The True Yuan of the purple-haired man suddenly soared at this moment! As if he had changed into another person, it filled with a dark aura and exploded with a burst of energy, trying to shake Yang Chen away!

The majestic True Yuan coercion caused Hui Lin not far away to subconsciously run away, in fear of being contaminated.

But Yang Chen wasn’t fazed. His cultivation suppressed him steadily. Even if the man's strength nearly doubled, he still couldn't truly harm Yang Chen!

However, this strange way of becoming stronger, the so-called "inner demon", really surprised him!

Feeling the dark True Yuan energy constantly trying to erode him, Yang Chen's left hand ignited a cloud of white-gold scorching fire!

The purple-haired man nearly bit his own tongue, and cried out, "Samadhi True Fire!?”

This shout also swept away the evil aura from his body!

The Samadhi True Fire was originally designed to counter these cold and sinister auras, and being so close range made the purple haired man lose his confidence!

As if he was quite afraid of the burning flame, the purple-haired man finally compromised and laughed stiffly: "This are indeed much stronger than me, my bad for being foolish. Why...why don’t we...sit down and have a good conversation?"

Yang Chen couldn't help laughing, "I thought you were a dignified man. It seems that you really match your appearance, just a little white face."

Yang Chen didn't really want to kill this guy, plus, killing casually in an unfamiliar place might cause a catastrophe which will not pay off. Not to mention, this guy isn’t stupid, he wouldn’t trade off his life for some temporary dignity.

After letting go of the purple-haired man, Yang Chen sighed and extinguished the flame in his hand. This understatement was actually unnecessary, but it made the purple-haired man shiver.

Bringing out the Samadhi True Fire casually? What magical power is this? !

Yang Chen greeted Hui Lin to come and sit patiently, and then motioned to the purple-haired man to start talking about everything he wanted to know.

The purple-haired man sat a little farther away in fear, and after he straightened out his messed up hair, he began to speak, "Since the two of you are newcomers, you should have seen the 'Tongtian Tower' before you came in." 

"Tongtian Tower?" Yang Chen and Hui Lin looked at each other and asked, "You are talking about Shushan's Demon Lock Tower?”

The purple-haired man patted his head, "Correct, I forgot to mention the ‘Tongtian Tower’ was changed to ‘Demon Lock Tower’ by a group of people from the Shushan Sect thousands of years ago. But they are the same, both names can be used here.”

"You know the Shushan Sect?" Yang Chen wondered.

The purple-haired man said with a smile: "I didn’t know it originally, but in the ‘Demonic Realm’, almost every once in a while, there will be ‘newcomers’ like you entering, sometimes it may be a few years, sometimes It is once every hundreds of years. Whether it is a few years or a few hundred years, those who come in can always bring in all kinds of information from the outside world, whether it is language, culture, dynasty change, and everything. This is also why the sentient beings in the ‘Demonic Realm’ are aware of a lot of external affairs."

"This is called the ‘Demonic Realm’? Are you all monsters then?" Yang Chen frowned.

Although from the beast in the ‘chaotic cauldron’, it was not difficult to imagine that since ancient times, monsters and beasts should have existed, but he never thought of dealing with all kinds of monsters.

The purple-haired man stroked his hair, appearing to be quite reserved, "In fact, I am a demonic cultivator, which are regarded as humans, and the three mountain beasts just now are real monsters. In this Demonic Realm, most of them are monsters, followed by demonic cultivators like me, and finally, a very rare part of ordinary human cultivators... By the way, I haven't reported my name yet. I have the surname Zi, with a single name of "Mo", so you can call me Zi Mo..."

This Zi Mo talked freely as he seemed to be really afraid of Yang Chen's True Fire. Anyway, there was nothing to hide, so he began to talk about it...

All of this started from the great ancient times tens of thousands of years ago. 

At that time, all kinds of fierce beasts and monsters gradually developed their wisdom, transformed into human forms, and became the demon clan.

At the same time, those with great supernatural powers who were the first to enter the highest rank of heaven in the great ancient times were extremely dissatisfied with the world, where the demon clan ravaged mankind.

Seeing that the early human race gradually went to extinction, these masters who did not want to participate in the dispute between the demon clan and the human race finally took action.

When the elites among the demon clan were not enough to resist the humans, those great ancient immortals, leading a large number of cultivators, began to encircle and control the demon clan.

The benevolence of them being a living being, and they did not want to ruin the blood of the demon clan and the world. Those supernatural and holy immortals have decided to separate a large number of the demon clan from the human world!

The Demonic Realm was originally a world that one party had never explored, and it was a special space within the earth.

It could be said that after those great supernatural powers had opened up a brand new plane, they happened to discover a brand new world!

There was only a vast land in this world, which was suitable for a large number of monsters to inhabit and multiply. At the same time, the spiritual aura of this world was extremely thin, but this did not affect the survivability of the monsters.

However, because this world was not created by man, but existed originally, it is still full of countless mysteries that the great ancient immortals do not know about.

In order to send a large number of monsters into this world, those ancient immortals worked together to create the "Tongtian Tower".

This huge tower was not only the best immortal weapon that can control and catch monsters and evil things, but also the gate to enter and exit the world of the Demonic Realm.

The demon race that was forcibly arrested or threatened by those great ancient immortals entered the Demonic Realm, has already taken root here tens of thousands of years ago.

After the demon clan entered the Demonic Realm, there was a group of “demonic cultivators” who practiced the “demonic practices”, and because of the collision and friction with the mainstream cultivators, they were regarded as “heretics”, and almost all of them were sent to this realm.

The reason why it is called "demonic cultivators" was because these cultivators, in addition to using the spiritual aura of heaven and earth to enhance their cultivation like other cultivators, at the same time practiced their own "Inner Demon"!

Usually, if a person wanted to improve his cultivation, he needed to improve his state of mind and eliminate his own demons, otherwise they might sidetrack. 

But the demonic cultivation did the opposite, it’s a two-pronged approach by continuously strengthening one's "inner demon”, to achieve the purpose of forcibly breaking through the cultivation limits to the ultimate level!

This kind of demonic cultivation not only had more outstanding combat power, but also allowed the usage of certain combat methods such as "inner demon possession" and "inner demon clone" to sharply double or even increase the strength!

However, it was also because of the instability of the inner demon, that it was easy to sidetrack and get into trouble, causing the person to slaughter indiscriminately, which made the heavens angry and the people to resent. They were then regarded as "heresy" and sent to the Demonic Realm.

Most of the True Yuan of demonic cultivators were dark and dignified, and the Demon Lock tower would naturally not be easily captured.

At first, these monsters and demonic cultivators who were imprisoned, especially those sky demons and monsters, wanted to rush out, but later, these monsters were mostly disgraced, or as a result, died.

Only because, to get out of this Demonic Realm, one must go to the Tongtian Lake in the center of the mainland where the Tongtian Tower is hanging on the lake, and go through the test of ninety-nine layers of purple and blue heavenly lightning before they can have a chance to get out.

The purple and blue heavenly lightning was not the subset of the Nine Heavenly Lightning, but a unique kind to this Demonic Realm. It had a very powerful effect on the dark auras such as the demonic energy and spirits.

This Tongtian Tower was also extremely indestructible because it was used as the body for the purple and blue heavenly lightning!

More than ten thousand years had passed, and no one had heard of anyone who could withstand the ninety-nine layers of purple and blue heavenly lightning, there were just the corpses of monsters who were devastated.

Gradually, all the creatures in the Demonic Realm realized that it was almost impossible to go out, and they began to accept this brand new world.

And the pattern of the Demonic Realm had become a situation where the demon clan and demonic cultivators each occupied their territory in this place. 

Because no matter whether the demon clan or the demonic cultivators, they all had a certain lifespan, there were always monsters falling, and there were always newcomers rising… The pattern had changed many times over the past years...

"The place where we are now is the Demonic Night Forest, the territory of the Jade Fox Palace, and further north is the territory of our demonic cultivators, the Purple Bamboo Forest. In the far east, is the most powerful clan of the monsters, the Dragon Valley occupied by the dragon clan" Zi Mo jokingly said, "Brother Yang, I am more than 300 years old this year, and I suppose I am older than you. As a brother, I would advise you that although your supernatural powers are higher than mine, they are not higher than the top elites in the demon clan and demonic cultivators. Even they can only stay obediently in the Demonic Realm. If you want to go out, I am afraid that it is hopeless…”