The nun with a stunning and clean appearance, showed a moment of shock. As she was about to get up, her neck was firmly clamped by a cold hand!


The silver gray antimatter energy formed several thin rings and chains, tying her limbs!

“Senior Huilin?!”

“Who are you?! Let go of my senior!”

Three of the female disciples quickly stood up in shock and shouted in shock and anger.

Ashamed and furious, Huilin eyed the malicious person behind her. She had never seen this hideous stranger before - where did he come from?!

The defensive instinct made her utilize her internal energy from Shushan to form a True Qi shield, trying to escape.

But her internal energy hadn’t even reached the Xiantian Stage, how could she even move Wen Tao, it was all being dissolved into thin air.

What made her even more terrified was that her limbs were being tied by some strange force, she seemed to have turned into a fish on the chopping board that’s about to get slaughtered!

How did this fellow know the whereabouts of Shushan? What was his motive behind detaining her?!

To top these questions off, Yang Chen’s appearance at the door of the grand hall simply floored Huilin.

“Big Brother Yang?!”

Although at that moment, the man looked fierce and bloody, she couldn’t suppress her excitement, happiness and emotions and she started to tear up.

The three female disciples in the hall were all confused, none of them knew what was happening.

“Let go of her! Your actions will only bring you a more miserable death…”

When Yang Chen’s gaze landed on the antimatter energy binding Huilin’s limbs, he knew that he couldn’t act rashly.

There was no denying that that lunatic made the right bet.

If he had captured anyone else - heck, even if he had slaughtered an entire city - Yang Chen wouldn’t have surrendered to such coercion.

But it had to be Huilin out of all people. Although he had indeed turned her down on multiple occasions, he had to admit that he cared for her deep down.

Wen Tao noticed something and let out a grin as he clamped Huilin’s delicate neck, “Do you really think that I care… Since I am going to die, might as well hold her captive for a chance to live. ”The women you like?”

Before Yang Chen could respond, Huilin couldn’t hold the humiliation in and yelled, “Nonsense! Who on earth are you?! I’m clearly not… the woman Big Brother Yang l-likes…”

“Haha! Miss Huilin, as far as I know, your fans from all over the world are anticipating your return to work from your ‘rest’ and to see you again. You’re a celebrity - how could you belittle yourself? There must be countless youngsters who see you as the lover of their dreams… What’s more, I only said ‘like’. I’ve never mentioned the word love - why did you get so agitated? It could be adoration between siblings,” Wen Tao mocked.

“You…!” Huilin’s cheeks turned a ruby red from holding in the mortification. Her irises quivered and she dared not make eye contact with Yang Chen.

Although she knew it was a bad idea to be hesitant now, the lady took it seriously.

Yang Chen felt his heart ache and he took a deep breath to distract himself. His deep voice boomed, “Do you think this gives you a chance to survive? Do you really think that I am incapable of saving her?”

“Really? If you are able to, you can try. We shall see who’s faster, you killing me, or me killing her… Tsk tsk, speaking from cultivation, she probably hasn’t reached Soul Forming huh. You should know , it’s only a matter of seconds for me to kill two mid stage Soul Forming cultivators of the Ning family…”

Hearing these words, Huilin quickly caught on. Although she still couldn’t wrap her head around the person’s identity, she was certain that he was someone that Yang Chen hated into his bones.

“Big Brother Yang, you… you don’t have to bother about me! To have you pursue him like that, he must have done plenty of wicked things! You must kill him. I don’t matter…”

Huilin endured the pain from the constriction around her neck and pushed herself to yell.

“What do you mean you don’t matter?! I don’t remember allowing you to speak, so shut up!” Yang Chen chastised furiously, his wide, fiery eyes glaring at Huilin.

She was taken by surprise and subconsciously held her breath. Tears close to escaping.

Yang Chen made his move and walked toward Wen Tao, the massive oppression of the Tribulation Passing Stage started to rush toward Wen Tao like a tsunami.

Feeling that Yang Chen was trying to defeat him psychologically, Wen Tao was fearless as he was clear that the slower he gets, the more important this hostage was!

Wen Tao sneered and used a strand of silver gray antimatter energy to stroke on the three nuns!

“Junior sister!!”

Huilin shrieked, and tears rolled down her cheeks.

Yang Chen’s footsteps halted. He could not risk another reckless move.

After all, the three Shushan female disciples who didn’t have much cultivation got decomposed completely without knowing what happened!

“Do you see this? My plan may have fallen short because I had underestimated your power, but this does not mean others stand a chance against my attacks… Though I am not you, the gap between our capabilities is not that wide. Before you take my life, you won’t be able to kill this gorgeous little nightingale,” sneered Wentao.

“You’re threatening me,” Yang Chen hissed through gritted teeth. However, out of fear of what the lunatic would do to Huilin, he could only retract his oppression. 

Wen Tao got more excited, “So what if I am threatening you? Besides, you’ll definitely count everything on me based on whatever happened in the past, I am definitely going to die in your eyes, why bother to gain less dirt?”

“What is it that you want?” Yang Chen’s fists were balled so tightly his nails dug deep into the flesh of his palms. The gears in his brain spun tirelessly to piece together possible escape strategies.

Wen Tao pretended to be thinking, “Let’s do it this way, you’ll definitely not kill yourself right? My deal is simple, just leave obediently and I will put a trace of antimatter energy on you. Until I think you’ve reached a distance that assures my safety, I will naturally release Ms Huilin.”

“Have you mistaken me for a three-year-old toddler? If I do as you say, I’d bet you’d not only hold onto her, but you’d also hide away and trick me again. Who knows, one day you might even stab me in the back,” scoffed Yang Chen coldly.

“So what? The key point is that you don’t have a choice. Huilin is in my hands - unless you don’t care if she’s dead or alive!” With that, Wentao tightened his grip around Huilin’s neck.

More tears spilled from Huilin’s red eyes. The crystal clear drops rolled off her cheeks ceaselessly, for herself as well as her juniors.

She sobbed. All of a sudden, a dash of resolution flitted across her eyes. Her lips pulled into a faint, wry smile. “Big Brother Yang… I… can’t hold you back…”

Yang Chen was contemplating if he should risk it or not, after all if he released Wen Tao, Huilin as the hostage would have a better chance staying alive. 

However, her words seemed to make him mind buzz, and he suddenly thought of something…

“Don’t be foolish!” Yang Chen roared.

However, as soon as his words were out, it was already too late.


A mouthful of fresh blood spurted from her lips, dyeing her pale face crimson. The blood streamed down her chin and dripped onto the bluestone tiles.

She looked like an immaculate water lily, dyed red and blooming tragically.

The scene Yang Chen had dreaded the most had occurred after all.

Huilin actually used her internal energy and broke her arteries to kill herself!?

Behind her, Wen Tao was taken by surprise. He hadn’t expected such a delicate, frail lady to unhesitatingly take her life for a man’s victory at this critical juncture!

It was during this momentary distraction that Yang Chen’s body flushed away and reached the front of him!

Years of bloody battle baptism had given Yang Chen the instinct to not miss the gap even facing sudden, drastic changes on the battlefield!


A loud bang came through, Yang Chen used his fist along with Heaven and Earth Energy and slammed straight on Wen Tao’s head!

While Wentao zoned out, Yang Chen delivered another blow to his head!

Spotting the opening, Yang Chen seized the opportunity to swipe Huilin’s blood-stained, limp body from Wen Tao. He vanished into thin air and reappeared in a clearing not too far away.

Without waiting for Wen Tao to transform into an energy body for escape, Yang Chen summoned the chaotic cauldron and held it high up in the sky!

This time, Yang Chen’s anger overpowered his desire to restrain the usage of the chaotic cauldron. The chaotic beast was more crazy and huge than before and it could cover half of the Shushan Sect mountains!