Before Huilin could react, Yang Chen had already taken her for a short distance flight and landed on the high-rise branches of a hidden tree.

In an empty woodland a few hundred meters away, there was actually a fight!

Three strong and sturdy men wearing rough leather sweaters, muscular knots, and ugly faces were besieging a pale-faced young man in colorful robes!

What surprised Yang Chen was that this teenager's hair was actually a weird purple, even his pupils were purple!

He saw that the three big men were swift and abnormal, as if relying on their innate fighting instincts, using various spells, repeatedly summoned soil spears and gravel, and attacked with hard fists from time to time.

The handsome young man wrestled with the three with a fan in his hand with fancy skills, occasionally vacating purple flames, but because of the long fighting time, he appeared struggling.

What made Yang Chen feel was that he could not clearly detect the cultivation base of these four people, but it can be judged from the battle situation that their combined strengths were not as good as his own. Although they were already in the tribulation period, they were still average. It was even worse than Yan Feiyu and the others in the early days of Sanyang, who had been defeated by himself.

"Brother Yang, who are they? Why do they seem to be wearing ancient Chinese clothes? That purple-haired guy is weird," Hui Lin wondered.

"How am I supposed to know?" Yang Chen smiled bitterly, "They are all people with cultivation skills, but their auras seem to be very special. What seems to be comforting to me is that there are at least living people here."

Hui Lin asked nervously, " Then do you want to show up? What if they attack us?"

"Of course I’ll show up, we have to find a way to ask for information about this strange place, but we also have to choose the right side to stand. The three big men look reckless, but their attack methods are well coordinated and there is no gap for escape. Although their strength is inferior, they will surely kill the purple-haired guy if it goes on like this," Yang Chen squinted.

Hui Lin blinked her eyes, "Who do we help then?"

"Silly, if we want to help, of course we should help the purple-haired guy, offer help when help is needed"

"Oh..." Hui Lin realized that she was asking silly questions again and got disappointed that her IQ plummeted whenever she was at Yang Chen's side.

Yang Chen smiled evilly, grabbed Hui Lin and quickly went to the side of the fight scene.

Realizing that someone had appeared suddenly, all four of them were taken aback, and when they saw the appearance of a man and a woman, all of them were surprised.

Obviously, the clothes of Yang Chen and Hui Lin looked very different from them, let alone his short hairstyle.

However, the three big men still did not relax, surrounding the purple-haired young man.

"Who are you?”

One of the men asked.

Yang Chen let out a sigh of relief, fortunately they could understand the language, although the accent was weird, it was enough to communicate.

"Don't be nervous, you guys, we just accidentally ended up here, so we wanted to come over to ask, where is this place, and of course we don’t mean to interrupt your fight," Yang Chen said kindly.

The four of them were stunned, and they looked at Yang Chen weirdly.

"Hmph, so you are new here," a big guy grinned, "You want to know where this is? When we kill this little purple-haired kid, I'll tell you, stand and wait obediently! "

That being said, the three of them planned to continue besieging the man with purple hair.

Yang Chen didn't intend to watch, but sprinted quickly, a fist blasted on the back of the nearest big man like thunder!


With a heavy punch, Yang Chen thought he would be able to penetrate this guy, but he didn't expect that he only managed to make him fly off!

The big man slammed into a giant tree and sank a big hole, but there was no wound created.

“Damn, hey new guy here! You dare to touch us!?”

The two other big guys immediately looked over, while the purple-haired young man looked at Yang Chen strangely.

Yang Chen looked at his hand in wonder as his bones felt a little bit painful. In order to save the limited True Yuan, although he did not use Heaven and Earth Energy, his physique should be strong enough but somehow the punch didn’t injure the big guy? What kind of physique did this guy have!?

"Looking to die?!!"

The big guy who was attacked got up at that moment, his hands were shining with a yellow halo, and he hit the ground with his fists!


The ground under Yang Chen's feet suddenly bulged out with a few sharp soil thorns, and it cracked every inch!

Yang Chen soared into the sky, and a Nanming Li Fire whip was lit in his hand. The scarlet fire light reflected the forest red, and he waved it down hard!


The three big men watched the heaven fire whipping like a dragon wagging their tails, they dodge decisively, rolling in embarrassment.

"Nanming Li Fire!? What the hell are you!?"

"This new guy is evil, retreat!”

Yang Chen didn’t say much, and a long whip of Li Fire was ignited in his left hand, and the fire dragon quickly surrounded the forest, chasing the three big guys that were jumping up and down while escaping!

Seeing that the three of them were about to be caught by the fire, the three of them had a flash of yellow light all over, and they got into the ground!

Yang Chen was taken aback for a moment, and he clearly noticed that the three of them had escaped from the underground, and that the speed was so fast that it was staggering!

But Yang Chen didn't have the idea of ​​chasing them, it would consume a lot of cultivation energy, and they might not be easy to kill. After keeping back the Li Fire, he looked at the purple-haired young man with a smile.

"Why are you helping me?" The man with purple hair asked suspiciously.

Yang Chen shrugged, "It's very simple, because you are on the weaker end. By saving you, you’ll have to thank me. If I were to ask you something, you’d naturally be more willing to tell me, to be frank."

"How do you know that I am not a villain," the corner of the purple haired man's mouth curled up.

Yang Chen scratched his head, and smiled, "Look at you, with such a delicate skin and tender flesh, you look very gentle, unlike a wicked person."

The purple-haired young man stared at Yang Chen in a daze, seemingly a little surprised, and followed closely. He then laughed and looked at Yang Chen thoughtfully, and glanced at Hui Lin again.

"You are very funny, but unfortunately you misunderstood me. I won't be grateful because you’ve helped me, because I didn't tell you to", the man with purple hair said proudly.

Hui Lin on the side couldn't stand listening and said frowning, "Why are you so unreasonable? If it weren't for my brother Yang to save you, you would have been besieged to death by them now!"

The purple-haired man disdainfully said, "How sure are you that I would have lost, I haven’t even summoned my inner demon. The three brothers in the mountains are only fifth grade and I am not that weak.”

Yang Chen was full of doubts, what kind of inner demon, fifth grade... this dude is really troublesome to talk to, not to mention him blabbing about things he didn’t understand.

"I have to hurry now, settle yourselves," the purple-haired man sneered, and was about to leave.

Seeing that the dude was about to leave, Yang Chen shook his head helplessly, "He really has some attitude huh, then I guess I have no choice.”

That being said, Yang Chen's figure suddenly flashed forward, blocking the way of the man with purple hair. 

"Why, do you want to fight me?" The man with purple hair smiled slyly, "Hey new guy, I should warn you, you just hit those three idiots, and you have already provoked the owner of this area. If you dare to provoke me again it will irritate another person which you can't afford to have. I advise you to find a place to hide quickly, otherwise you will die miserably as you would have no one to rely on..."

Yang Chen sighed, " I thought you could kill me, turns out you are just faking it."

Then, before the purple-haired man could react, Yang Chen stretched his hand towards the man!


The folding fan on the man's hand was lifted, and a purple flame ignited, burning toward Yang Chen's palm!

But when it touched Yang Chen, there was just a loud bang, without any resistance!

In astonishment, the man was already choked by Yang Chen's steel-like hand!

Yang Chen's complexion finally darkened at this moment, and he said coldly: "I hate it when someone threatens me. Although I don't know where I am now, I am not afraid of anyone. You'd better tell me obediently, what is this place, who are you? Tell me how much you know, otherwise, I will kill you, and continue to ask others..."

The purple-haired man’s pupils seemed to be burning with purple flames, "You dare to threaten me... the newcomer… I shall show you how powerful my inner demon is!"

A stream of black True Yuan rose up like smoke, emanating from the purple-haired man's whole body, just like solid substances

This gloomy and dark atmosphere made Yang Chen's heart feel agitated, as if countless negative emotions were about to be ignited at this moment!

Gradually, a figure that looked like a demon formed behind the man, with scarlet eyes, staring at Yang Chen sternly!