The acne faced guy chuckled when she mentioned Ning Guangyao, “Premier Ning? Rumours say that he’s your biological father. Why would you think that he would do this to you guys?”

“Why wouldn’t he? This is Beijing, with no relations and background, you guys couldn’t have made it here.” Lin Ruoxi retorted. 

The acne faced guy snorted, “This is pointless. It has nothing to do with us. I’ve only got one sentence for you, are you going to tell us or not?”

“There’s no point in asking me this. I know nothing about my husband’s cultivation technique.” Lin Ruoxi was anxious but she was still trying to stall for time, hoping that someone would find them here.

“Hmph, are you waiting for someone to come here and save you two?” he said in disdain, “I’ll be frank, no matter who comes here, we have no fear as long as it’s not Yang Chen!”

Lin Ruoxi bit her lips and remained silent.

The acne guy rubbed his face and sighed, “Madam Lin, you might be unaware of one thing. The reason that you’re able to stay alive under the eyes of so many authoritative people is that you married someone who’s fearsome. It’s not because you’re the illegitimate daughter of a bigshot, nor is it because you’re the president of a multinational company. But now, your man is missing, he might even be dead somewhere. Do you really think we wouldn’t dare to hurt you?” 

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes reddened and she spoke through gritted teeth, “He’ll be fine…”

“Who cares?! At least he’s not here now!”

His eyes glinted with greed and he scanned Lin Ruoxi’s graceful figure before reaching out to touch her cheek.

“Bad guy, don’t you dare touch mommy! I’ll kill you!!”

Lanlan yelled angrily but someone stuffed her mouth with a ball of cloth!

She couldn’t move since her acupuncture point was sealed. Tears were threatening to fall as she grunted anxiously through the cloth in her mouth!

“Don’t hurt my daughter! She’s just a kid!” Lin Ruoxi shrieked but they ignored her.

Lin Ruoxi was terrified when his hand was about to touch her. The strong feeling of resistance seemed to have alarmed the “protector” on her wrist! 

The sharp cry of a phoenix was heard!

The Fengxiang Bracelet glowed in green flames when it sensed the strong resistance from its owner!

A lively Green Fire Phoenix flew out of the Fengxiang Bracelet and pounced right at the acne faced guy!

He moved back instinctively to avoid the green flame. Cold sweat formed all over his body from the shock!

“What is this?!”

The rest of the group was surprised too, staring at Lin Ruoxi with solemn expressions.

The appearance of the green flame burnt the ropes to ashes. 

Lin Ruoxi was relieved and she rushed to Lanlan to remove the cloth in her mouth and untie the rope around her.

The Green Fire Phoenix was intelligent. It didn’t attack those who weren’t hostile, only flying around Lin Ruoxi.

Those burly men could tell that the Fire Phoenix was powerful. Even though they didn’t understand that creature, it didn’t really instil much fear in them.

This was because they soon realised that the Fire Phoenix wouldn’t attack them, meaning that Lin Ruoxi couldn’t take control of this power.

Indeed, the Fengxiang Bracelet was an excellent armour but Lin Ruoxi couldn’t unleash its full potential since she wasn’t even in the Xiantian stage, let alone the Soul Forming stage.

This Fengxiang Bracelet could only protect her and that was all to it.

“Guys, don’t be afraid of it. This is nothing, don’t forget that we have weapons too.”

The acne faced guy hollered and pulled a silver Desert Eagle gun.

He aimed it at Lin Ruoxi and the rest followed suit, pulling out their guns with smirks on their face. The dozen semi-automatic pistols were aimed towards her. The black barrels looked like dangerous cannons that could kill her immediately!

“Madam Lin, did your husband leave this to you as your protective amulet? That’s some good stuff!” 

The acne faced guy said while grinning, “I’m curious about something, can it block bullets...or more like can the bracelet protect the both of you at once?”

Having said so, he aimed the gun at Lanlan!


Lin Ruoxi shrieked and pulled Lanlan into her arms.

However, no matter how hard she tried to cover her, Lanlan was still exposed under the gun barrels as they were surrounded.

The acne guy snickered, “Madam Lin, you know that gun shooting is a piece of cake to us. We’re all capable of shooting your daughter’s head or any other part of her body. Of course, your bracelet might be able to protect her, but...what if it can’t?”

Lin Ruoxi turned ghastly pale.

This was a threat! But there was nothing she could do about it even if she knew it was a threat!

She couldn’t gamble with Lanlan’s life!

What if the Fengxiang Bracelet could only protect the wearer? Could Lanlan block the bullets with her physique?!

Even if Yang Chen could do it, she couldn’t say the same for Lanlan!

Lin Ruoxi couldn’t bear to imagine what would happen if her daughter was shot by all these guns!

How about giving the Fengxiang Bracelet to Lanlan? But what if she couldn’t trigger the protective function of the bracelet?

Lin Ruoxi realised that she couldn’t take any risks because her daughter’s safety was her number one priority!

“Mommy, don’t cry. Lanlan is not afraid…”

Lin Ruoxi didn’t know that she was bawling.

Lanlan still couldn’t move so she could only console her like this. 

It dawned on Lin Ruoxi that she was utterly useless. She couldn’t even protect her only daughter without Yang Chen!

“Madam Lin, there’s a limit to our patience. We won’t shoot if you’re willing to remove your bracelet. If not...we’ll have to test if the bullet can go through your beloved.”

“I’ll take it off!”

Lin Ruoxi turned around and shouted, afraid that he would misfire if she stalled for time.

With trembling hands, Lin Ruoxi removed the bracelet and placed it onto the floor.

The Fire Phoenix vanished along with the green flames as if it was all a dream.

The men guffawed and the acne faced guy walked forward to push Lin Ruoxi back to the chair before aiming the gun at her forehead!

Lin Ruoxi knew that she was no match against them as her cultivation was lower than the Xiantian stage. Resistance would only cause harm to Lanlan.

The acne faced guy cocked the gun and turned to look at Lanlan who was pouting, “I thought about it. If Madam Lin wouldn’t tell us about the cultivation technique, I should just ask this kid...Yang Chen’s daughter already has internal energy at such a young age. I’m sure her cultivation technique is superior to yours...chubby girl, tell us the cultivation technique that your dad taught you.”

Hatred was visible on her little face, “You’re a bad guy, daddy will come and kill all of you!”

“’re just like Yang Chen, already fierce at a young age!” he pinched Lanlan’s cheek, “Let me tell you something, chubby girl. Your mommy will die here if you won’t tell us.”

Tears started falling off her eyes when Lanlan heard that. Her lips were trembling as she looked at Lin Ruoxi, “I don’t know…”

Lin Ruoxi was in pain but she was relieved that Lan Lan still remembered Yang Chen’s words. She shook her head at her, signalling her to keep quiet about it.

Lanlan couldn’t hold it in and she cried out, “You are all bad guys...I don’t want mommy to die…”

“Don’t cry! Stop crying or I’ll kill your mom!!”

The acne faced guy roared which startled Lanlan.

She didn’t even dare to breathe heavily, sniffing as she looked at Lin Ruoxi with a tearful gaze.

Lin Ruoxi felt as if someone was stabbing her repeatedly and cutting her heart into pieces! 

It felt worse than death, to have her daughter look at her with such a worried and expectant gaze as she was unable to do anything!