While Yang Chen was drooling over the bird, the man on the bird looked at him with resentment.

The feeling of being ignored brought a sneer onto his face.

“You must be the new human cultivator!” The man’s brown hair was down to his waist and he tied it with a red hair tie.

Xiao Xue cowered behind Yang Chen when she saw the man. 

“Mister Yang, he’s…he’s the city lord of White Cloud City, one of the 36 Sky Demons - Bai Jiu.”

Only then Yang Chen looked at Bai Jiu properly. The oppression coming from him could not be underestimated, making him the first comparable opponent to Yang Chen. 

Bai Jiu glanced at Xiao Xue and furrowed his brows, “You’re only in the First Tier, why are you with this human?!”

Xiao Xue trembled behind Yang Chen, not daring to speak up.

Yang Chen motioned her to relax before replying to Bai Jiu, “We’ve left your city for so long. Are you here to ask me to extend my stay?"

“Smooth-talker,” Bai Jiu sneered, “You killed my subordinates and injured General Hu Xiao. I could let go of that, but you even robbed all of the spiritual stones! You’re belittling me if you think you can get away so easily.”

Yang Chen smirked, “I knew it. I was wondering why Hu Xiao could kidnap female demons who are alone outside of the city, I suppose they have your support.”

“What kidnap? I know nothing about it! I only know that you owe me your life!”

The moment he said that, Bai Jiu jumped off the bird and pounced at Yang Chen!

Bai Jiu’s cultivation was in the Eighth Tier which was considered superior amongst the 36 Sky Demons. As his True Yuan was summoned, howling winds were heard and stones were sent flying!

Yang Chen ordered Xiao Xue to run away with Hui Lin and dodged the wind blades while summoning two balls of golden white Samadhi True Fire on his hands!

Bai Jiu’s facial expression changed at the blazing fire but he didn’t really fear them.

For someone in his cultivation, Samadhi True Fire would not be able to cause any major harm. He just needed to defend himself using his True Yuan.

After dodging Yang Chen’s continuous attacks for some time, green sparks were seen on Bai Jiu’s hands which was quickly replaced by a long polearm!

The tip had white feathers beneath it and together they twinkled under the sunlight.

Yang Chen remembered something from Xiao Xue. She said that upon reaching a certain cultivation level, demons could forge a weapon from their original form and a mental link would be formed between them. Depending on their original forms, the weapons would also have different appearances.

Demons weren’t skilled at forging artefacts but their weapons were superior to ordinary ones. Besides, they could be repaired rapidly when damaged, causing them to be difficult to deal with!

“Your Samadhi True Fire will be no match against my wind blades!”

Bai Jiu cackled and with a twist of his polearm, countless wind blades were formed! 

These wind blades contained the True Yuan from a demon in the Eighth Tier and they whirled around Yang Chen, threatening to shred Yang Chen into pieces of meat!

Yang Chen didn’t dare to face these blades with his body as they would be able to cause serious harm. He was left with no choice but to block the blades with his True Yuan as he dodged them.

Soon, Yang Chen realised that the sound of these blades cutting through the air was causing his heart to pump!

“Damn it…something’s wrong with this sound!”

Yang Chen finally noticed the problem when he saw Bai Jiu’s smirk.

Other than being sharp, the cutting sounds caused severe vibrations which would injure the True Yuan and body of a cultivator through sound waves!

If Yang Chen’s body was any weaker, he would’ve coughed out blood immediately!

“How dare you use such cowardly tricks?!”

Yang Chen was enraged and while the wind blades were pushed away with his Heaven and Earth Energy, two surges of Kui Water appeared to form two ice walls!

The ice walls were used by Yang Chen as shields to swallow the wind blades!

Each time the wind blades cut open the walls, the crevices would patch up immediately, rendering the sound waves useless!

Bai Jiu was astonished to see this. He didn’t expect Yang Chen to be able to summon Kui Water!

“This is wicked…what is this cultivation technique…”

Bai Jiu knew there was no way out of this so he lunged his polearm forward, aiming for Yang Chen’s face! 

He was trying to kill Yang Chen with one attack from the gap between both ice walls!

Yang Chen locked his gaze on Bai Jiu, “I’ve been waiting for you to make this move!”

While saying so, the ice walls expanded by three feet, closing in on Bai Jiu like a gigantic cymbal! 

Bai Jiu groaned and wanted to pull away but Yang Chen quickly chased after him.

Hui Lin jumped up excitedly from far. She tugged onto Xiao Xue’s sleeves happily, “Xiao Xue, look! Brother Yang won again! The city lord is no match for him. Brother Yang should be able to get to the tower right?”

Hui Lin failed to notice Xiao Xue’s odd expression. Her gaze was fixated on the ice walls and she smiled, “Maybe he does have a knack…”

Having said so, Xiao Xue walked towards the battleground while swaying her hips.

Hui Lin wanted to pull her back but she had already gone far out of her reach so she was forced to follow after her.

Bai Jiu’s head was spinning from the impact, frustrated with himself for being careless or else he wouldn’t have lost so badly. 

Ye Fire was blazing on Yang Chen’s hands as he stepped on Bai Jiu’s head while grinning, “You came to me yourself. We didn’t have any grudges but I don’t want to deal with any more helpers so…I’ll send you to Hell.”

“You…you can’t kill me! My lord will kill you!!” Bai Jiu gasped. No matter how powerful he was, he would be half dead if the Ye Fire burned him!

Yang Chen couldn’t be bothered and he was about to push the fireball on him when a white silk cloth appeared from nowhere and pushed the fireball back to Yang Chen!

Yang Chen was astonished that the Ye Fire bounced back from being in contact with a dangerously powerful True Yuan!

Even though he was unharmed, cold sweat still formed on his forehead from the shock!

Yang Chen looked up and saw Xiao Xue striding towards him with a teasing smile. The white silk cloth came from her sleeves.

Bai Jiu moved away swiftly to hide at a safer spot. His face turned ghastly pale when he saw the white silk cloth floating in the air!

“My…my…my lord?!”

Hui Lin was dumbfounded. Her lips were trembling, not knowing what to say.

Yang Chen’s mind was jumbled, feeling as if he was fooled. Words got out of his mouth before he could even react, “You…who are you?”

‘Xiao Xue’ giggled. With a twirl, her body glowed in white light and she transformed into a beauty!

The woman in front of him wore plain clothes, her long black hair was tied up with a simple silk cloth.

Her gaze was seductive yet affectionate. 

Even though her outfit was plain, it wasn’t exaggerating to say that she was a real looker.

No words were enough to describe her beauty.

It was as if the world had brightened up because of her!

“Mister Yang, I’m the Lord of Jade Fox Palace, Yu Xiaoning. Nice to meet you…”

Yu Xiaoning’s lips curled into a faint smile as she curtsied. Her amorous gaze would’ve made people fall for her.