"No...No...Honey, you can't do this...no!!!" 

In the dimness, Lin Ruoxi screamed and woke up from her sleep!

After sitting up on the bed, Lin Ruoxi subconsciously touched her delicate cheeks. There was cold sweat dripping down her face, and her body was soaked in sweat...

"It turned out to be a dream... Fortunately..."

Lin Ruoxi let out a sigh of relief and looked up. Looking at the wall clock in the bedroom, it was almost five in the morning.

Turning her head to look at both sides of the bed, Yang Chen still wasn’t back and it was empty.

Lin Ruoxi frowned, with a somewhat ominous premonition. After all, Yang Chen only said that there were cultivators in Beijing, and even if there was a fight, it would not last so long.

However, after thinking for a while, she convinced herself that Yang Chen is strong and shouldn't be in any danger, to make her feel at ease.

As for the nightmare, people often said that dreams were reversed, and that her own man should be safe.

After taking a deep breath and relaxing, Lin Ruoxi reached out and touched Lanlan who was still sleeping on the other side.

The chubby little girl was not awakened by her mother's screams at all. She had an excellent sleeping experience, and she was sleeping soundly with her mouth open like a little pig.

What made Lin Ruoxi feel funny was that her daughter's saliva drenched the sheets, but she didn't notice it.

If it was someone else's saliva that wet her bed, she would have definitely felt disgusted, but she didn’t bother about her own child’s saliva, instead she thought that it was cute.

Although she had never given birth to a child, Lin Ruoxi realized more and more that she seemed to have made all the preparations of being a mother. She didn't have any learning stage, but was able to take care of the child with ease.

Since she didn’t feel like sleeping anymore, Lin Ruoxi went to the bathroom, took off her wet pajamas, took a hot bath, and put on a clean and simple home dress.

In the past, she would have taken into consideration the weather before dressing up but after cultivating, her dress code became more and more casual.

As it was still early, and the rest of the Yang family hadn't gotten up yet, she went on her laptop and accessed Yulei International’s management system. She used her highest authority to search through the operating data of the major branches around the world.

Although it was said that Xue Minghe was given the position of CEO, Lin Ruoxi had always been accustomed to not give in everything, and the Athena team she formed was still managed exclusively by her.

The function of this group now was more like that of the CIA, regularly gathering all the important and confidential information of the Yulei branches, which are not even fully accessible by Xue Minghe.

After all, it was the most precious legacy left by the old president. Lin Ruoxi didn't want Yu Lei to encounter any problems after she resigned.

However, Lin Ruoxi would not talk to Xue Minghe about any minor flaws, unless he was burdened. However, if it was a strategic issue that went in the wrong direction, she wouldn’t keep quiet. 

After reading most of the documents, the sky was already bright, and the people in the house started to get busy.

Lin Ruoxi saw that it was late, so after turning off the computer, she went to the bed and carried Lanlan up.

Lanlan subconsciously hugged her mother like a koala, still dozing in a daze.

"Little lazy pig, you have saliva all over yourself, how shameful, mommy will take you to shower," Lin Ruoxi said with a smile.

Lanlan pouted her lips, muttering sleepily, "Mommy, is it time for breakfast..."

"You only know how to eat huh, take a bath first, come, take off the pajamas," Lin Ruoxi went to the bathroom and put Lanlan in the bathtub then took off her pajamas.

After she was completely stripped, the little fat girl's body was exposed, her whole body was chubby, and her joints were covered with her tender flesh, almost like a baby.

It was hard to imagine that such a meaty little one could easily beat through the body of an adult.

Lin Ruoxi liked to bathe her daughter very much, one of the main reasons being that the child was really comfortable to touch, no wonder Yang Chen liked to pinch her cheeks that much.

After getting a shower, and putting on a clean white sweater and blue suspenders with a cartoon pattern she liked, Lanlan finally woke up and happily went out of the room with Lin Ruoxi then went straight to the dining room.

Although she was curious why daddy had disappeared again, she was used to it, so Lanlan didn't ask much.

Lin Ruoxi wondered how to explain to Yang Gongming and other elders that Yang Chen didn’t come home the entire night.

However, as soon as she walked into the dining room, Lin Ruoxi realized that maybe she didn't need to explain...

The atmosphere in the dining hall was depressing and solemn.

In addition to Yang Gongming, Yang Pojun and Yang Jieyu, there was also a guest, Ning Guangyao!

No one had touched the hearty breakfast on the table. It was obvious that after Ning Guangyao came, no one had time to eat.

Seeing Lin Ruoxi leading Lanlan out, Yang Gongming showed a somber smile on his face, "Ruoxi, you’re here, I was about to send the servants to find the both of you, is Yang Chen back?"

Lin Ruoxi felt that Ning Guangyao's eyes were full of kindness, but it always felt strange and weird.

"No, I didn't see him this morning, and he was gone after he went out last night. How did you know, grandfather?" Lin Ruoxi asked curiously.

"Premier Ning came and said that last night, near the Liyuan Tea House, there was a rebel that came from the Yan Buwen’s side who wanted to kill him. Fortunately, the Ning family has expert protection, and Yang Chen was also there to block the traitor," Yang Jieyu said.

Lin Ruoxi suddenly realized that someone was fighting to kill Ning Guangyao. She couldn't help but look at Ning Guangyao worriedly. Except for his tired face, the middle-aged man didn't seem to be injured.

"Premier Ning said that Yang Chen had gone after the traitor, and I don't know how it was. I came here in the morning and asked about it. I didn't expect him to not have come back yet," Yang Jieyu sighed.

"Don't worry, Yang Chen's strength is superb. Since the opponent is chased and flees, he will definitely not be able to hurt him. Maybe it's a little trouble, or he's playing around outside," Yuan Hewei comforted.

Lin Ruoxi frowned, it seemed that the matter was more complicated, and hoped that it was just one of Yang Chen’s surprises, but she couldn't calm her feelings of anxiety.

Ning Guangyao sighed at this time, "Actually, I am here today also for another news regarding Yang Lie..."

"Lie'er? What happened to him?" Yang Pojun asked.

Ning Guangyao hesitated and shook his head, "Sooner or later you will know, it was also what Yang Chen saw with his own eyes last night... Yang Lie... was used by a traitor and had no choice. Last night...he sacrificed…”


 A sharp crisp sound came from the door beside the dining hall.

 At the moment of shock, everyone looked toward the direction...

Guo Xuehua, who had just come out with a plate of delicate pastries, was pale and stood there desperately, as if she was a statue...

"Xue... Xuehua..."

"Sister-in-law! You..." 

After Yang Pojun realized that the situation was bad, he couldn't bother asking why Yang Lie had sacrificed, and got up and ran to his wife.

Guo Xuehua was holding her chest with one hand, calling Yang Lie's name in her mouth, as if it was difficult to breath. She then rolled her eyes and fainted!

The servants at the back hurriedly helped the woman, causing an uproar in the whole room!

Lin Ruoxi clenched Lanlan’s little hand tightly, without saying a word, looking at the disordered Yang family in front of her, she was stunned...

Lanlan had her eyes widened, looking left and right, as if she was hoping to see someone’s figure...


After some time, from the darkness, someone slowly opened the eyes.

In the gaps between the branches of the dense forest, the sky could be seen, a blue and pure sky with faint white clouds.

In my ears, there was a gentle breeze and I could smell the scent of grass and soil.

Hui Lin still felt a little pain in her chest, and her breathing was a little unstable, but the sight in front of her made her try to sit up in surprise.

"Are you awake? Does it still hurt?" A familiar voice sounded from the side.

Hui Lin's delicate body trembled, she turned around and saw Yang Chen alone, leaning under a towering giant tree at least sixty to seventy meters high, looking at her with a smile.

"Brother... Brother Yang..." Hui Lin subconsciously stroked her heart, her artery should have been broken by herself, but now although the True Qi in her body was a little weak, she was healed.

Knowing that Yang Chen rescued herself, she was delighted and grateful. She looked at the dense ancient woods around her and asked curiously, "Big Brother Yang, where are we now?"