An odourless gas entered her respiratory tract which immediately made Lin Ruoxi feel dizzy. Although she was at the pinnacle of the Houtian stage, it still didn’t stop her from feeling sluggish. 

Lanlan seemed unaffected, cocking her head while looking at the round ball with a confused expression. Soon, she moved forward and kicked the acne faced guy!

He didn’t expect Lanlan to be immune to the paralysing gas, but he reacted quickly, dodging her kick in time and grabbing her leg!

Lin Ruoxi could only watch them anxiously as she laid limp on the car seat!

Seeing how he was able to block Lanlan’s attack, he must have had some cultivation techniques too, even if he wasn’t a cultivator.

Lanlan instinctively swung her other leg towards his head but he still managed to block it with his arm! 

“Damn it, this is insane! Her internal energy is pretty tough! Bro, quick! Knock her out!”


The well-built man next to him took hold of Lanlan’s arms before poking the back of her neck heavily! 

Lanlan might have an extraordinary physique but her cultivation was too low to deal with two trained guys. With the heavy poke on the back of her neck’s acupuncture point, Lanlan immediately passed out.

“Damn, this chubby girl is feistier than her mom. We’re lucky that things didn’t get out of hand,” the acne faced guy looked around to check on their surroundings before telling his accomplice, “Bro, carry this woman out and I’ll carry this kid. I bet there’s a tracker in this car, just leave it.”

His accomplice nodded and dragged Lin Ruoxi out of the backseat. He pretended as though he was trying to support Lin Ruoxi and pushed her into the back of their police car.

Lin Ruoxi tried to escape by pushing the car door but her head felt heavy. Soon, darkness took over her field of vision and she passed out....

Back in the mansion of the Yang clan, Yang Gongming was seen sitting on a stool made of stone while sipping on his tea, looking at the vegetable garden in front of him.

He could sit there for hours, unaffected by the cold wind as he was still quite healthy. 

Suddenly, an old guard rushed to the backyard.

With a nervous voice, he reported to Yang Gongming, “Marshall, Young Madam and Miss Lanlan’s car stopped moving on the highway. We can’t reach them!”

Yang Gongming’s peaceful expression changed into a stern one.

“What about the trackers on them?”

“The signals are interrupted by radio waves. The kidnappers are professionals!” The guard said with furrowed brows.

“Then we shouldn’t waste time. Notify General Cai and assist him in tracking all suspicious targets and vehicles. Listen to his commands and don’t let anyone else know about this.” Yang Gongming gave out commands immediately.

The guard saluted him and rushed out to carry out his mission.

Yang Gongming stood up with a solemn expression, muttering under his breath as he looked at the garden, “Someone has already lost patience. Brat, I can’t keep up the act any longer if you don’t return soon…”

The night arrived at the Southwestern part of Beijing with the moon casting an eerie glow on a port that was out-of-operation. 

Batches of shipping containers were placed around the warehouse, leaving an empty spot open in the middle. 

The warehouse was completely shut close with the only source of air coming from the vents.

As of this moment, the warehouse was brightly lit with a dozen burly guys surrounding Lin Ruoxi and Lanlan.

Lin Ruoxi was tied onto a chair with nylon ropes. The drug had worn out and even though she could break free from the ropes, she knew it’d be impossible to get out of there with the amount of people surrounding them.

Lin Ruoxi was more worried about her daughter.

Lanlan couldn’t move at all after the acne guy sealed her acupuncture point. She was forced to sit on a chair obediently with a pitiful expression. 

Tears were threatening to drip down her cheeks.

Lanlan had never been at a disadvantage since she had a tough physique. She was already doing her best to stay strong, considering the fact that she wasn’t crying even when she had lost.

Lanlan finally understood why her father kept asking her to do her best in cultivation.

“Who are you guys? Are you aware of the consequences?!” Lin Ruoxi spat through gritted teeth.

The acne guy said in disdain, “Of course we do. You’re Madam Lin Ruoxi, the Young Madam of the Yang clan.”

“Then how dare you…”

“Why can’t we?!” the acne faced guy sneered, “Our target is the Yang clan members! Especially someone next to Yang Chen! You’re Yang Chen’s wife so that makes you our first target!”

Lin Ruoxi was prepared to hear this, but she was still in despair to hear that they were after Yang Chen.

“Aren’t you afraid of my husband?” Lin Ruoxi tried to calm herself down.

The guys guffawed at her question.

“Madam Lin, heed my advice and stop acting tough. Yang Chen has been missing for two weeks, this piece of information isn’t revealed to the public but we heard this from a reliable source so stop trying to fool us.” 

Lin Ruoxi’s heart fell, “There must be a reason for you guys to hate my husband.”

“I’ll be frank with you. We used to work under the special forces of Commander Liang Shengchuan. We’re indebted to Commander Liang and the Liang clan. Yang Chen, he’s a devil, he killed Commander Liang and his son just because he’s strong and he has the support of the Yang clan. We have to avenge our Commander!”

Lin Ruoxi squinted and chuckled, “Liang clan’s soldiers? If that’s the case, why didn’t you just kill us? Why did you guys pretend to be police officers just to kidnap us?”

Something glinted in his eyes, “As expected of the genius businesswoman of China, you’re still as sharp as ever even though you’ve quit your job. That’s right, we have an ulterior motive.”

Lin Ruoxi looked away. She had a rough idea of things now.

“Madam Lin, don’t be too proud. We aren’t killing you two yet because we have a better plan for revenge,” he grinned, “Our brothers here have all reached the pinnacle of the Houtian stage. We might be formidable in China but it’s still insufficient to face the Yang clan. We know that Yang Chen can act so cocky because of his cultivation technique or else you wouldn’t have been able to reach the pinnacle of the Houtian stage in such a short time. Besides that, your daughter’s cultivation is impressive too…”

Lin Ruoxi snickered, “You’ve been beating around the bush because you don’t dare to kill’re only trying to trick us to get the cultivation technique. You guys are only trying to distract us by claiming that you’re avenging the Liang clan.”

The acne faced guy turned stiff at her words.

Lin Ruoxi showed no mercy and she looked at him with an icy gaze, “Go back and tell Ning Guangyao that he should give up on using such methods to trick me. I’m still part of the Yang clan even if my husband has yet to return!”