Hui Lin was lost for words.

Countless thoughts were going through her mind.

Does Brother Yang value me that much? Does he really care for me? Does he feel the same for me as I do for him too?

The thought of it made her blush.

Yu Xuening suddenly snickered, “He’s married and yet he’s close to you. He can’t be a good person, you’re just a fool for falling head over heels for him.”

“No, that’s not true,” Hui Lin defended Yang Chen, “Brother Yang is nice towards everyone, it’s not just towards me…”

“Are you saying that he has other women too? Wouldn’t his wife be pitiful then?” Yu Xuening furrowed her brows.

Hui Lin wanted to deny it but she wasn’t wrong, “You’re making it sound worse that it actually is. Nothing is going on between us. Besides, it is my sister’s choice, what does it have to do with you?”

“Hmph, this doesn’t mean that nothing would happen in the future. Maybe he’s just waiting for the chance to eat you up,” Yu Xuening smiled flirtatiously and her eyes glinted mischievously, “I see that you’re still a virgin, it’s best for you to focus on your cultivation instead, rather than being seduced by men.” 

Hui Lin bit her lips and remained silent as if she was upset about Yu Xuening badmouthing Yang Chen.

Yu Xuening giggled, “I’m telling you all this because you’re a kind and pure hearted person. I have not done you any harm for the past few days. If you still don’t trust me, you can ask Yang Chen yourself…”

“What...what do you mean?” Hui Lin was puzzled.

Yu Xuening smiled mysteriously and with a swing of her arms, Hui Lin was pulled towards her.

She wrapped her arms around Hui Lin’s waist and carried her out of the room.

At the east of the realm, numerous active volcanoes were seen erupting, unleashing loads of lava and sulphur gas.

Deep within those volcanoes were the territories of the strongest demon clan in the realm, the only demon clan that was isolated from the others - Dragon Gorge.

The bone remains of giant dragons were seen all around the gorge, casting a heavy atmosphere in the area.

A gigantic palace built out of black rocks was located on top of a mountain. Compared to the Jade Fox Palace, the architecture of the Dragon King was plain and big enough for the dragons to move freely.

In that moment, a green dragon flew towards the palace, and from a few meters away with a whip of his tail, it teleported into the palace in the blink of an eye.

The moment it entered the palace, its body radiated in green and it transformed into a handsome man. He was around two metres tall, dressed in a green traditional robe.

His face was solemn as he greeted the man sitting on top of the platform in front of him, “Your Majesty, I’ve found the Ice Dragon Messenger but he’s injured. His movements are restricted so he will arrive later.”

Looking up at the pathway made out of dragon bones,  a middle-aged man was seen sitting on a lounge that was coated with golden dragon scales. 

His bearded face was stern and one can feel the gloomy aura around him. This man was the ruler of the Dragon Gorge for the past millennia - Qi Wujiang!

“Wind Dragon Messenger, you’ve been out for some time, did then Ice Dragon Messenger get into trouble?” Qi Wujiang asked with an emotionless face.

“Your Majesty, the Ice Dragon Messenger went scouting around for the materials you’ve requested and he was obstructed by Bashe and Yawaragi, the subordinates of the Nine Tailed Sky Fox. A brutal battle broke out between them!” answered the Wind Dragon Messenger.

Qi Wujiang sneered, “That fox must have sensed something and sent someone to eye on him, but still regardless of her capabilities, she can’t protect each one of her territories. Did the Ice Dragon Messenger manage to complete his mission?”

Wind Dragon Messenger was about to answer him but something made him look back, “Your Majesty, the Ice Dragon Messenger is here.”

While saying so, a giant blue dragon flew into the palace with long strips of ice crystals.

Upon transforming into the form of a human, he appeared as a middle-aged man dressed in a blue robe. Despite his age, his hair was greyish white and he looked quite ordinary.

“Your Majesty, excuse my tardiness. I’ve completed my mission.” the Ice Dragon Messenger handed over a red wooden box which flew towards Qi Wujiang.

Qi Wujiang took the box and opened it. Two half translucent jade bottles were lying within the box.

Although the bottles were sealed, they couldn’t cover the smell of blood from within!

Qi Wujiang’s eyes glinted with excitement and he stood up while cackling. A dragon’s roar echoed in the palace!

“Haha! You're amazing, I ordered you to get the blood of one Sky Demon and Sky Devil and you got the blood of seven Sky Demons and six Sky Devils! Tell me quickly, how did you do it?! The Wind Dragon Messenger said that you were injured, are they in a much more serious condition than you?” Qi Wujiang stared at the Ice Dragon with a heated gaze.

Wind Dragon Messenger was taken aback too. He knew that the Ice Dragon completed the mission, but he didn’t know that he went beyond the limit and killed thirteen of those demons and devils?!

The Ice Dragon cupped his fist together, “Your Majesty, it's all because of your blessing. I was in grave danger at the time I got into a battle with Bashe and Yawaragi upon being ambushed by them at the borders of the Red Dragon Snow Mountain and the Demon Night Forest. I thought I would have  failed the mission, but a newcomer, a human cultivator helped me defeat them.”

“Newcomer? Human cultivator?” Qi Wujiang squinted, “I’ve heard that there were new cultivators in the White Stone City, could it be them?”

Ice Dragon nodded, “I suppose so, his cultivation was profound, superior to mine. He helped me when he saw that I was being overpowered and so I seized the opportunity to kill Bashe and Yawaragi to get their blood. He was looking for a way to get out of the realm and I lied to him that I’ll lead the way. Throughout the journey, I chose the route that was guarded by Sky Demons and with his help, I could kill the Sky Demons that obstructed our way! I parted ways with that cultivator when we reached the border of the Demon Night Forest and I directed him to the White Stone City. After that, I went to Lake Valley to get more blood from Sky Devils but I could only defeat six of them before running out of True Yuan. Because of this, I was chased by them and got injured as a result. I would’ve been in great danger if Wind Dragon hadn’t come to save me.”

Qi Wujiang looked confused and  looked towards the Wind Dragon with an inquiring gaze.

Wind Dragon nodded, “Your Majesty, I found the Ice Dragon at the border between Lake Valley and Dragon Gorge. The Devil Lord Zi Xiao has been hiding in the Purple Bamboo Forest so some of the Sky Devils have just ascended where they’re weaker than before. It’s not surprising that the Ice Dragon managed to kill six of them.”

“You guys are overthinking it. The Ice Dragon Messenger risked his life for the blood in the box. I wouldn’t suspect him,” Qi Wujiang chuckled, “Wind Dragon Messenger, accompany Ice Dragon Messenger for recuperation. You don’t need to carry out any missions before the tournament.”

“Your Majesty, is the blood sufficient?” The Ice Dragon Messenger asked.

Qi Wujiang smiled but he didn’t answer his question directly, “You need not worry about this, Ice Dragon Messenger, you’ve performed outstandingly. You may leave now.”

The Ice Dragon Messenger hesitated for a while before asking, “Your Majesty, may I ask who will be the designated representative for the tournament that’s happening in two weeks?”

“Why are you asking about this?” Qi Wujiang narrowed his eyes.

The Ice Dragon Messenger said earnestly, “I’ve never participated in the tournament and I wish to participate in it this time! I want to maintain our winning streak!”

Qi Wujiang locked his gaze on the Ice Dragon for some time before smirking, “I’ll think about it, you may take your leave now.”

The Ice Dragon Messenger wasn’t willing to leave but he still nodded and transformed into a giant dragon before leaving with the Wind Dragon Messenger.

Qi Wujiang watched the two dragons fly away before looking back at the jade bottles with an unreadable gaze.