Bamboo huts were seen standing next to a lake located within the Purple Bamboo Forest of the Ten Thousand Demon Realm.

A man with purple long hair dressed in loose white robes with a jade flute tied to his waist was seen leaning on a nearby rock leisurely while holding onto a fishing rod with one hand and a gourd bottle in the other.

He seemed to be in a good mood, humming to himself while bobbing his head. 

Suddenly, his nose twitched and he shuddered as if he smelled something good.

He sprang up and tossed his fishing rod away before rushing to one of the huts!

Right at this moment, a man with long black hair walked out of the door.

He was holding a wooden wine barrel with a proud expression on his face.

“It smells so good!” The purple-haired man almost buried his face into the barrel, as he looked at the black-haired man with an amazed expression, “Brother Song, as expected of a connoisseur of liquor. You’re so skilled at brewing liquor! Is this the one you mentioned before…the…wine?”

The black-haired man smoothed out his beard and walked to the lake while grinning.

“Wang Han from the Tang Dynasty once said in ‘A Song of Liangzhou’, jade cups were filled with wine but the strumming sound of pipa urged them to leave. I’ve brewed this wine for you, I wonder if Brother Zi Xiao has prepared the jade cups?”

Zi Xiao was still pondering the poem and a sigh escaped his lips when he heard the word ‘jade cups’, “Brother Song, I couldn’t do it! I asked Du King and Mao Tai to look for them for me but they couldn’t find the jade cups from the Qilian Mountains. They only got two jade cups from the Kunlun Mountains…I…can we use them?”

Brother Song turned around and sighed, “It’s a pity but I’ll use them.”

Zi Xiao brightened up and followed him. His eyes were glowing from seeing the wine barrel.

He took out two jade cups from nowhere and placed them onto the table.

Just when Brother Song was about to pour out wine, something else grabbed their attention.

Soon, Zi Mo walked in with his hands behind his back.

“Brother, did you ask Mister Song to make you liquor? I can smell from afar!” Zi Mo looked at the wooden wine barrel with a curious gaze.

Zi Xiao grinned at him, “Brother, you’re just in time. Mister Song brewed wine for me and it’s now ready. Come and have a taste, but Du Kang only got me two jade cups so you can use a bamboo cup.” 

Before Zi Mo could say anything, Zi Xiao took out another purple bamboo cup and let Mister Song fill it.

Zi Xiao almost cried at the sight of the red liquid as if he had met his lover.

Zi Mo sighed, “Mister Song, you’re my brother’s best friend now. You’re new here but you’ve already made my brother cry multiple times.”

Mister Song chuckled, “Brother Zi Mo, it’s hard to meet a good friend in our lives. I wasn’t expecting to meet someone who has the same interest as me. I’ve originally cut down alcohol consumption but I can no longer resist liquor now that I met your brother!”


Zi Xiao had already taken a big sip of wine and he squinted his eyes in enjoyment, “Brother Song, I only have Zi Mo as my brother but he knows nothing about drinking and he only cares about plants. My underlings only know how to cultivate…I was so bored before you came!”

Zi Mo rolled his eyes, “The Devil Lord Zi Xiao, the leader of devil cultivators. You’re the top three elites in this realm but you asked the top four High-Grade Devils to look for brewing tools. It’s only because they’re loyal to you that they are okay with it, others would have laughed at you if they heard about this.”

“So what! The fox in the Jade Fox Palace is also frivolous! She’s older than me too! I’m still better than those worms in the Dragon Gorge. They try so hard to get out of here, wasting energy and money for that purpose!” Zi Xiao shrugged.

“We should enjoy our time and drink our wine instead. Brother Zi Xiao, shall we?” Mister Song raised his cup and smiled.

“Nice one! I’ve never met someone like you who knows how to enjoy liquor!”

Zi Xiao quickly refilled his cup and clinked their cups carefully as though he was afraid of spilling the wine.

Zi Mo sighed and finished his wine before saying, “Brother, I came back from the Demon Night Forest and I almost got into some trouble but fortunately, a newcomer, a human cultivator helped me.”

“Is that so? Someone came in again?” Zi Xiao replied, “You didn’t use my card? I doubt the 108 demons in the Jade Fox Palace would dare to hurt my brother.”

“I wanted to play along so I didn’t take it out but then I bumped into those two humans,” Zi Mo looked at Mister Song deeply, “Mister Song, I wonder if you’ve heard of a human cultivator from the outside world, he’s name is…Yang Chen.”

Mister Song froze and he turned to look at Zi Mo with a fiery gaze.

His expression gave him away.

Zi Mo wasn’t surprised, “I knew that there were multiple fire techniques but I’ve never heard of anyone capable of using the Nanming Li Fire. Yang Chen was able to control two fire dragons effortlessly and I was immediately reminded of Mister Song’s cultivation technique…”

Zi Xiao was intrigued and he smirked at Mister Song, “Could it be that you, Song Tianxing have a disciple?”

Song Tianxing breathed out with an unreadable expression. He took a sip of wine before smiling bitterly, “This dude…we had an encounter but he’s not my disciple... I suppose it’s meant to happen…I was forced to come in here because I was being assassinated. Was it the same for him too?”

“Zi Mo, if you could guess his relationship with Brother Song, why didn’t you bring him here?” Zi Xiao was displeased.

Zi Mo’s mouth twitched, “Brother, I couldn’t be sure if he knew Mister Song. Besides that, you’re relying on Mister Song for the Heaven Tournament. I can’t just leak out such information. I invited him multiple times to follow me back to Purple Bamboo Forest but he insisted on going to Heaven Lake. I didn’t want to meddle in his affairs.”

“That’s true,” Zi Xiao nodded, “It's been so long, I’m sure he’s already in the territory of the Jade Fox Palace. Brother Song, I can accompany you to the Jade Fox Palace if you want to find him!”

Song Tianxing contemplated about it before shaking his head, “He’s resilient and I don’t think his cultivation is inferior to me from what we’ve heard from Zi Mo. Demons can’t unleash their true cultivation anyways, he should be fine. He can’t get to the Heaven Tower before the Heaven Tournament anyways, we’ll be able to meet him when we leave for Heaven Lake.”

Zi Xiao chuckled, “You’re really meticulous. If that’s the case, why don’t we have another drink? The…the wine, do we still have more in the cellar? It’s not really strong so we can drink more…”

“We’ll have to drink to our heart's content today!” Song Tianxing didn’t want to think much about it. He didn’t care about that brat from many years ago and it wasn’t like he had the energy to care about him now that they were in this realm. He should just drink to his heart’s content!

Zi Mo shook his head at the sight of them drinking.