In order to avoid Hu Xiao and his helpers, Yang Chen flew in the sky with Hui Lin and Xiao Xue, slowing down after a short distance.

After all, Xiao Xue’s cultivation wasn’t as strong as Yang Chen, thus her speed and stamina would naturally be weaker compared to him. 

Even though Yang Chen knew that they would be at risk of being caught, he could no longer be bothered by it.

After crossing a hilly terrain, the land in front of them became even steeper, so Yang Chen could only use a technique similar to Qinggong to carry Hui Lin along. Behind them was Xiao Xue who was trying her best to keep up with them. 

Initially, she was intimidated by Yang Chen but she soon relaxed after realising that Yang Chen was pretty easygoing. Besides, Hui Lin was gentle to her as if demons were the same as humans.

It didn’t take long for them to chit-chat carefreely.

However, when Hui Lin asked Xiao Xue about her original form, Xiao Xue blushed and kept quiet about it.

Hui Lin stuck out her tongue out of embarrassment, realising that she had overstepped the boundaries. Xiao Xue could be a ferocious demon under this cute looking face. It was kind of rude for her to ask this question.

Yang Chen didn’t really join them in chit-chatting, he mainly asked about the information that he needed.

Throughout the journey, Yang Chen had learnt more things about Heaven Tower and Ten Thousand Demon Realm. 

Xiao Xue was surprised to hear that Yang Chen was so interested in Heaven Tower. With some hesitation, she asked, “Mister Yang, are you planning to get out of this realm through the tower?”

Yang Chen thought it was pretty obvious, “I can’t be going there to play. I heard that the Ziqing Heavenly Lightning is pretty tough.”

Xiao Xue looked worried as she tried to persuade him, “Mister Yang, excuse me for my bluntness but even though your cultivation is almost the same as the Sky Demons and Sky Devils, it’d still be impossible to get past the 99 levels of the Ziqing Heavenly Lightning in Heaven Tower.”

“Everyone tells me it’s impossible but I have to get out of here. I’ll make the impossible possible.” Yang Chen was determined.

Xiao Xue couldn’t fathom his profound confidence and she sighed, “You’re truly courageous but I hope that you’ll be careful once you have the chance to enter the tower. Don’t push yourself too hard or else you’ll die.”

Yang Chen heard the underlying meaning, “What do you mean once I have the chance to enter the tower? Is the tower not accessible to everyone?”

“Of course,” Xiao Xue explained to him patiently, “Heaven Tower isn’t open at all times. It’s surrounded by Ziqing Heavenly Lightning when it’s closed, it wouldn’t be easy to get to the tower. Besides, the entrance to the tower will only be opened for a day once every 60 years.”

“60 years?!” Yang Chen raised his voice out of shock, “Does it mean I have to wait for almost 60 years?!”

Xiao Xue smiled while shaking her head, “You’re lucky, Heaven Tower will be accessible this year. It’ll open in another month.”

Yang Chen was delighted to hear that and he let out a breath of relief, “I’ve come here just in time.”

“Yes, but…” Xiao Xue paused for a second, “You’ll only be qualified to enter the tower once you win the ‘Heaven Tournament’.”

“What is the ‘Heaven Tournament’?” Hui Lin was intrigued.

Xiao Xue showed a faint smile, “I’ll have to tell the story from the start. Other than the mines in the Endless Sea, the only place in this realm with spiritual energy is Heaven Tower which is above Heaven Lake. The spiritual energy comes from the Ziqing Heavenly Lightning. The first floor of the tower does not contain the Ziqing Heavenly Lightning but because of the rich spiritual energy, rare plants have grown there. Spiritual objects were formed too. These rare treasures were highly sought after by the elites in this realm as it is extremely hard to obtain spiritual objects that would help in ascending their cultivation. These spiritual objects may not give them a major boost in cultivation but they would certainly help. However, as more and more elites go after those spiritual objects, the first floor became the deathbed for countless elites. Around 10,000 years ago, the elites realised that their population was declining and countless cultivation techniques will vanish if this went on. In order to restore the hope of leaving the realm, each side decided to send out one representative every 60 years to compete for the chance to enter the tower and scavenge for those spiritual objects. They could also try to challenge the tower. With this tournament, the opportunity to enter the tower won’t be wasted and people won’t die. They will also be motivated to train new people and foster new talents. This realm has been divided into three forces a thousand years ago, the Jade Fox Palace, Purple Bamboo Forest and Dragon Gorge. They have been sending out elites for the tournament for the past tournaments. It’ll be the same for this year.”

Yang Chen finally understood it and thought that the demon and devil cultivators should not be underestimated as they were rational, knowing how to look out for the big picture. 

“So if I try to breach the tower, I’ll get attacked by those three forces, right?” Yang Chen asked.

Xiao Xue shook her head, “That’s not the case. Some rogue cultivators would wish to join the tournament by themselves but their opponents would be the three leaders, the only three elites whose cultivation are in the Ninth Tier. So, we’ve never had any rogue cultivators taking part in the tournament.”

“Brother Yang, if they’re in the Ninth Tier, wouldn’t their cultivation be superior to you? Let’s not go there first!” Hui Lin said anxiously.

Yang Chen silenced her with his hand and asked Xiao Xue, “If all three forces have them as leaders, why don’t they fight amongst themselves instead of sending their subordinates?”

Xiao Xue smiled, “Those three masters gained fame ages ago and they knew that it would take a long time to come up with a winner. The tower would’ve closed by the time they were done. It wouldn’t be worth fighting. The requirements for the tournament are those who have never participated in the tournament as it serves as an opportunity for those who wish to gain fame and the chance to improve. Basically, they will send out Sky Demons and Sky Devils to participate in the tournament.”

Yang Chen had a rough idea of what to do but he was feeling conflicted.

He might have a bigger chance of winning if he were to fight the representatives but if he were to join as a rogue cultivator, it’d be impossible for him to get into the tower.

As of now, he hadn’t met anyone who was above the Seventh Tier but the devil cultivator, Zi Mo himself was already capable of harming him. He was in the Sixth Tier, so Yang Chen couldn’t be sure if he could handle those who were in the Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Tier.

Hui Lin wasn’t thinking much, she was more curious about the tournament, “Xiao Xue, who won the previous tournament?”

Xiao Xue was dismayed, “Two dragons from the Dragon Gorge won the previous tournament and the one before it. Those two dragons are under the Dragon Lord now and they are one of the five Devil Dragon Messenger, the Wind Dragon Messenger and Thunder Dragon Messenger. They’ve been so domineering nowadays and even though the Dragon Lord doesn’t dare to challenge us because he’s afraid of our stunning Lord, he kept infiltrating the borders at the Red Dragon Snow Mountain at the East."

“Stunning…why does it sound like you’ve met Lord Jade Fox?” Yang Chen chuckled.

Xiao Xue looked proud at the mention of Lord Jade Fox, “That’s because our Lord is the most beautiful person in this realm, her beauty is unrivalled!”

Yang Chen didn’t want to argue with her, seeing how much she worshipped that Nine-Tailed Sky Fox. He would be able to meet her anyways.

Right at this moment, Yang Chen felt strong oppression coming from the South!

In a blink of an eye, a man arrived in front of them, standing on top of a giant white bird that was around 40 meters long! 

This white bird looked like a giant seagull, except for its golden feathers on the end of its wings and head. Its immense flying speed surprised Yang Chen!

If only he was able to mount this demonic beast, he could’ve moved faster than using True Yuan…

The master of the bird was ignored completely as he was preoccupied with observing the bird!