The demons were successfully provoked by Yang Chen. Surrounded by the colourful sparks of True Yuan, they jumped off the Thunder Lizards and pounced at Yang Chen.

The cultivation techniques of demons were based on their talents which consisted of wind, stone, fire and ice. Though multifarious, their techniques were not inferior to human cultivators.

Yang Chen took their attacks straight on with his body since summoning his True Yuan would be energy-consuming.

Still, he summoned some Samadhi True Fire as he landed some punches and kicks which earned painful shrieks from the demons.

These demons were mainly in the Third and Fourth Tier, thus they had to expend a lot of True Yuan to withstand the Samadhi True Fire.

Yang Chen got annoyed halfway and took out the Blood Dragon’s Golden Dagger from the Sumeru ring. It would be a suitable weapon against the burly demons since this dagger would hinder wound healing. 

Golden lights were seen on the demons as Yang Chen slashed them with the dagger! 

A strong murderous intent was mustering within Yang Chen as he busted their brains and burnt their bodies with the Samadhi True Fire!

Hu Xiao was strong too but all his attempts at hurting Yang Chen with his claws failed. Instead, his arm was cut by Yang Chen, causing blood to flow out of the wound continuously.

Being filled with rage, Hu Xiao’s body grew by a foot. As his muscles expanded, faint silver light could be seen on him.

“I’ll crush you!”

With a roar, Hu Xiao pounced at Yang Chen like a silver dagger wanting to pierce through all barricades!

The True Yuan from him was as strong as a full-blown attack from a Six Frost Water cultivator and Yang Chen decided to dodge with his speed, not wanting to waste his True Yuan on Hu Xiao’s attack.

Hu Xiao’s true plan was revealed when Yang Chen made a move!

Hui Lin was exposed in front of Hu Xiao!

Yang Chen cursed under his breath and twisted his body to stab Hu Xiao’s back!

Hu Xiao dodged his attack in the last second and growled with discontent, “You got lucky! Guys, let’s go!!”

Hu Xiao realised that he was no match for Yang Chen. Although they had more people, the difference in their cultivation could not be overcome. They would only die if the fight went on! 

However, Yang Chen wouldn’t let them leave and seek help.

He quickly summoned two fire dragons with his Samadhi True Fire and whipped the demons with the fire dragons!

With painful shrieks, the fire dragons slithered across the forest and pounced on the demons!

The remaining demons and their Thunder Lizards were burned to ashes!

Hu Xiao’s cultivation was better than his underlings, so he was able to run far away from the Samadhi True Fire.

Yang Chen gave up on chasing after Hu Xiao since he had to take care of Hui Lin.

Hui Lin was petrified and she realised that she was unable to protect herself. She whispered when she saw Yang Chen’s solemn expression, “Brother Yang, are we in trouble?”

Yang Chen forced a smile, “I don’t think he has any backup, don’t worry.”

Hui Lin muttered while looking at the mess on the ground, “It’s all because I’m useless…I’ve always been causing trouble to you guys.”

“That’s enough, rather than talking about nonsense like this, why don’t you help me search these lizards!” Yang Chen patted her head, afraid that she would act irrationally.

Hui Lin finally snapped out of it. Even though the giant Thunder Lizards terrified her, she forced herself to walk towards the corpses and search through the sacks.

Soon they realised that the sacks were filled with food and colourful spiritual stones.

These spiritual stones looked like ordinary crystals but they were actually filled with spiritual energy. 

The value of the stones was determined by the intensity of spiritual energy within them. Yang Chen picked up the better ones and stored them in his Sumeru ring before using the rest to replenish his True Yuan.

This fight made him truly realise about the lack of spiritual energy in this realm. It was such a simple fight and Yang Chen could already feel his True Yuan depleting. Wouldn’t his True Yuan dry out quickly if he had to face tough opponents without any spiritual stones to replenish his True Yuan?

However, it wasn’t time to think about this since Hu Xiao might come back with help. Now that they had spiritual stones, he should get away from here as soon as possible to avoid running into them.

As for the Thunder Lizards, Yang Chen would have to give up on them.

Just when Yang Chen was about to usher Hui Lin to get moving, he heard her gasp while starting into a sack that was found on the last Thunder Lizard.

Yang Chen moved closer and realised that a young lady was inside the sack!

She looked young and was decent. Although she wasn’t exactly beautiful, her body was curvy. Her yellow dress was tattered and her face was covered with tear stains and dirt from crying.

The moment she noticed Yang Chen and Hui Lin, she begged them, “Don’t…don’t kill me…I’m not a bandit…”

Hui Lin pitied her and pulled the sack off her.

“Don’t be afraid, he won’t kill you. Are you a demon too?” Hui Lin patted her shoulder and asked with a gentle smile.

Yang Chen observed her closely, “I think she just got her human form, her cultivation is much weaker than the rest.”

The lady nodded carefully, “I…I’m only in the First Tier…”

Yang Chen thought so but something felt odd. Technically, demons in the First Tier should have a cultivation equivalent to the Three Yang Fire Tribulation but that wasn’t the case.

Unless, the realm suppressed their cultivation to a greater extent?

Yang Chen didn’t know that he was close to the answer. It made sense since this realm was used to oppress these demons. 

They needed more energy from Heaven and Earth than humans. In a place where spiritual energy was lacking and the communication between Heaven and Earth was difficult, the demons couldn’t be any stronger.

Hui Lin didn’t think as much as Yang Chen. She had a lot of compassion for those who were suffering, as she was a Buddhist.

“What’s your name? Why were you in the sack?”

The lady relaxed a little under her gentle gaze and she said softly, “I…my name is Xiao Xue. I wanted to go to Sky River City near Heaven Lake. I live there but I bumped into the High-Grade Demons and they captured me…”

It was obvious that they were trying to take this young female demon to the brothel in the city and earn some profit, just like what they tried to do to Hui Lin.

“Near Heaven Lake?” Hui Lin brightened up, “That’s great, we’re going to Heaven Lake too. You live there so I’m sure you know about the nearest route. Do you want to join us?”

Yang Chen’s head throbbed at her words, “Hui Lin, it’ll be dangerous for her if she joins us. Wouldn’t it be more dangerous if I have to protect two people?”

Hui Lin pouted, “That’s not true. She’s in the First Tier and I’m not even in the Soul Forming stage. She’s definitely stronger than me. Plus, do you really want to leave her here? What if those groups of demons come back? She’ll be in danger again.”

Yang Chen was at a loss for words. She was right but Yang Chen hesitated on bringing a stranger along.

Xiao Xue felt Hui Lin’s kindness and she went down on her knees in front of Yang Chen to plead, “Master, I’m just an ordinary demon in this realm. If we’re really in danger, you only need to protect her. I won’t have any resentment towards you. I know the nearest route to Heaven Lake, you can save time under my lead. Aren’t you new here? I can fill you in about this realm.” 

She was smart, offering a tempting proposal to Yang Chen from what she heard earlier.

Indeed, Yang Chen might have known some things about this realm but he still had doubts. Having a ‘tour guide’ would be helpful.

Hui Lin pulled Yang Chen’s arm when she noticed his hesitation, “Brother Yang, help her. They’re no match for you, Xiao Xue is so pitiful…”

Yang Chen couldn’t say no to her and he nodded. In situations like this, Hui Lin wouldn’t even think about her wellbeing due to her personality.