Yang Chen was wary of her viciousness. Even though she looked so pure and seductive, her cultivation and actions were alarming.

“We should make our move now as you’re already done with your affairs.” Yang Chen glanced at Hui Lin, prepared to get out of here as soon as possible.

Hui Lin didn’t dare to linger around any longer, knowing that this was all a setup by Yu Xuening.

A playful twinkle appeared in Yu Xuening’s eyes and with quick steps, she was already blocking Yang Chen’s way.

“Mister Yang, we’re near to my palace. Why don’t we hang out at my place?”

“There’s no need for that, I’m heading towards Heaven Lake.” Yang Chen pulled away from her.

Yu Xuening giggled, “Even though I lied to you about my identity, I wasn’t lying about other things. There are more than two weeks left until the opening of Heaven Tower. You’ll only be wasting your time waiting for it to open.”

“I might not be smart, but I’m not exactly foolish enough to battle someone who has lived as long as you. You must have another motive so stop beating around the bush!” Yang Chen knew she wouldn’t let him go easily.

Yu Xuening twirled her hair, “Mister Yang, demons can be reasonable. We’re not hypocrites like humans. I came here because I received reports from my subordinates so I wanted to see for myself if Bai Jiu was truly doing evil deeds. Secondly, they told me that a newcomer entered this realm. The three brothers that you fought in the forest have spoken of you badly, but I didn’t take them seriously, nor did I plan to avenge them.” 

“I don’t believe that someone as scheming as you would invite guests over for company.” Yang Chen smiled.

Yu Xuening grinned, “I’ve said a lot, so are you coming or not?”

Yang Chen shook his head, “No.”

Yu Xuening let out a disappointed sigh.

“Alright, I’ll have to personally bring you there then.”

The moment she said so, her aura changed completely.

Although she was still smiling, her eyes were icy!

Yang Chen couldn’t understand it. Where did her hatred come from? Why would she look at him with such fury?!

Yang Chen pushed Hui Lin away to prevent her from getting hurt. When she was out of sight, Yang Chen summoned his True Yuan to withstand the fury of her oppression!

At this moment, Yu Xuening’s petite figure looked like a domineering giant. Her gaze would have made people bow down to her!

Yang Chen knew that he shouldn’t let her oppress him. No longer bothered to save his True Yuan, he rushed towards Yu Xuening at full force!

A blazing ball of Ye Fire was summoned on his left hand whereas a Ming Water whip was formed on his right hand!

Yu Xuening snickered in disdain as if mocking his trickeries.

This time, she didn’t summon her foxtails, choosing to whip out her silk cloth!

Yang Chen faced it fearlessly with his fist and the Ming Water whip wrapped around the cloth in an attempt to corrode the strip of cloth.

However, the cloth was perfectly fine, releasing a soft yet endless urge of energy to block Yang Chen from coming near to Yu Xuening. 

Yang Chen’s heart was shocked by her True Yuan, it was the pinnacle of the Ninth Tier!

It wasn’t as simple as being a tier higher than Bai Jiu, her abilities had reached an irresistible level! 

Yang Chen had doubts about whether even Athene would be able to defeat her!

Due to the superiority of her abilities, Yang Chen started to lose the upper hand as the Heaven and Earth energy could not be transformed for his usage. 

Yu Xuening didn’t give her all, swinging her silk cloth in the air. It seemed so soft and smooth but the energy within it could not be underestimated.

Yang Chen soon felt that her technique was not based on form and strength, instead, she was relying on her mindset and comprehension. Her realm was superior to his so he could never defeat her regardless of his technique or realm.

“Mister Yang, here’s a piece of advice from me. Follow me back or else I’ll tie you up for being so stubborn.” Yu Xuening sneered.

I’ll have to go for it…

Yang Chen muttered internally. He could feel his True Yuan being depleted rapidly. 

It’d be too late if he kept dragging this on!

“Chaos Cauldron!”

The Chaos Cauldron within his dantian was summoned once again!

The sky darkened around them as the Chaos Cauldron appeared, filling the forest with a ferocious aura!

Yu Xuening looked slightly nervous as she looked up at the spinning cauldron in disbelief.

“Damned you, why do you have the Chaos Cauldron?!”

Yu Xuening had been alive for a long time. All this while she was calling him ‘Mister Yang’ to tease him but now that such a dangerous artefact had appeared, she didn’t have the mood to tease him any longer.

“Do you still want to fight me if you recognise it?” Yang Chen used up a large portion of his remaining True Yuan, prepared to move the Chaos Caldron towards her.

Yu Xuening cackled as if she had heard an incredulous joke, “The Chaos Cauldron may be an out-of-category artefact due to its profound powers but you can’t make full use of it with the cultivation of Taiqing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation! And yet you’re trying to use this against me? Heed my advice, keep this Chaos Cauldron. With cultivation like yours, you’ll only be devoured by the Chaos Beast if you use it frequently. Chaos is an immortal ancient beast and even the Great Ancient Gods couldn’t do anything to it. Even so, they were unharmed. As for you, the chosen master, you might be turned into a puppet, someone who’s not human or a ghost. Once that happens, it’ll be too late to turn things around.”

Yang Chen was shocked even though he didn’t show it on his face.

How much did she know? Not only did she see through his cultivation, she even knew about the backlash from the Chaos Cauldron!

Would he really be devoured by Chaos?!

The heavy feeling in his heart muted him.

Yu Xuening retracted her silk cloth and walked towards Yang Chen leisurely.

“You can’t get away from me. I’ve never had a true opponent in this realm. Even though our abilities are kind of restricted, the gap in our cultivation is too huge. You don’t stand a chance against me even if I can’t unleash my full potential…”

Yang Chen clenched his fist and looked up abruptly!

“Is that so? Well, I think my chances are slim too but I’m not used to surrendering!” 

At the end of his sentence, the Chaos Cauldron dropped and went crashing down on Yu Xuening!

Yu Xuening squinted her eyes but she wasn’t planning on dodging!

“So foolish!”

Suddenly, five gigantic foxtails appeared behind her which collided with the Chaos Cauldron! 

The terrifying sucking power was about to take her in but a strong surge of True Yuan cancelled it out!

The silhouette of the Chaos Beast appeared for a second but the cauldron was tossed back into the air by the five foxtails!

Yang Chen’s chest hurt and blood trickled down his lips. Yu Xuening’s cultivation was far more superior to his. He was already struggling to manoeuvre the Chaos Cauldron and it proved to be a futile attempt!

Hui Lin was watching from the side anxiously. At the sight of Yang Chen spitting blood, she rushed over to him.

“Brother Yang! How are you feeling?”

Yang Chen felt weak and he leaned on her, unable to control his body.

Although he wanted to assure her that he would be fine, he couldn’t muster the strength to talk so he could only shake his head.

It felt as if his organs were flipped around with internal wounds found all over his body. The recovery using the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture was slow too due to the depletion of True Yuan.

The Chaos Cauldron returned to his dantian due to the lack of support from Yang Chen.

“Hmph, I warned you. With your cultivation, the Chaos Cauldron may work against ordinary demons but it’s useless against me!”

Yu Xuening lost her patience and she sneered at Hui Lin’s pale face before tossing two strips of silk cloth towards them!

“The two of you, follow me back to the palace!”

Yang Chen tried to push Hui Lin away but there was no energy left in him to do so. It was his first time having his True Yuan depleted to this point. 

Having left with no choice, he could only watch the silk cloth wrapped around both of them. 

Yu Xuening tugged the silk cloth and flew towards the mountains with Yang Chen and Hui Lin dangling behind her like two puppets.