Yang Chen never felt such despair from being isolated in the Ten Thousand Demon Realm.

Yu Xuening was still able to fly long distances effortlessly even after fighting Yang Chen.

She said that her power was suppressed because of the lack of spiritual energy in this realm, so how powerful would she be in the outside world?

Yang Chen didn’t mind losing to her, he was just sorry for dragging Hui Lin into this.

Worse yet, it wouldn’t be easy to replenish his lost True Yuan, but even if he did recover, he still wouldn’t be a match against Yu Xuening.

After flying to the East for some time, buildings started appearing below them.

The traditional yet glamorous architecture made it felt as though they were in Jiangnan.

Once they entered the building on the tallest mountain, white nephrites were tiled on a long corridor leading to an extravagant palace. It looked similar to an emperor’s palace but a more exquisite version of it.

“Jade Fox Palace’ was written on the lintel with gold ink.

Yang Chen barely glanced at the palace when he felt his body dropping! 

Yu Xuening tossed the silk cloth and threw Yang Chen into an underground prison!

It was a secret mechanism. The opening of the mechanism consisted of two iron boards, sparkling with golden inscriptions. 

Yang Chen fell right through the crack once the boards opened up!

He tried to get out of it but was blocked by a golden wall of light!

With a loud thud, Yang Chen landed on the ground!

Yu Xuening stood midair and mocked his futile effort, “Brat, stop trying. I got this prison from the Endless Sea and it’s made out of Great Ancient iron so it suppresses Heaven and Earth spiritual energy. With the restriction array that I’ve casted, you can never get out of it with your current cultivation. Heed my advice and stay as my prisoner. Stop wasting your energy.”

Yang Chen crashed onto the icy iron floor and realised that there were no cracks in this dark space! 

“Damn it…Yu Xuening, come at me if you want to avenge your subordinates, what’s the point in locking me up?!”

Yang Chen was furious. He was already dying to get out of this realm. When could he ever get to the Heaven Tower now that he was being imprisoned?!

Yu Xuening snickered, “Why? You can’t even defeat me and you’re still thinking of going to the tower? Let me tell you this, even I have only fifty percent the chance of surviving the 99 levels of Ziqing Heavenly Lightning. As for you? Just give up on it.”

Having said that, Yu Xuening returned to her chambers with Hui Lin still wrapped within her silk cloth.

Her servants were already on standby and they immediately bowed down upon her appearance. 

Yu Xuening handed the unconscious Hui Lin to one of the servants, “Send her to the left chamber. Serve her well. She’s forbidden from leaving the room without my permission. Do you understand?”

“Yes, my lord.” The servant didn’t dare to question her, carrying Hui Lin to her chamber.

Once she ushered the servants to leave, Yu Xuening sat on her chair gracefully and let out a breath.

She could still hear Yang Chen crashing into the iron but the prison stood still, unaffected by his strength.

Resentment showed up in her eyes as she muttered, “God, why did you send in another heedless man when I’ve almost forgotten about him? 

The wind was chilly in Beijing when it was near the end of January.

Lin Ruoxi shouldn’t be affected by this kind of weather since she was a cultivator but the winter still felt exceptionally cold to her.

It was evening and Lin Ruoxi stood outside the Children's Palace in Beijing, waiting for her child to show up just like any ordinary parent.

Two weeks had passed since Yang Chen’s disappearance and there was still no news about him.

The Yang clan didn’t want Lin Ruoxi to lock herself at home so they suggested signing up classes for Lanlan at the Children’s Palace.

Lanlan was smart and her good memory made it easier for her to learn anything, therefore she mainly spent her time there playing with the other kids.

As a matter of fact, the Yang clan could have hired professional teachers to teach Lanlan at home but they wanted to keep Lin Ruoxi busy.

Lin Ruoxi was aware of their good intention so she went along with it. Deep inside, maybe she knew that this would relieve her sorrow and yearning for her husband.

She couldn’t fall asleep for the past few days. Nightmares kept her awake and she couldn’t stop herself from imagining the worst scenario. What if Yang Chen disappeared for real? What should she do then…

Mo Qianni and the other women in Zhonghai also called her since they couldn’t reach Yang Chen on his cellphone. 

Lin Ruoxi didn’t dare to tell them the truth, worried that they would all come to Beijing as it would only make things worse. She had to lie, saying that Yang Chen was in isolation training and he didn’t want to be bothered.

No one suspected her or worried about Yang Chen, probably because the trust and admiration they had for him were profound.


A familiar voice pulled her out of her train of thoughts.

Lin Ruoxi smiled and opened her arms to hug Lanlan who was running over to her.

The little girl was dressed in a blue cardigan and black tights for her dance class.

With Lanlan in her arms, Lin Ruoxi walked towards their car and asked her the usual question, “Lanlan, what did you learn today?”

Lanlan expected this question, “I played Go with teacher today and I removed a lot of teacher’s stone but teacher quit halfway. I was about to win!”

Lin Ruoxi went blank for a second and a laugh escaped her lips. Her daughter was the only one who could calm her nerves and make her smile.

“Darling, you have to go easy on your teacher next time or else it would be hard for the teacher to teach other children,” said Lin Ruoxi.

Lanlan nodded and changed the topic, “Mommy, are we going to eat?”

“The sun is still up and you’re already thinking of eating?”

“I’m hungry…”

Lin Ruoxi pinched her cheeks and got into the car.

The driver was a female soldier who was designated to drive Lin Ruoxi and Lanlan around and she started the engine once they had gotten into the car.

They drove into the highway but around ten minutes later a police car caught on to them from behind with flashing lights.

The soldier was confused to see a police car and she cast an apologetic smile to Lin Ruoxi, “Ma’am, it looks like we have to pull over.”

Lin Ruoxi nodded without thinking much about it.

Once they pulled over to the side of the road, the police car stopped behind them and two uniformed officers walked over.

They motioned the soldier to open the door and she lowered her window to ask, “Sir, I don’t think I exceeded the speed limit.”

One of the officers with freckles on his face ignored her question, smirking instead as he grabbed her neck!

A bone-cracking sound was heard clearly as the soldier’s neck was broken!

Lin Ruoxi reacted immediately. They weren’t police officers! They were hired by someone to assault them!

Lanlan pouted and yelled with widened eyes, “Mommy! They’re bad guys!!”


The other fake police officer didn’t hesitate and tossed a ball to the backseat!

Gas was shot out of the ball rapidly but it was too late for Lin Ruoxi to hold her breath…