Between the low roar, the chaos cauldron opened its huge bloody mouth, as if its countless sharp fangs were about to crush Wen Tao that had turned into an energy body!

Wen Tao had already used up all the antimatter energy, and his own abilities were ultimately limited as he isn’t able to obtain energy supplies from the outside world.

The silver-gray figure gradually began to fall apart, fluttering like silver threads.

"No!! I can't die...I still have a lot to do...No!!!..."

Wen Tao yelled cowardly, but he couldn't resist the greed of the chaotic beast!

The chaos could clearly feel that if it consumed this "concentrated essence" of antimatter energy, its recovery would be catalysed!


At that crucial moment, a sudden change came through!

Even Yang Chen didn't notice for instance that in the center of the Shushan Sect, the grand Six Bagua Black Tower was actually moving!

The black-gray tower seemed to have been summoned by something. After thousands of years of historical vicissitudes, the old but enduring tower body was moving majestically!

Countless golden rays of light scattered from the numerous gaps in the black tower, illuminating the top of the mountain and reflecting into the sky!

In the sky, the dark clouds somehow gathered from all directions, rolling and condensing into magnificent waves!

A beam of light bursted out from the spire of the tower, piercing through the sky!

Dark clouds swirled around the beam, as thunders with colours of purple and blue were tumbling in it, like a whirlpool that could destroy the heaven and earth!

The chaotic beast that was about to swallow Wen Tao, suddenly reduced its arrogance and retracted into the cauldron after sensing something!

Yang Chen was also taken aback, he turned around and looked, only to find himself confused about this strange situation!

There was a trace of panic coming from above the chaotic cauldron, a trace of anxiety!

The chaos beast is afraid!?

Yang Chen was in shock, because so far, he had never sensed fear in this chaotic beast!

Is it afraid of this sensational scene, or is it afraid of the constantly shaking black tower?

Wen Tao, who was not far away, was weak after using up a large amount of anti\matter energy, but he was inexplicably alive, making him feel ecstatic!

As Yang Chen wasn’t paying attention, Wen Tao turned into a form of a string and tried to escape from the Shushan area.

However, the situation was obviously not that simple!


The moment Wen Tao's body touched the edge of the mountain, he was forced back by an invisible force!


The bluish-purple thunder surrounded the mountains with electric currents, and a wall had unknowingly covered Shushan!

"What the hell is happening..."

Yang Chen didn't care whether Wen Tao wanted to escape or what, he quickly picked up Hui Lin who was lying on the ground, for fear that the girl would be hurt.

After inspecting her pulse, it seems that although her artery was broken, fortunately, there was Shushan's internal energy body protector, preventing her from losing too much blood in a short time.

Yang Chen immediately injected some Heaven and Earth Energy into her body and used the powerful recovery technique of the "Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture" to assist in simple repairs of her damaged organs.

After all, it was nothing so serious that he couldn't resolve.

However, she had fainted because of her weakness, and could not perceive the earth-shaking changes happening.

The remaining disciples on Shushan, even though they were all awakened,none of them dared to come out. The scene over the sky made them frightened.

After Wen Tao attempted several times, he found that he still couldn't escape from the range of Shushan, and felt discouraged and uneasy.

At this moment, layers of black skin began to peel off from the outside of the black tower, revealing the awkward yet simple blue-gray tower inside!

Numerous complicated runes with wonderful lines were imprinted all over the tower.

These runes gleamed with golden red brilliance, shimmering, and some sanskrit sounds that seemed to come from ancient times could be faintly heard.

In the sky, there was a faint golden glow and made it seem like day when it was actually night!

Before Yang Chen could react, the golden light around the mysterious tower was condensed into several transparent chains as thick as a dragon!

These chains were as fast as lightning, and were mixed with powerful suction, winding toward the direction of Yang Chen and Wen Tao!

When Yang Chen saw that it was coming to bind him, he realized that he was still holding Hui Lin!

As he was just about to drop Hui Lin, he was already handcuffed by the chain!

No matter how he used Heaven and Earth Energy to attack the chain, the chain remained motionless, and tightened even more!

For fear of hurting Hui Lin, he had to give up.

In fact, he had no way to think rationally and to analyze the current situation!

The chaotic cauldron had long known that it couldn't escape, and obediently retracted into Yang Chen's core, then remained stationary. 

In the distance, Wen Tao’s struggles were completely useless. After being handcuffed by a chain, he got pulled towards the tower...

Gradually, Yang Chen saw that he was getting closer and closer to the huge tower until he was swallowed by a cloud of golden light. ...

This earth-shattering scene happened in the middle of the night, except for some disciples of the Shushan Sect, nothing seemed out of the ordinary..

Early in the morning the next day, the Shushan Sect disciples cautiously came out to watch, but they couldn't see any movement from the huge tower at all.

Everyone had to treat all what happened as a supernatural event.

The only thing that shocked the sect was that the senior sister Hui Lin had disappeared, along with the three other female disciples!

However, in all this, the young disciples in the sect had no choice but to inform Abbess Yun Miao who was far away in Beijing.

After experiencing the dreamlike scenes of the night, the disciples looked at the black-gray ancient tower that seemed to have never moved before, faintly producing a trace of indescribable fear...


North Pole, under the ice caps, in an underground space, a brand-new hidden area was operating.

A large number of weird advanced intelligent machines were systematically inspecting and controlling various data.

And in the middle of the huge experimental site was an ice round platform with an earthy yellow halo hovering in the air, gleaming softly.

In the air above the round table, there were several pinhole-like probes, constantly releasing antimatter energy, seeming to be performing a type of balancing process.

An iron-faced man in a black robe was lying on an ice bed, looking bored as he stared at an international satellite television in the distance.

He was not very interested in these products of human technology, but he had no choice. Aside from collecting information, he could only stay under the ice.

No matter how rebellious he was, he still dared not disobey Athena's order.

Suddenly, an elegant figure in a black gauze skirt appeared in the center of the laboratory.

The black robe hurriedly climbed down to the ground, and said respectfully, "You’re here, everything is normal, Gaia's heart is gradually recovering..."

Athena's face that was hard to see, clearly contained no emotion at all. She said indifferently, "I know."

The black robe laughed stiffly, not knowing what to say, he quickly ‘complimented’,"You really deserve to be the goddess of wisdom. These devices here are way better than the ones from Yan Buwen and Wen Tao. If it weren’t for your busy schedule, they wouldn't have been able to sustain for so long.”

Athena stepped gently, walking in the laboratory, watching and said leisurely, "Letting them do it by themselves allows them to truly understand the principles, if I do it myself, they wouldn’t be able to take it in anyways..”

"Yes...you are considerate,” the black robe smiled and after hesitating for a moment, he asked, "Your Majesty, why didn't we also take the cloned equipment from the laboratory founded by Yanbuwen? Didn't they take a lot of thought to complete it? Are they useless?"

While controlling some equipment, Athena casually said, "I did think of saving some of the clones, so that Gaia's Heart can infuse the divinity found from all over the world into the clone during the recovery phase. This can help to resurrect a group of gods to assist in Gaia's heart recovery. But Yan Buwen, he is not an obedient guy. He has been wasting too many clones and divinity, and thinks  it’s unnecessary to proceed with my plans… but in fact, the plans were just the icing on a cake. As long as it absorbs enough blood from the Titan and has the power of the overgod, it will definitely be enough to revive Gaia's heart."

"I see..." Black robe came into realization but was still a little annoyed. If he knew that it was not necessary, why should he keep staring at that time, he almost exposed his inner thoughts.

"You don't seem to be satisfied with my approach?" Athena asked in a cold voice, turning her head.

Black robe shook his head hurriedly and said with a smile, "Why would I, Your Majesty, I'm just curious about everything."

"Hmph, I thought you were here guarding, so I shared some stuff with you, but you didn't need to know all this".

Black Robe cursed secretly in his heart, this woman's character was indeed hateful, if it weren't for her strength, he would have liked to tear her alive! But on the surface, he smiled and carefully said, "Your Majesty, I have been worried about one thing, please give me some advice."


"That Wen Tao knows your presence, and he can definitely guess that we have a secret base in the North Pole. He is now confronting Yang Chen head-on, if it is leaked to Yang Chen, will we be in trouble?" Black Robe was worried.

Athena chuckled lightly and said playfully, "You are wrong, he never knew that I existed."

"What...what does this mean?" Black Robe wondered, "Didn’t he get the biochip from Yan Buwen?”

“That's right, but he is not the original Yan Buwen, so he can't perfectly implant the biochip designed for the clone into his own brain. The biochip from Yan Buwen has biological genetic codes. What Wen Tao can do is to use computers to extract theoretical information that can be digitised from the chip. Although this is enough to cope with his continuous development in Yan Buwen’s scientific research and technology, it is unable to obtain the complicated memories and emotional information from Yan Buwen, because that information cannot be implanted with data."

Black Robe was taken aback for a moment, he was overthinking after all. This woman had already thought about it and he was worried that Yang Chen would suddenly appear and that he could not handle him.

Athena continued, "Compared with Yan Buwen's technique, Wen Tao uses the transformed antimatter energy to transform himself into an energy body, and then devours people to reach a higher level. When he devoured Yang Lie, he was able to obtain information about Yang Lie’s memories and feelings. This is why he has improved more than just a bit in Yan Buwen’s scientific research.”

"Hey, that little cripple is pretty smart, but after the incident from Beijing was exposed, I'm afraid he will be eaten up by Yang Chen's chaotic cauldron," Black Robe smiled happily.

Athena turned around, looking at Gaia's heart that was becoming more and more energetic. Her black dress danced lightly, revealing a meaningful smile...

Although he couldn't see her face clearly, Black Robe was also affected by it. Attracted by the breathtaking scenery, he was dumbfounded...