Three days had passed, Yang Chen and Hui Lin entered a plain after travelling across the Demon Night Forest.

Even though the Ten Thousand Demon Realm only consisted of one land, it was still vast. Yang Chen lost patience for the past two days and ended up skittering across the forest with a method that was more True Yuan conserving.

The periphery of the Ten Thousand Demon Realm was the Endless Sea where all the rivers and streams in the Realm flowed towards. No one had ever reached the end of the sea, hence the name ‘Endless Sea’.

One of the rivers flowed through the White Cloud City, measuring a few kilometres wide.

Due to the water vapour accumulating above the river, clouds and fogs were seen hovering around the city, hence the city was named the White Cloud City.

Even though it was a city of the demon clan, it looked similar to a human city, with buildings from the Xia, Shang, Zhou, Tang, Song and Ming dynasties. 

The only difference was the lack of city walls and the buildings were scattered across the city with roads in between them.

This didn’t surprise Yang Chen since all sorts of demons and devil cultivators from different dynasties would have entered this realm.

Having brought their original civilisation into this realm, it wasn’t surprising to learn that the demons had also established a similar kind of human civilisation. 

After all, demons were the same as devil cultivators, they have the form of a human and they possess intelligence.

Ever since the Great Ancient times, humans had been the ruler of all living things, hence this style of living for the demons was bound to happen.

However, their civilization seemed to have stopped. The city looked the same as ancient China, which must have been linked to the decline of cultivators in China, which resulted in the lack of cultivators from getting involved with the tower.

“Brother Yang, are we going to go in like this? Will they be hostile towards us?” Hui Lin asked worriedly as they stood on top of a hill.

“We’ve to go in even if that’s the case. Firstly, I don’t fully believe in Zi Mo’s words and I have to confirm if the Heaven Tower is our only way out of this realm. Secondly, we need to look for a demonic beast and spiritual stones to save us time and keep us safe.”

Hui Lin lowered her head in remorse, “If only my cultivation was higher, I’m not even in the Xiantian realm yet and any demon with a human form is far stronger than me. I’ll only be a burden to you in battles.”

Yang Chen chuckled, “Don’t you know that men love to protect weak women? What’s the use of having a man if all women are strong? Your vulnerability is just right, no one will love you if you’re any stronger.”

“If only that’s true…or else you would’ve accepted my confession.” Hui Lin muttered.

Yang Chen sucked in a breath and touched his neck awkwardly, “Why are you bringing this up again? You’ve gotten bolder.”

Hui Lin pouted. As if she had mustered courage, she spoke up, “Why should I be a coward? I’ve thought about it, we’ll have to stay here if we really can’t go back. Who cares about morality here. I’m sure all our problems will be solved.”

Yang Chen was taken aback but he didn’t dare to think much about it. With a sigh, he said to her, “Let’s not talk about this anymore and get going.”

Hui Lin was afraid of angering him so she nodded obediently and followed him.

It didn’t take a long time to make their way down into the White Cloud City. Once they stepped into the city, the demons looked at them weirdly.

Fortunately, that was all they did. To their relief, no one approached them or tried to cause them trouble.

The city looked the same as any other ancient cities in China, other than the demonic beasts being used like horses.

Everything looked new to Hui Lin which made her feel more relaxed.

Right when they were walking past a building draped with red cloth, a female demon stood in front of Yang Chen.

Her hair was tied up with traditional hairpins and she was dressed in a red low-cut dress with gold seams which flaunted her busty chests and smooth shoulders.

“Young man, you must be new here.” She asked him softly.

Yang Chen squinted his eyes and realised that other female demons were dressed similarly to her. They were all looking at him with an amorous gaze. He eyed the female demon in front of him and nodded, “I came in here unknowingly but I guess I’m new here.”

The female demon, “You’re an interesting one. Those who enter this realm were caught by the Heaven Tower for the same reason.”

“Looks like a lot of people came in here before so no one talked to us when we entered the city.” Yang Chen tried to probe further.

The female demon raised her eyebrows, “Indeed. I wouldn’t say there’s a lot of people but people come in occasionally. You two might be humans but we won’t treat you guys as aliens. Rest assured. My name is Xi Mei, how should I address you?”

“Yang Chen.”

“Ah, Brother Yang,” Xi Mei chirped. She moved closer to Yang Chen and rubbed her chest against his arm. With a seductive voice, she tried to tempt him, “Brother Yang, you should enjoy your days here now that you’re in here. Come in and play with us.”

Yang Chen finally confirmed the identity of this building and he stifled a laugh, “You guys have a brothel here?”

Hui Lin blushed and looked aside when Xi Mei touched Yang Chen, but she quickly turned back around when she heard Yang Chen.

Xi Mei was open about it, “What’s wrong with that? Demons have desires too. Why? Humans are allowed to offer their bodies for pleasure and demons can’t do the same?”

Yang Chen finally understood the phrase that all lives were equal. He feigned a sigh and said, “I heard that the currency in this realm is the spiritual stones from the Endless Sea. I don’t have spiritual stones to offer as payment.”

“Brother Yang!!”

Before Xi Mei could reply to him, Hui Lin interjected angrily, “You can’t go in with her! How can you do this to the sisters who are waiting for you?!” 

Yang Chen smiled bitterly, Now she’s thinking about leaving here. With a shrug, he told her, “That’s why I said I don’t have spiritual stones.”

“You…” Hui Lin was enraged. What was he even thinking about? He would rather touch a female demon than her?

Xi Mei giggled, “It’s fine, you’ll have spiritual stones eventually. You can put it on the tab and pay later.” 

Yang Chen was intrigued, “You guys can do that too? Aren’t you afraid that I won’t pay at all?”

“Come on, it’s obvious that you’re new here,” Xi Mei sounded proud, “This is the White Cloud City. Our city lord is Lord Bai Jiu, one of the 36 Sky Demons, the favoured General of Lord Jade Fox. Anyone who dares to renege their debt will have a painful death.”

Yang Chen’s mouth opened in realisation and he hesitated before shaking his head, “I’ll pass. I  still don’t know how to earn money. I’ll die painfully if I fail to pay my debt. Why don’t you tell me a place to get spiritual stones and buy demonic beasts.”

Xi Mei’s eyes gleamed and she looked at Hui Lin with a grin, “Brother Yang, you’re looking for spiritual stones right? I can trade something from you with spiritual stones.”

“Tell me about it.” Yang Chen said.

Xi Mei pushed her lips forward and motioned at Hui Lin, “This lady won’t be able to survive at the Ten Thousand Demon Realm. Any demon with a human form can kill her easily. You can’t protect her forever…why don’t you hand her over to us? We can train her and let her serve customers. Not only will she be protected by our lord, but she can also earn spiritual stones and survive in this realm…”

Yang Chen’s eyes glinted coldly and a sneer formed on his lips. No wonder she approached him, she wasn’t trying to earn money. Instead, she was trying to buy Hui Lin from him…

Hui Lin understood her words and she turned pale, sticking close to Yang Chen subconsciously. She gripped onto Yang Chen’s sleeves tightly, as if she was afraid of being sold off…