed my mother… I’ll kill you!! I’ll tear you apart!!!”

Ning Guodong tried to jump on him frantically, but Ning Zhengchun constantly kept an eye on his side, despite being cornered, he still desperately swung a wave over to Ning Guodong!

His purpose here was to protect the secular spokesperson and power controller of the Ning family, how could he fail?


The golden swords slash flashed over Ning Guodong’s side and half of his arm got cut off by the extremely sharp sword!


Ning Guodong cried, but his body immediately grew new limbs for him after his transformation! 

Ning Guangyao had retreated to the corner and his heart was beating vigorously. Seeing that Ning Guodong was so desperate to come and kill him, he yelled with a horrible face, “Guodong!! Have you lost your mind!? She is not your mother anymore! She is dead!! This bitch got together with that ugly lame man, she abandoned me and you!! She deserved it!! She was shameless enough to abandon the dignity of the Ning family! She is not worthy of being your mother! But I am your biological father!!”

Ning Guodong grinned with a twisted face, “Shameless? Dignity? Do you think she is willing to abandon her pride!? If it weren’t for you who went to entangle with another woman and bore a child, would she have done all these and cause so much chaos!? Do you really think that this is what she wants? Turning from a noble woman into a bitch that gets kicked here and there, anybody could get on her, did she ask for it?! It’s all because of you!! It’s you, because of a man who is inferior to a beast, you killed my mother! How dare you call yourself a father? Pfft! Bullshit!! I’ll kill you!!!”

Ning Guodong rushed toward the middle-aged man like a mad wolf and the latter was like a helpless sheep which had no idea what to do!

In the distance, Ning Zhengchun was being restrained to the max level, although he really wanted to help.

Out of a sudden, Ning Guangyao thought about something and shouted, “Yang Chen!! I am your father-in-law!! You can’t let me die!!!”

Although Yang Chen constantly kept an eye on the ground while battling vigorously in the sky, if it weren’t for the shout, he would’ve wished Ning Guangyao to die by ‘accident’!

But… He is still Lin Ruoxi’s biological father.

Yang Chen didn’t dare to imagine what Lin Ruoxi would think of him if she knew that he let Ning Guangyao die. 

And even if Lin Ruoxi didn’t know, he would not be able to face the woman properly. 

If he really wanted to kill him, he would’ve just done it. 

Even though he felt reluctant, he still separated out a Li Fire, before Ning Guodong managed to get to Ning Guangyao, like a stream of light, and ignited Ning Guodong’s body!


Ning Guodong cried and fell to the ground, trying to annihilate the flames that continued to erode his body, but even if his body was able to recover rapidly, it didn’t help much!

Ning Guangyao was drenched in cold sweat, but after seeing this scene, he laughed ruthlessly!

“Bastard, you deserve to be burned to death!! How dare you betray your own father! Go to hell together with that bitch mother of yours!!”

Ning Guangyao, who was quite shocked, suddenly ran to Luo Cuishan’s body and kicked her hard dead body a few times. As if he had to use vulgar words and violent actions to distinguish his anger.

Ning Guodong tried to crawl toward him, but the Nanming Li Fire was a type of heaven fire that not even all Soul Forming Stage cultivators could handle, how could he stop it?

Without long, Ning Guodong’s body vanished into thin air!

Yang Chen who saw whatever happened was tempted to burn Ning Guangyao together as well!

But he could only imagine such things. After all Luo Cuishan and Ning Guodong weren’t kind people, he might as well not save Ning Guangyao rather than killing him for them.

However, thinking that Ning Guangyao would still get close to Lin Ruoxi, Yang Chen felt disgusted.

“Hmmph, so you still have the time to be nosy?”

Wen Tao ceased his arrow rain knowing that they weren’t really effective, but he was dissatisfied about Yang Chen being distracted. As if being underestimated again, his rage grew!

“At least your methods aren’t that difficult to handle for me,” Yang Chen said cautiously.

Wen Tao smiled eerily out of a sudden, “I shall give you a chance, let’s work together?”

“What kind of cooperation are you looking at?”

“Follow me and turn this corrupted world around!!” Wen Tao shouted madly.

Yang Chen was stunned and pointed at himself, “You want me? To turn the world around?”

“Correct, aren’t you the Majesty Pluto, one of the gods? Regardless of you being an actual ‘god’, aren’t gods supposed to change the world?” Wen Tao said roughly.

“You are indeed different with Yan Buwen,” Yang Chen sighed, “At least he’s just a little crazy, but you are a complete lunatic.”

“You are an idiot in my eyes! You don’t deserve to be the Majesty Pluto! And you are not worthy of your capabilities and status!”

Wen Tao swung his fist and shouted angrily, “What kind of god are you?! You should benefit the world as a god! But you gods will only hide your heads and show your tails, ignoring world affairs while putting on a hypocritical posture of an extraordinary being! Just like this so-called country that’s full of ancient civilizations, countless heritages and cultivators, all these big clans, nobles, important officials, they are all a stumbling block to this world! They are the condensed product of ugliness! I was just a child of an ordinary poor family and I only wanted to enter university so that my parents could have lived better after being poor for almost their entire life! But because of those dog officials, they stripped away my one and only chance of changing my family’s life despite being filthy rich! And that nonsense Premier Ning down there, what is he even, pampering himself while fooling the people! He can even kill and humiliate his own wife and son! How disgusting!? Is this what a human would do?! The Tang family is loyal and dedicated to the mysterious Hongmeng, but the old man’s son got crazy and died because of Hongmeng for god knows what reason! How fair do you think Hongmeng is?! Luo Cuishan, she only wanted a husband who loves and cares about her, how hard is it to care a little more? Even if he dislikes the fact that she got touched by others, why can’t he just arrange a place for her to live in seclusion? Is it necessary to kill her? Just because she was once a medal of some ugly man!? Such an amazing group of gods cultivators! Are you a human who fought all the way to survive, willing to go with this corrupted flow!? Why don’t you join me, sweep off the corrupted and depraved world and spread true freedom and power into the hands of the ordinary people!? I believe that one day, all ordinary human beings will find their own power and possess the capability to fight against these monsters!! They shall never be oppressed, exploited and slaughtered by any forces or anyone again! If the gods and Hongmeng really represented fairness and justice, why is this world so unfair!? The despicable people can do whatever they want and cause the pure and kind ones to receive insults and pain making them end up in endless desperate situations! If all living beings can only be the tools for these filthy monsters for their entire life, what’s the point of the existence of gods? What’s the point of having Hongmeng!? If even the most simple and mundane wish can’t be granted….. So Yang Chen, change all of these with me and go against the heavens!!!”