Hui Lin was shocked and worried when she heard about this but Yang Chen didn’t look distressed at all, as if the warning didn’t bother him.

“Do you know about the Realm, Hongmeng and the array within the Realm?” Yang Chen suddenly asked.

Zi Mo was taken aback at first, unable to comprehend his attitude. He nodded and replied to him, “I’ve heard of it before. Hongmeng was founded by some lower-ranked cultivators. They were much weaker compared to our ancestors who fought the Great Ancient Gods. As for the array, I heard that it was used to subdue ferocious beasts, demons and devils from the Great Ancient times, but I think it was a manmade array created after the ‘Ten Thousand Demon Realm’.”

“Are you saying that the demon clan and devil cultivators are stronger than the demons and devils in the array?"

Zi Mo contemplated for a while before shaking his head, “That’s not necessarily true. The existence of the immortal and ferocious celestial beasts may be a rumour, but if they truly exist, they would not be inferior to our ancestors. The reason why the array was created after the Ten Thousand Demon Realm was probably because of the time gap. From what I know, the array has been around for 20,000 years but the Ten Thousand Demon Realm appeared 50,000 years ago. The Great Ancient Gods from that time wouldn’t be the same as those from 20,000 years ago. The latter might not be familiar with the Ten Thousand Demon Realm. In fact, they might have even forgotten about the realm. You have to know that civilisation wouldn’t always be the same. There will always be a time gap and 20,000 years is sufficient enough for such a gap to arise.”

Yang Chen nodded his head with a solemn expression. The Gods came to Earth 20,000 years ago and the array was already present before that.

Even though it might not be as vast as the Ten Thousand Demon Array, it shouldn’t be belittled, as it could control Zeus. 

Regardless of the new information, Yang Chen knew that he was in deep trouble now.

He wasn’t part of the demon clan, nor was he a devil cultivator. He was probably dragged into this tower because of the Chaos Cauldron.

No wonder the Chaos Cauldron became so fearful. Who wouldn’t be afraid of an artefact made a bunch of psychos from 50,000 years ago? 

Yang Chen felt sorry for getting Hui Lin involved. As for Wen Tao…he sounded so salty but it was understandable for him to be caught too since the antimatter energy was pretty wicked. Yang Chen just hoped that he wouldn’t stir up another trouble in the Ten Thousand Demon Realm.

It’d be a relief if Wen Tao died in the realm but it would be troublesome if he could eat demons just like how he ate humans!

Unfortunately, because they were in another realm, Yang Chen couldn’t summon the Heaven and Earth energy and the space laws.

Well, this could have happened because his space laws weren’t as strong as Athena.

It would be a tough fight if he were to face Wen Tao again, as his only option was to use the Chaos Cauldron.

Zi Mo talked for a long time and he looked up to see that the sky had darkened. Seeing how Yang Chen wasn’t planning to ask him about anything else, he stood up, “Brother Yang, I came to the Jade Fox Palace to look for some rare plants. We’re at the borders of the Demon Night Forest and I thought that I could use the long way back to avoid trouble but I still bumped into one of the 72 High-Grade Demons. You must have exposed yourself by helping me. You have to be careful when you’re in the territory of the Jade Fox Palace. I know you wish to check things out at the Heaven Tower but if you want to stay safe, you can go to Heaven Lake by using the long way via the devil cultivators’ territory.”

“Based on the geographical locations which you’ve told me about, wouldn’t that route be a longer journey?” Yang Chen shook his head.

“But it would be better than being surrounded by elites from the Jade Fox Palace. The lord of the palace - Nine-Tailed Sky Fox has the best cultivation in this realm. She’s a Sky Demon who’s in the pinnacle of the Ninth Tier. The 36 Sky Demons and 72 High-Grade Demons under her are extraordinary. You should think twice about it.” Zi Mo persuaded him.

Yang Chen knew that the cultivation in this realm was divided into nine tiers and every three tiers represent an ascension in power.

Being able to transform into the form of a human was crucial as it defined their tiers. Those who were unable to transform into the form of a human were equivalent to or less than cultivators in the Soul Forming stage. 

Since the heavenly tribulations did not exist in the Ten Thousand Demon Realm, the cultivation level of demons and devils could only be determined from their tiers.

Those in the First to Third Tiers were categorised as Low-Grade Demons and Low-Grade Devils whereas those in the Fourth to Sixth Tiers were categorised as High-Grade Demons and High-Grade Devils which were quite rare. Lastly, those in the Seventh to Ninth Tiers were categorised as Sky Demons and Sky Devils!

From Yang Chen’s observation, the First Tier would be equivalent to the first level of the Three Yang Fire Tribulation whereas Zi Mo’s cultivation level would be equivalent to the Weak Waters.

His current cultivation was at the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation so he should be in the Seventh Tier.

However, he wasn’t exactly sure about it since cultivation strength couldn’t be inferred from the tiers.

Since different cultivation techniques possessed different powers, thus with the speciality of the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture, Yang Chen figured that he was superior to those in this realm even if they were supposedly in the same tier.

There were less than 200 Sky Demons and Sky Devils in the realm and the only elite who was at the pinnacle of the Ninth Tier was the Lord of the Jade Fox Palace.

Apparently, the Nine-Tailed Sky Fox was the oldest Sky Demon in the realm but no one truly understood her background and she hardly cared about the demons and devils in her territory.

Yang Chen might have offended the seemingly terrifying demon fox since the pinnacle of the Ninth Tier would be equivalent to the Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation!

Even cultivators from 20,000 years ago had never survived past the heavenly lightning tribulation.

However, Yang Chen was more concerned about leaving this realm through the tower. His wife, child and lovers were waiting for him and even though he knew he had to remain calm, his anxiousness was taking over him.

Zi Mo gave up after Yang Chen refused to listen to him. Even though he was reluctant to leave, he still bid goodbye to Yang Chen.

Yang Chen felt that Zi Mo had an ulterior motive for inviting him along but he was too lazy to probe further so he just let it go.

Even though night time had arrived, Yang Chen still brought Hui Lin along as they made their way towards the Northeast direction.

Hui Lin said nothing and followed him obediently. Yang Chen felt more relaxed with her company.

According to Zi Mo, they would reach the White Cloud City - the largest city of the Jade Fox Palace in three to four days.

Technically, it wouldn’t be appropriate to enter a city of the demon clan but they could find Spiritual Stones and tamed demonic beasts there. The demonic beasts would serve as a mode of transportation.

Plus, the White Cloud City was the nearest to Heaven Lake so Yang Chen didn’t choose to use another way.

Three days had passed since Yang Chen and Hui Lin's disappearance.

The Yang mansion was busy dealing with Yang Lie’s funeral.

Other than grieving for Yang Lie, the Yang clan members were worried and afraid of Yang Chen’s disappearance.

Yang Gongming looked especially exhausted from not having a good rest for the past three days as he sat next to Yang Pojun and Guo Xuehua. Guo Xuehua’s eyes were swollen as she looked ahead with a blank expression.

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes were red as she sat in a corner with Lanlan on her lap. Lanlan kept quiet, being able to sense the heavy atmosphere around them.

Abbess Yun Miao looked around her with a sorrow expression and she sighed, “Old Marshal, I’ve searched through Shu Mountain and the Demon Trap Tower but I got nothing. I’m truly sorry…”

Yang Gongming waved his hands slowly, “Your only granddaughter is missing too, I know you’ve done your best.”

Yun Miao choked up when she was reminded of Hui Lin, “My granddaughter always had a rough life. Her parents died overseas when she was young and now she’s missing. I just hope that she’s with Yang Chen. With Yang Chen beside her, she would have a higher chance of survival if she ended up somewhere dangerous…” 

“They’ll be fine, I’m sure they’re still alive,” Guo Xuehua stood up abruptly. Her eyes were filled with tears, “We shouldn’t cry, Yang Chen will definitely be fine! He’s my only son, he will be fine…he will…”

Yang Pojun stood up and wrapped his arms around her, “Xuehua, calm down. We didn’t receive any bad news, maybe Yang Chen will be home with Miss Lin soon.”

Guo Xuehua nodded and forced a smile, “Yes…that must be the case, Yang Chen will be fine…”

“Alright, we’ll leave this to Yun Miao. We shouldn’t lose our composure,” Yang Gongming said with a solemn expression, “Even though Beijing looks peaceful now, some people will try to plot against us once they learn that Yang Chen has gone missing…so no one can know about this. Do you guys understand?”

Everyone snapped out of their sorrows when Yang Gongming mentioned this. Only then they realised the graveness of this matter.

Yang Gongming was right. The Yang clan might look triumphant now but their enemies were forced to succumb because of Yang Chen’s invincibility.

Now that Yang Chen was missing, who would save them if trouble were to arise?