To Huilin's surprise, Yang Chen shook his head directly.

"I don't know, I only remember that the tower in the center of your Shushan Sect tied us up with a chain and sucked us in. The power is mysterious, so powerful that I can't resist it. And we somehow fell here in a blink of an eye. Because you are injured, I healed you a little and waited for you to wake up to discuss what to do."

"You mean... the Demon Lock Tower of our Shushan Sect?" Hui Lin blinked her eyes and asked.

Yang Chen’s spirit immediately lifted and he said with joy, "Hui Lin, do you know the origin of the tower? Is it called the Demon Lock Tower? Then do you know what's going on?"

Hui Lin waved her hand immediately and said blankly, "No. I was only a child, and I heard from my grandmother that this tower has a long history, and there is no exact record in the ancient books of Shushan. It is rumored to be called the Demon Lock Tower, but few people in the sect have heard the name. We have always treated it as a relic of the patriarchs. As for why we were drawn here and how do we get out, I don’t know anything..."

Yang Chen was depressed for a while, and smiled bitterly, "It seems like we are in trouble then, this place is surprisingly big, but it's full of weird stuff."

"What's wrong?" Hui Lin looked around, stood up and said, "I don't think there is anything special, except these trees that seem to be very old. The scenery here is so beautiful. "

Yang Chen patted his forehead, the girl was really dull, "Silly girl, don't you think it is strange, if we really entered a tower, how can the space in the tower be so large? Why is there a sky? Where did the trees come from? It’s more like a vast virgin forest..Let me tell you this, I checked it with my divine sense, and I couldn’t detect the edge at all. The area here is estimated to be able to fit a hundred million of Shushan. How big is the tower to fit such a large place? More importantly, I can perceive that the thinness of the spiritual aura here is far below the normal level, there is hardly any! The Heaven and Earth Energy that can be used is almost all inherent in my core, and there is no way to mobilize the spiritual aura between heaven and earth for my use like when we were outside. Under such circumstances, even if I want to take you to fly as soon as possible, because of the depletion of the true essence in the body, I have to frequently stop to recover my internal energy, and I have to take lots of elixirs. Otherwise, it would take a long time for me to fully recover."

Hui Lin then understood it, but she didn’t seem too nervous and worried, she smiled and said, "It's okay, we'll just go on foot, and we can always find some clues to go out."

"You are really optimistic, should I call you slow or happy go lucky?" Yang Chen sighed helplessly.

Hui Lin blinked, "Big Brother Yang, are you in a hurry?"

"Of course, if we are in here, god knows what's going on outside, your sister and the others will be worried," Yang Chen said worriedly.

The girl showed some shame, "’s my fault, I’m dragging you down, Brother Yang. Then, let's hurry up, if not sister and the others would be worried."

Yang Chen wondered, "Hui Lin, are you really not worried? If your grandma can’t find you, she would definitely be anxious."

Hui Lin blushed and clenched her teeth, "I know it's wrong, but I saw Big Brother Yang and... I’m just so happy ......"

That being said, even she couldn't believe that she would say such a thing, and her chin was almost touching her chest.

A girl in a nun outfit with such a shy face looked really lovely. 

Yang Chen looked at the girl somewhat complicatedly. How could he not feel the affection in the words, he couldn't help feeling pity, and sighed, "Look, why are you so foolish, even if you want to distract that lame man with bitterness, you shouldn’t make a joke about your own heart. If it weren’t for me to quickly treat your injuries, you would already be meeting the king of hell."

"Well...I will pay attention next time."

“Next time?" Yang Chen raised his voice.

Hui Lin shook her head vigorously and looked at Yang Chen firmly.

Yang Chen stepped forward and pointed a finger on Huilin's forehead, "You’re really getting more foolish the more I look at you, no wonder you’re not biologically related to your sister. Seeing that you look like a fool, I should have known that you weren't related!"

Hui Lin was not happy at that point as she felt underestimated by the person she liked, and said, "No, my grandma said that I have a good talent for cultivation and a good understanding."

"Alright alright, it’s just words okay. Now that you have almost recovered, let's hurry. I will not take you to fly, so as not to consume too much cultivation base to prevent the lack of True Yuan in the body if we are in danger,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Hui Lin smiled giddily and nodded vigorously, "Yeah!"

Although such casual chatting made the atmosphere a lot easier, Yang Chen actually had no confidence. 

It was frustrating as he didn’t know where they were, and how to get out! 

Hui Lin obviously didn't care much about the situation and followed him obediently, taking a sneak peek from time to time, as though as long as Yang Chen was by her side, nothing else mattered.

Before they knew it, three days had already gone by.

During this period of time, Yang Chen discovered that this place should be the earth. After all, there’s the sun, moon and stars. However, when he wanted to fly to a high place, he found that there was a powerful barrier in the sky blocking it, which was basically a closed space. 

This giant tree towering virgin forest seemed to be so big and borderless, and it was deserted.

Fortunately, there were many wild beasts and birds here. Although most of the species had strange appearances, unlike the species seen in the wild outside, but they could still be food for Hui Lin.

Although Yang Chen did not go to school, he had read a lot of books with his strong memory. He had quite a lot of understanding of natural biological history. From Yang Chen's perspective, the animals in this place had a certain connection with many ancient creatures and retained a large number of paleontological characteristics, but it was not the ancient creatures that human civilization had come into contact with.

In other words, the appearance of these creatures were likely to be earlier than the biological timeline that humans had explored.

Even the plants in this place were extraordinarily huge, and there weren’t many plants that he could identify.

When Yang Chen saw a large "iron tree" with columnar branches, large feathery leaves, and a lot of spores exposed, he was surprised and had his mouth open.

Hui Lin watched Yang Chen stop and stared at the tree in a daze, couldn't help but curiously asked, "Big Brother Yang, what's wrong with this tree?"

"I think we might have entered an isolated place," Yang Chen smiled bitterly.

Hui Lin was puzzled. She only felt that the plants and animals here were so strange. Yang Chen said that it might be an ancient creature, and that was it, she didn't feel that it was anything special.

Yang Chen knew she didn’t have the background, so he had to explain, “I can be sure that the tree in front of me is a plant of the Cycadaceae family that has been proven to be extinct on earth. Scientists believe that this kind of plant subject was considered extinct  during the end of the Cretaceous period which was 60 million years ago. Although I don’t think that the plants in this place were in the Cretaceous period. In fact, many plants here are like species that have appeared in the past tens of thousands of years. I'm afraid it's far beyond our imagination."

Hui Lin was stunned, hetr little head couldn't imagine such a time period, let alone 60 million years...

At that moment, a hint of surprise flashed in Yang Chen’s ears and eyes, he then grabbed Hui Lin’s slender waist.

"Come with me, there seems to be a situation ahead!"