This is no murder, it’s slaughter!!

The acne faced guy snapped out of it and pressed his feet against Lanlan’s throat, “Don’t move! Or I will…”

A swishing sound was heard and the combat knife was thrown towards his throat!

He was forced to stop his sentence halfway to dodge the knife. He could have been dead if it wasn’t for his sharp reflex!

There was no hesitation in her actions, every movement had an uninterrupted flow which felt unnerving to them!

Lin Ruoxi was already dashing towards him while he was moving backwards!

Continuous gunshots sounds were heard as bullets cut through the air with a flawless yet deadly trajectory.

However, Lin Ruoxi seemed to be repelling all the bullets as all the shots missed her!

It was as if she had predicted the trajectories before they were even fired!

Fear pooled in their stomach when they realised that she had precise control over guns!

Their weapons seemed like toys for her!

The acne faced guy couldn’t think much about it as Lin Ruoxi was already right in front of him!

While clenching his jaw, the acne guy swung his fist towards Lin Ruoxi but she jumped up and rolled forward midair. A combat knife appeared in her hand from nowhere and she swiped the knife around his head!

A bloody line was formed as his head was sliced into halves!

The acne faced guy widened his eyes in disbelief. He lost to her but he didn’t even know she hid another knife on her!


His last word escaped his lips as he stumbled onto the floor, his brain spilling out of his sliced skull.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t stop there, flipping backwards and throwing her knife towards another guy!

That guy couldn’t react in time as he was watching the acne faced guy. Instinctively, he raised his hands to block the knife but it pierced through his palms!

A painful shriek was heard from him as Lin Ruoxi dashed towards him and pierced his eyes with her fingers!

Lin Ruoxi abandoned the newly blind guy and moved across the warehouse to kill the rest while dodging all of the bullets! 

Even if her internal energy and cultivation remained the same, her combat skills and keen sense far surpassed their abilities.

Metaphorically, they were like ancient cannons in front of Lin Ruoxi who resembled a highly accurate modern missile. Regardless of the amount of cannons around her, they wouldn’t be able to hit a deadly missile like her.

They weren’t able to think about her changes, the only thought in their mind was to stay alive but Lin Ruoxi’s ghost-like combat techniques had crushed their hope!

Lin Ruoxi switched between pistols, knives, punches and kicks as she tackled them! 

It was a one-sided slaughter even though they were in the same cultivation stage as her. 

Seconds later,  their corpses were sprawled across the floor!

Once the last man was shot in the head, Lin Ruoxi tossed his corpse aside and her cold expression returned to a warm and gentle one.

She ran towards Lanlan and wrapped her arms around her tightly.

Lanlan’s face was covered with dirt and bloodstain but she still sounded cheerful, “Mommy, you’re so strong. The bad guys are all dead.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry...Lanlan, mommy didn’t protect’s my fault...I’m sorry…” 

There was no sign of joy on her. She was sobbing while rubbing her daughter’s face.

Lanlan had almost recovered, giggling as she hugged Lin Ruoxi’s neck to peck her cheeks.

A smile appeared on her and just when she was about to say something, a hint of fatigue flashed across her eyes and she fainted in the next second.

Lanlan shouted from being pressed under her but Lin Ruoxi didn’t react as she was already in deep slumber.

On the other side of the city, Ning Zhengchun sat on Ning Guang Yao’s seat while toying with a porcelain cup in his hand.

Ning Guang Yao on the other hand was seated on another chair with an ashene expression. There was a hint of disbelief in his voice when he heard the reports from his subordinate, “Are you sure that Ruoxi was the one who killed those fools?”

The soldier nodded stiffly, “Yes, sir. The pistols and knives had her fingerprints. Lanlan also claimed that Miss Lin was the one who killed them when General Cai went over to rescue them.”

“Nonsense!! Ruoxi has never learned any combat techniques, how could she kill those special force soldiers by herself?!” Ning Guang Yao was livid.

The soldier cowered to the ground, “Sir, it’s true! I don’t understand how they could just die like that but...that’s what the evidence shows. Unless someone fabricated the evidence and put her fingerprints on the weapons…”

Ning Guan Yao waved his hand at him, “Scram! You useless fool!”

The soldier left the room in relief.

Peace returned to the room once again and Ning Guang Yao walked towards Ning Zhengchun with a sheepish smile, “Fourth Master, I’ve failed the looks like I need more time to obtain Yang Chen’s cultivation technique.”

Ning Zhengchun sighed and spoke with a bored tone, “Guang Yao, you’ve oversimplified things. The Liang clan soldiers are easy to control but they don’t have strong abilities. Your illegitimate daughter is filled with secrets. Haven’t you realised this before?”

“Master, I still can’t believe that Ruoxi killed them...could it be that someone fabricated the evidence?”

Ning Zhengchun snickered, “Yang Lanlan is just a kid, why would she lie? Run a thorough investigation on her and reconsider your decision of taking her back in or else you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot.”

“Be rest assured, I’ll make sure to run a thorough investigation!”

“You have to use your brain too!” Ning Zhengchun mocked him, “Yang Chen’s whereabouts are still unknown and it’ll be hard to carry out our plan when he’s back. Don’t miss out on his opportunity.”

Ning Guang Yao answered yes as he squinted his eyes with fury. 

At the same time, back in the Yang mansion, Lin Ruoxi opened her eyes slowly and a familiar round face appeared within her field of vision.

It was Lanlan who had showered and changed into new clothes. Joy filled her eyes when she saw that Lin Ruoxi had woken up and she called her sweetly.

Lin Ruoxi carressed her daughter’s cheeks. Confusion crept onto her face and she asked, “Lanlan, where are we…”

“Are you awake?” Yang Gongming’s voice was heard from the side.

Only then Lin Ruoxi realised that they were home. She propped herself up and put Lanlan down before glancing around to see that her family members were smiling at her.

Other than the Yang clan, Cai Yuncheng was also there with the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade.

Somehow, she could sense a hint of uneasiness in their gazes.

“What’s wrong? Uncle Cai, did you save us?” Lin Ruoxi was lost. 

She was clearly in a deserted warehouse before this.

Cai Yuncheng exchanged a look of confusion with everyone else.

“Ruoxi,” Cai Yuncheng smiled at her warmly, “Do you not remember what happened earlier on?”

“What…” Lin Ruoxi’s head was throbbing.

Lanlan was bouncing up and down cheerfully before Cai Yuncheng could speak up, “Mommy, you were so strong! You killed all of the bad guys! Swoosh swoosh swoosh! They all died so quickly!”