Bai Jiu’s legs gave out when he heard Yu Xuening’s self-introduction!

He yelled frantically as he went down on his knees, “My lord! I didn’t know you were here, please forgive me!!!”

Bai Jiu started kowtowing to her, cracking the tough soil with his head.

Yu Xuening ignored Yang Chen and walked towards Bai Jiu with light steps. 

She looked down at Bai Jiu with a playful gaze. There was no sign of fury in her eyes.

“Bai Jiu, I’ve heard about reports saying that you gathered lots of spiritual stones through the brothel, taking advantage of the fact that I hardly pay attention to such affairs. It seems like you’ve abducted plenty of female demons for your greed.”

“My lord…I…I’m being falsely accused! My subordinates committed such a crime to bribe me! I’ll surely sentence them to death when I return!!” 

Bai Jiu tried to come up with an excuse.

Yu Xuening nodded in understanding and she smiled, “I see. So you’re saying that it’s my fault for falsely accusing you?”

Bai Jiu was about to shake his head when he realised that he couldn’t blame it on her but he couldn’t nod either or else he’d be admitting to it. His face turned scarlet red from the pressure as if it was about to explode.

“Hmph,” Yu Xuening snickered, “You’ve been with me for 200 years before I made you the city lord of White Cloud City. You’ve received tons of spiritual stones from the stores in the city. Your colleagues envied you and yet you choose to gather more money through the brothel. It’s fine if you manipulate those who’re willing to work for you but you even dared to abduct those who were travelling across the city. Do you really think that I can’t live without you? Do you really think that I’m so easy to fool?”

Cold sweats were dripping down Bai Jiu’s forehead as he shook his head frantically, “My…my lord! I wasn’t thinking straight, please forgive me for the things I’ve done for the past centuries!”


Yu Xuening waved her sleeves and nodded, “It would be too coldblooded of me to not give you a chance. I’ll forgive you for abducting female demons behind my back!”

Bai Jiu brightened up at her words.

However, Yu Xuening cut him off before he could kowtow, “However, I have to punish you for one thing.” 

“Ah?” Bai Jiu’s face fell and he let out a confused sound.

Yu Xuening twirled her hair as she said this, “Your subordinates, especially Hu Xiao, he abducted me today and even threw me into a sack…I would’ve been a money-making doll for you at the brothel if it wasn’t for Mister Yang…”

This was devastating news for Bai Jiu! 

He wanted to return to the city and kill Hu Xiao so badly!

Bai Jiu finally understood why Yu Xuening changed her appearance, it was all a trap for him!

It would’ve been fine if he’d abducted other female demons but now that he had ‘betrayed’ his lord, there was no reason to keep him alive!

The moment he connected the dots in his mind, Bai Jiu knew that there was no point in pleading for mercy. He should do whatever he can and run away from here. If he could get to the Dragon Gorge, the Dragon King should protect him as he was a Sky Demon with an Eighth Tier cultivation. 

With this thought in mind, Bai Jiu immediately summoned the giant white bird to attack Yu Xuening!

The giant bird felt the summon of his master. With a loud cry, it fluttered its wings and went straight for Yu Xuening!

Yu Xuening no longer looked relaxed. Her gaze was so cold and it was as if the air around her had frozen!

“You imbecile, how dare you defy me!”

While saying so, two giant pillars appeared behind her dress and one of them wrapped around the giant white bird!

Yang Chen saw the identity of the pillars and realised that those were two furry foxtails. She was indeed a Nine-Tailed Sky Fox!

Her tails were a hundred times longer than her human form!

It was a majestic scene, a petite woman mounting two gigantic ’dragons’ freely!

The giant white bird was pretty large itself but it looked like a small bird in the face of a Nine-Tailed Sky Fox. It didn’t even have to chance to reveal its claws, being completely trapped  before it could even get close to Yu Xuening!

The foxtail tightened itself around the bird and it cried out in pain. Blood splattered everywhere and it turned into pieces of flesh and feathers!

Hui Lin was too petrified to even look at it whereas Yang Chen thought it was a pity since he wanted to ride on it for fun. 

Bai Jiu had already flown far away while Yu Xuening was busy dealing with the bird.

Unfortunately for him, Yu Xuening was already chasing after him with the other tail!

Yang Chen was surprised. Could a fox tail fly so far?

In the blink of an eye, Bai Jiu was whipped by the tail and blood spewed out his mouth from the impact!


The tail wrapped around Bai Jiu and pulled him back onto the ground!

It was as if the tails had never appeared as they were retracted at a shocking speed.

Yang Chen clicked his tongue. Yu Xuening should have at least nine tails, judging from the name of her original form. 

Maybe her weapon was the foxtails and if that was true, she would be a terrifying opponent as she could defend and attack with nine tails. 

With such inhuman speed and such True Yuan, it would be extremely difficult to defeat her!

Bai Jiu was ghastly pale. He had given up on running, instead, he kowtowed continuously, hoping that she would show him mercy. Despite his endless pleading, Yu Xuening’s smile turned even creepier. 

“My lord! I’ve made a mistake, you can destroy my cultivation but please forgive me!”

“I’ve always been lenient to my subordinates, why would I destroy your cultivation? Bai Jiu, are you willing to help me with something?” Yu Xuening asked.

Bai Jiu was delighted, “I’m willing to redeem myself!”


With a flash, Yu Xuening appeared behind Bai Jiu and wrapped her hand around his neck!

Strong oppression was unleashed, causing the terrain to tremble under the force!

“Hui Lin, be careful!

Yang Chen predicted this misfortune and he rushed towards Hui Lin to cover them with his True Yuan!

Yu Xuening was planning to oppress Bai Jiu with her True Yuan to control him!

Hui Lin would never be able to withstand such oppression and she would bleed to death!

It was as if a petite woman had become the God of this realm, her eyes glowing with ice-cold murderous intent!

Suddenly, Yu Xuening opened her mouth and bit on Bai Jiu’s neck!

Bai Jiu’s face was already twisted from the oppression, but the moment Yu Xuening’s teeth pierced his neck, his body immediately deflated!

Hui Lin hid behind Yang Chen, not daring to watch on. Yang Chen too was dumbfounded by this, standing still.

Bloodsucking was fine for him, so was absorbing the vitality of a demon but it was certainly shocking to see it coming from a beauty!

Soon, Bai Jiu dried up and reverted into a bony bird as Yu Xuening tossed him away.

Her face was covered with blood but she didn’t bother to wipe it as it seeped into her skin.

She was glowing with contentment, licking her lips from the pleasure.

Once the oppression was lifted, she noticed the stoned expression on Yang Chen, “Mister Yang, don’t think of me as a bloodsucking witch. I’ve not done this for millennia. He was bound to die anyway, so why not use him as nourishment. Am I right?”