“Silly girl, what are you so afraid of? Am I that kind of person?” Yang Chen patted Hui Lin’s hands while chuckling.

Hui Lin bit onto her lips and looked at Yang Chen with a pitiful gaze, “I…I know you won’t do it,  but I’m still afraid…”

Her self-esteem dropped to the ground, being surrounded by demons who were stronger than her. She could only rely on Yang Chen.

Xi Mei smiled, “Pretty girl, I’m not looking down on you but you’ll only cause him trouble by being with him. The customers here like humans a lot. I guarantee you’ll live a good life if you join us. Even if you don’t want to live a better life, you should think on behalf of Brother Yang. You look so pure and innocent, I’m sure you’ll attract bad demons. They will come after you eventually…after all, not all demons are as nice as me…”

Hui Lin cowered and tugged onto Yang Chen’s clothes, “Brother Yang, can we please go?”

Yang Chen wanted to ask something else but seeing how afraid Hui Lin looked, he had no choice but to leave as soon as possible.

Xi Mei knew it was pointless to keep the conversation going since Yang Chen didn’t plan on responding to her. With a coquettish giggle, she bid them goodbye.

Once they walked far enough, Xi Mei looked up one of the female demons above her.

The female demon caught her eye and transformed into a small golden bird. With fluttering wings, she quickly disappeared from sight.

After leaving the brothel, Yang Chen circled the city with Hui Lin and discovered all sorts of demons.

He talked to some friendlier ones and understood that the only way out of the realm was through the Heaven Lake and the 99 Level Ziqing Heavenly Lightning in the Heaven Tower.

However, almost everyone mockingly told him that he would be digging his own grave by doing so.

Once Yang Chen knew his way around the city, he looked for the markets that sold demonic beasts but he soon realised that the tamed and fast moving ones were expensive, especially flying demonic beasts.

He needed a large amount of spiritual stones to purchase one. In a realm where spiritual energy was lacking, the spiritual stones obtained from the Endless Sea were energy resources for battles and crucial materials for ascension. 

There was no restriction to obtaining spiritual stones as long as you were capable of diving into the Endless Sea and battling the ferocious aquatic demonic beasts.

However, the spiritual stones were usually buried deep within the sea. Not only was it hard to be discovered, the risks of being robbed and killed were high hence the harvest of spiritual stones had always been low. 

Furthermore, high levels of cultivation couldn’t hide the fact that no one could leave the realm, thus people would hardly use spiritual stones for ascension. They mostly use it to replenish their True Yuan or as currency.

Yang Chen wanted to rob everyone on the streets so badly but this would have provoked them. Yang Chen wouldn’t want to be a bandit and be beaten by them.

Having left with no choice, Yang Chen could only bring Hui Lin to the outside of the city and make their way  Northeast. 

Even if they couldn’t get a ride, they could still reach Heaven Lake by crossing the Jade Fox mountain. 

It might be a long journey but Yang Chen was relieved he could use his True Yuan to quicken his pace, knowing that the Ten Thousand Demon Realm wasn’t as chaotic as he thought.

Having left the White Cloud City by a few kilometres, they entered a hilly terrain that showcased a beautiful scenery.

Yang Chen was about to quicken their pace when he sensed a group of people coming towards their direction.

Soon, a group of demons mounted on giant Thunder Lizards blocked their way.

The Thunder Lizards were three to four meter tall, coated in golden scales. They looked burly but they were actually gentle due to their low intelligence. These lizards could only attack others with their claws so they were commonly used as a mode of transportation.

As of now, the group of demons looked down at them in an arrogant manner.

The one leading them was wearing a vest made out of tiger skin. His face was burly as he looked at them with a menacing gaze.

“You look foreign, are you new here?” He asked pretentiously.

Yang Chen was alerted. This demon’s cultivation wasn’t inferior to Zi Mo so he chose to be direct, “We’re new here, do you need anything from us?”

The demon smirked, “You can go pass us but we’ve taken over the terrain. You’ll have to pay a toll.”

Yang Chen thought he was too unlucky. Someone else was here to rob him when he chose not to rob others earlier.

He contemplated flying away with Hui Lin to get away from them, but there was a better option. These demons must be able to fly too. Plus, without sufficient Heaven and Earth Energy, his speed would be slower than before.

“Guys, if you can tell that we’re new here, we wouldn’t have any spiritual stones with us. Can we be exempted from paying the toll this time?” Yang Chen grinned.

The demon snickered, “Humans truly have a way with words. How would we earn money if we agreed to that? It’s fine if you don’t have any spiritual stones, you can offset it with the woman next to you. She doesn’t have any cultivation anyways. Give her to us and we’ll let you go.”

Yang Chen understood it now and he sneered, “I thought the brothel was the only one to do business like this openly, it happens in the wild too. I suppose things are also pretty complicated here.”

The demon furrowed his brows, “What brothel, I’m the head of this terrain in the White Cloud City. Everyone knows me, the Demon Lord Hu Xiao. You’d better think twice about it or else you’ll be eaten by our lizards.”

Seeing how he dared to call himself as the Demon Lord, he should be near to the Sky Demon rank. Even if he wasn’t a Sky Demon yet, his cultivation wouldn’t be that low.

However, Yang Chen didn’t have the mood to waste time with him. His face darkened when the demon kept pestering them, “You won’t let us go when I’m being nice. Fine, I was looking to rob someone anyways. Put down your spiritual stones and demonic beasts and I’ll give you a clean death.”

The demons guffawed at his words.

“Haha! Did I hear him correctly? Someone new like you is planning to rob us? Do you know whose territory you’re in?” Hu Xiao cackled.

By the end of his sentence, Yang Chen had jumped from the ground and laid a punch on the demon nearest to him!

With a piercing sound, blood sputtered into the air!

Yang Chen stood on top of the Thunder Lizard and kicked the demon onto the ground!

The moment the demon fell to his death, a black rhinoceros appeared instead of a human. The demon had reverted to his original form.

Blood was flowing out of the hole that formed on its tough skin.

This happened within a split second and no one expected Yang Chen to do that!

Even though the black rhinoceros was in the fourth tier, it was killed immediately because it couldn’t react in time.

Hui Lin was petrified and she looked at Yang Chen with a dazed expression, not knowing what to do.

Hu Xiao felt as though someone had slapped him. The humiliation drove him crazy and he roared, “Kill him!! Kill him!!!"