Wen Tao's hoarse cry was deafening as if he wanted to shake the entire world!

The surging sense of breath in his chest that had been roaring for tens of thousands of years was like an aggressive backlog!

The night breeze in the sky was sluggish, the stars were long, and under the vast sky, the figures of the two men stood dimly.

At this moment, the inexplicable tranquility made people tremble.

After a long silence, Yang Chen, who had been expressionless, took a long breath, lowered his head and chuckled, then shook his head.

"Perhaps it is inappropriate for me to say that you are a madman. You are not only a madman, but also a coward..."

It was just when his arrogance reached the peak, Wen Tao heard such a response, and was tempted to tear Yang Chen apart!

"Did you just call me a coward!? Haha! Are you starting to daydream since it’s getting late?" Wen Tao sneered.

Yang Chen didn't explain, the crimson red Ye Fire was ignited again in his hand, "Let’s finish this, I gave you a chance to live, karma strikes back and everything that has happened today should be settled by me. "

“Do you think that your ice and fire can hurt me?" Wen Tao said with disdain.

"You won’t know without fighting."

Yang Chen didn't say more, urging the mighty power of Heaven and Earth Energy and swept towards Wen Tao!

One hand igniting the bloody Ye Fire, and the other hand bringing up a vast night blue Ming Water, rushing to Wen Tao fiercely!

Several long Ye Fire dragons roared, winding around Yang Chen, and whistling towards Wen Tao, at the same time, the Ming Water turned into a large number of sea dragons, breaking through the air to encircle him!

The crazy attacks of ice and fire had dyed half the scenery into a magnificent landscape of red and blue!

The huge waves of spiritual aura, formed dazzling colorful clouds, the muffled sounds were like countless nuclear warheads continuously exploding in a ball!

Space was torn apart in every inch of the area, as if it could form a blackhole at any moment and swallow everything up!

The magnificent beauty however was a deadly air prison!

The coercion of the early stage of the Nine Heavenly Lightning Tribulation made Ning Zhengchun who was watching the battle from afar widened his eyes in shock!

He didn't even dare to imagine how he would die if the dozens of red and blue dragons  touched his body!

This young man's cultivation level far exceeded his expectations. Thinking of the tone he had previously spoken to him, he was horrified!

Even if the top masters in the family came, they might not be able to withstand it! What kind of perverted technique did he cultivate? How could he have achieved this level of power at such a young age! ?

But! Yang Chen didn't think his fierce offensive had any effect!

After seeing the countless Tianhuo and Xuanshui dismembering Wen Tao's body, they still couldn't stop his countless fine antimatter energy from dispersing into the air!

These antimatter energies cannot be destroyed at all, they can't be swallowed, infinitely, condensed and continuously spreading!

Yang Chen knows that his cultivation level was not what it used to be. If he encounters the original Yan Buwen now, he was determined to use this Tianhuo and Xuanshui to destroy him and kill him in seconds!

But Wen Tao in front of him was not afraid of even the strongest power in this world!

Probably because he was not a cultivator, Ye Fire, the Tianhuo that was extremely destructive to the soul, had no effect on Wen Tao! ?

The flames dissipated, Wen Tao's body condensed again, and Yang Lie's body once again emerged!

"Hehe, insisting on the hard way huh, since you are so obsessed with it, I’ll consider you a stepping stone to sweeping the world! I’d feel uneasy if you weren’t dead!! Seeing that you used up your methods, I shall now show you my true strength!!”

Immediately after, his entire body turned into antimatter energy. After a burst of violent expansion, it condensed again, twisted and rotated, and then gradually opened and extended... 

In a blink of an eye, before Yang Chen responded, a whirlpool cavity was formed in the air!

Yang Chen tried to mobilize Heaven and Earth Energy, but realized that it was in vain!

As if the entire world was in a vacuum at this moment, all the spiritual auras did not exist, except for the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture in the body, which was still rotating, he was unable to use the endless Heaven and Earth Energy to defend against the antimatter energy!

What made Yang Chen even more shocked was that his body was not in his control, as he began to get sucked into the whirlpool!

No matter how many times Yang Chen urged the Heaven and Earth Energy in his body, he couldn't get rid of the shackles. This kind of suction was so powerful just like a black hole! !

"It's useless! Yang Chen! My antimatter energy has evolved to a level you can't understand, through the transformation of the device! You thought that with Yan Buwen's strength at that time, I would’ve risked coming here!? Would I have come here to dig my own grave!? Now I am way more stronger than Yan Buwen! This antimatter energy vortex will use the gap between different and parallel spaces to completely shatter your soul! Even if you have your divinity, you can reincarnate, with your soul being controlled by me. You can only wait and die! Since I can't eat you or use you, at least I’ll destroy you!!" 

In the silver gray whirlpool, Yang Chen's face began to twist, pull, as he tried hard to stabilize his figure, but the vortex of antimatter energy was still eating away his Heaven and Earth Energy at the speed invisible to the naked eye!

Yang Chen could even imagine being unable to communicate with his Heaven and Earth and constantly being swallowed up like this, it would not take long for his body to be completely decomposed into the form of energy!

A state of no sense of parry made Yang Chen angry, but at the same time he felt quite astonished!

He underestimated him after all, he thought that as long as he didn't face the top masters in the illusion realm, he had absolute strength. But he didn't expect that Wen Tao, who was in a head-on confrontation for the first time, would already be so strong!

If he could be reborn in such a way, he was afraid that it would be even more difficult to face the master in the illusion realm!

Seeing that he was about to be finished, Yang Chen struggled in his heart, should he once again summon the chaotic cauldron!?

If the monster lost control and controlled himself, even if it was just a moment, god knows what it would do...

When Yang Chen's heart was glued, Wen Tao, who turned into an energy body, laughed wildly!

The man who felt that he was holding the winning ticket contemptuously said, "Yang Chen, you have won so many people, so what… you still ended up in my hands? Do you know why you lost to me? Before you die, let me tell you as a gift, you have too many concerns that make you weak... The world is like a forest, the strong will always eat the weak. The real strong beings will only use the instincts of an animal to live better. Sacrificing any of your own interests to let others live better is an extremely stupid idea! Fear, timidity, pity, weakness... All of those things will be your cause of dying in my hands! I thought that you would be different, but now it seems that you, as a strong player, are far from qualified, not to mention in being my opponent!!”

Wen Tao speeded up again amidst wild laughter with the flow of antimatter energy, the vortex seemed to have become a huge high-altitude tornado, which could cover the entire radius of tens of kilometers!

Ning Zhengchun on the ground noticed the change in things and couldn't care too much. He turned into a beam of white light and left the scene with Ning Guangyao.

Wen Tao concentrated on dealing with Yang Chen and didn't pay attention to them. After all, it was much easier to chase down those two people than to kill Yang Chen!

The Heaven and Earth Energy supported by Yang Chen's body became thinner and thinner, and gradually collapsed.

Seeing that victory was right in front of him, Wen Tao was about to launch a wave of offense at the end, but he suddenly noticed something! 


In a blink of an eye, a pair of huge scarlet eyes vaguely flashed from the center of the whirlpool!

Immediately afterwards, a dark gray muddy beast shadow spread out two pairs of meaty wings, making a deafening roar, and raged out from it!

"This...what is this!?"

Wen Tao was shocked, feeling that his antimatter energy vortex was unable to continue to swallow Yang Chen. Instead, he was attracted by a force of suction that was so strong that it could not be swallowed, and began to move towards the center.

It was as if he was chasing a beast. In a moment, the situation changed. Instead of chasing the beast, he was its prey!

Yang Chen’s roar came out at this moment, followed by his reddish eyes, like a god of hell, with a stout arm, holding a huge chaotic cauldron like a hill, standing steady like a mountain in the middle of the whirlpool! !

 "Who do you say... is not qualified?" Yang Chen asked in a rhetorical voice, utterly low and cold.