Wen Tao seemed to be able to see that there was a huge beast behind this man, staring at him hungrily with his ferocious eyes, as if it couldn't wait to devour him!

After the antimatter energy vortex was forcibly controlled, Wen Tao stabilized his figure, but the strong suction from the giant cauldron made him struggle in midair!

"Damn...what kind of monster is that..." Wen Tao trembled, feeling an uncontrollable panic!

He could clearly feel that if he was eaten by this beast, he would have no way to survive!

Yang Chen stepped forward and approached him inch by inch.

Every step seemed to be stepping on Wen Tao's heart, sounding heavier each step, agitating and causing fear in his heart!

"Perhaps you’re right. There are too many injustices in this world. You deserve sympathy, you deserve sadness, and you deserve mercy... But, in my opinion, you are even more hateful and ridiculous!You said it was a filthy official who ruined your life, then why did you try to become Ning Guangyao to change all of this; you said Luo Cuishan is a woman with a hard life, then why would you want to use her just to abandon her? If you really loved her, why didn't you save her?! You said that Hongmeng and the gods regard all the people in the world as dogs. Then, in order to achieve your goals, you will slaughter and kill, and you will even have to use force and blood. How are you doing justice? You’re right, I, Yang Chen, am not as strong...... I have compassion, and cowardice, as well as worries....I have selfishness, I do not have grand ambitions, and not even the desire to change this world...

Saying that, Yang Chen was already less than three feet away from Wen Tao.

The chaotic beast shadow behind Yang Chen was like a huge tsunami, ready to swallow Wen Tao!

Yang Chen's voice was like a huge wave, surging!

"But!! I never backed down, never denied, never tried to conceal my weakness! My hypocrisy!! My selfishness!!! I am me, the Yang Chen who stood in front of the lame Wen Tao since the beginning, and am the same Yang Chen standing in front of you, the coward Wen Tao!! What about you? You dare not use your true self to face this cruel world! You are just a clown who hides behind all kinds of people, through the faces of others. Using your humble and pitiful methods, trying to cover your twisted belief to comfort your own incompetence and vain! Such an inferiority complex, a guy full of bullshit who still hides in someone else's body even now, a coward that dare not see the world, who do you think you are to fight me?!!”

Wen Tao's face was pale and he kept shaking his head, "No... No... I'm not like that...you are talking nonsense!"

"It doesn't matter, because I will kill you today."

Yang Chen's eyes flashed sharply. Although the chaotic cauldron's ferocity was rampant, it’s still within his control range.

With a big wave of his hand, the chaotic cauldron opened its mouth wide and opened a crazy suction towards Wen Tao!

This chaotic beast eats everything, even if the antimatter energy was the energy that violated the heaven and earth, it couldn’t escape the power of the chaos, so naturally, there was no way to escape!

Wen Tao realized that the situation wasn't good, and ignored the anxiety and unwillingness in his heart.He then tried his best to burst out huge antimatter energy, planning to escape to the southwest!

Obviously the chaotic cauldron was not easy to deal with, under the control of Yang Chen, he once again increased the intensity of devouring!

In the roar of the giant beast, Wen Tao's struggling body began to weaken, and the stalemate gradually tilted towards Yang Chen... 

But it was at that moment, Yang Chen felt his head tingle violently!

“Hmm! …”

After he let out a muffled snort, Yang Chen felt a turbulent tyranny, trying to occupy his brain!

The chaos did not give up, just as soon as it released its powerful energy, it tried to take the opportunity to fight back!

Yang Chen hurriedly mobilized the "Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture" to suppress it, but it was this moment of negligence that gave Wen Tao a chance!

Although Wen Tao wondered how there was such a stall, he was already out of fighting intentions and wanted to run desperately. How could he look back and think more?

He then tried his best to imply his antimatter energy, and his strong desire to survive made him finally break free from the shackles of the chaotic cauldron!

But just as he ran away swiftly, Yang Chen stabilized the rampant fierce beast in his head, and once again urged the power of the chaos!

"Where do you think you are going!!?”

Yang Chen roared, the vicissitude of the ancient and clumsy giant cauldron, like a sky-shaking hood, the bloody pattern on it flickered, crashing down to Wen Tao's torn figure...


A ray of silver-gray energy bursted out of Yang Lie's body!

The dead Yang Lie's body was decomposed and swallowed as soon as it was inhaled by the chaotic cauldron!

Wen Tao finally realized that there was only a chance to escape without carrying the body and remaining in his pure energy body form, so he gritted his teeth and gave up occupying the body!

Yang Chen didn't react in time. After all, Yang Lie's body was swallowed, and there were still some psychological changes, but after he recovered, he shouted deceived!

This guy even played an escaping trick, taking advantage of his short delay, and ran away without a trace!

But how could Yang Chen let this culprit go so easily, even if he escaped without a trace, his divine senses could still detect him.

The beam of antimatter energy, no matter how fast it was, was not so fast that Yang Chen could not catch up.

Without hesitation, Yang Chen kept the chaotic cauldron and turned into a streamer, chasing after him!

In the vast night sky, the icy wind breezed across the face.

Wen Tao realized that the situation was not good and his speed was not enough to escape. If he wanted to get rid of Yang Chen, he had to think of other ways.

The best way, naturally, was to use something to threaten Yang Chen to walk away obediently, but his run has greatly deviated from the Beijing area. Where could he find hostages to threaten him?

Suddenly! An evil light flashed in Wen Tao's mind, following the direction he was free to escape, thinking of a person far in the southwest of China, that’s the one!

In fact, after swallowing Yang Lie and robbing a large amount of memory in his mind, Wen Tao immediately locked the target!

In just a few minutes, Wen Tao had already flown wildly over Sichuan Province!

In the distance, it was the beautiful Emei!

From a distance, the two peaks and ridges were ethereal and majestic, like thrushes.

The cliffs were steep and scary with rugged rocks, giving it a majestic momentum.

Although it was night, it was just when the clouds and mist were lingering as the rain drizzled. The clouds and mists channeled around the mountains, changing in a variety of ways, setting Emei Mountain like a graceful and wonderful person.

Seeing Wen Tao's figure heading down, Yang Chen got anxious!

This is Emei? Shushan?!

Almost without thinking, Yang Chen could also understand what this crazy cripple wanted to do!

He must have captured Yang Lie's memory and learned how to enter the Shushan faction station hidden in the back of Emei Mountain. Although it was hidden, it was not difficult for those who had the ability to fly into the sky and escape.

While there, Huilin was doing a clean-up with her juniors just because of her heartache!

Is he going to make a move on Huilin?!

Thinking of this, Yang Chen was even more angry, his eyes were flushed.

He had hurt the innocent and kind girl many times, and caused her to run back to Shushan alone to be with the blue lantern. This time, if she got injured once again because of him then he would really be a criminal! 

Shushan was not only the main peak of Emei, but the name of the major mountain ranges in Sichuan Province.

According to Abbess Yun Miao, the ancestors of Shushan also had many amazing talents, who had been in existence for at least thousands of years. If the disciples of modern times hadn't fallen, they would have been hidden by the formation of the mountain guard.

But now, the Shushan Sect was only in a hidden back mountain, relying on their relationship with the government, blocking access to the secular people, and making it less known.

Under the night sky, the clouds dispersed.

Inside the quiet Shushan Sect, the quaint stone houses with black roofs, and green walls, and the pavilions with red pillars and green tiles were neatly arranged, faintly besieged in a Tai Chi Yin and Yang formation.

And in the center of the sect, a black-gray and sharp Bagua tower that seemed to have been baptized for thousands of years, stood prestigiously.

At this moment, in a large hall in the middle of the building in the back half of the mountain, four nuns in plain clothes and nun hats were chanting in silence.

This cold rain in the mountains seemed to fit the tranquil mood of the four nuns.

Then, a silver-gray streamer suddenly flashed in, rushing towards the female nun headed by the hall!!