Yang Chen had lost track of time from being trapped in the underground prison.  

Initially, he was annoyed and furious from being locked up in here but soon, helplessness and sorrow started to fill him up, and it felt like a few centuries had gone by.

Technically, with his strong mentality, he shouldn’t feel affected by being in confined spaces but Yang Chen realised he couldn’t do anything.

He couldn’t stop worrying about his wife and daughter, his lovers in Zhonghai and Hui Lin who was abducted by Yu Xuening.

What should they do if he was trapped in here forever?

Each time this thought popped up in his mind, Yang Chen would try to destroy the prison, using up all his newly recovered True Yuan but to no avail.

No matter how hard he tried, his True Yuan had been suppressed and with no chance of communicating with Heaven and Earth, he was out of ideas.

Yang Chen couldn’t understand why Yu Xuening didn’t kill him in the first place when she was fully capable of doing so.

Also, Yang Chen wasn’t sure if he could reincarnate since the space laws don’t work here. Maybe he won’t even be able to reincarnate if he died here.

Time went by unknowingly and suddenly, a small crack appeared above him.

The moment light shone into the prison, Yang Chen snapped out of it and wanted to leave this place!

However, before he could even jump out, someone fell into the prison which took him by surprise!

“Hui Lin?!”

Yang Chen couldn’t even think twice and hugged her.

While he was distracted, the iron doors closed once again.

Yang Chen cursed internally but there was nothing he could do.

Fortunately for Yang Chen’s night vision, he could check on Hui Lin clearly once they landed on the ground.

Hui Lin had fainted but other than that, she looked fine. Her face seemed pretty warm, so it looked like she had a good stay.

Just when Yang Chen was sighing to himself for worrying too much, Hui Lin woke up just in time.

“Brother Yang…” Hui Lin opened her eyes and looked at Yang Chen in the dark.

“You’ve got a great eyesight, you actually know it’s me.” Yang Chen sighed, at least Hui Lin was safe now.

Hui Lin blushed and whispered, “It's because I’m very familiar with your scent…”

Yang Chen was startled by the awkward situation. He smiled stiffly and put Hui Lin down.

“Why are you in here? Did Yu Xuening do anything to you?” Yang Chen changed the topic quickly.

Hui Lin shook her head and stuck close to Yang Chen, afraid of being apart from him.

“She was nice to me and she said it’s because I’m kind…”

Yang Chen chuckled, “Looks like your kindness has been repaid. Does she hate me because I didn’t want to bring her along?”

Hui Lin didn’t answer, instead, she extended her hand to touch Yang Chen’s face.

Her fingertips relieved the heat on his face. It was a gentle touch as if she was dealing with a precious art piece.

“Hui Lin, what are you doing…” Yang Chen wanted to dodge it but he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

“I can’t see you clearly, I want to see if you have lost weight.” Hui Lin said earnestly.

“Silly girl, with cultivation like mine, I don’t need to eat at all. How would I lose weight?” Yang Chen was humoured but it still warmed his heart, “Why did she put you here? Is she mistreating you?”

Hui Lin bit her lips and lowered her head, “I wanted to accompany you. I’ll stay here with you since she won’t let you out.”

Yang Chen furrowed his brows, “Why are you so silly? You can’t help with anything here, why would you come and suffer here when you were doing well up there? You’re not me. Your cultivation has yet to reach the Xiantian stage. You won’t be able to last long with the irons here!”

Hui Lin looked up abruptly, “Why can’t I?! It’s my choice to go where I want! Brother Yang, if you can bring a burden like me to Heaven Lake, why can’t I accompany you in the underground prison?!”

“It’s different?” Yang Chen smiled bitterly.

“Then what is it?” Hui Lin’s voice was trembling, “I just want to be by your side. I couldn’t be with you when we were outside because of my sister. Must I restrict myself and stay away from you when I don’t even know if we’ll be able to leave this place?! Do you know how worried I was when you’ve been imprisoned down here? Do you know how much I missed you and how much I hated myself for not being able to help you?!”

Yang Chen looked at her sobbing face with a dazed expression. Tears were dropping onto the ground and compared to their first meeting, Hui Lin looked livelier and lovable.

“Hui Lin…I’m sorry…that's not what I meant.” Yang Chen’s heart wrenched.

Hui Lin shook her head, “No wonder they say that the farthest distance in the world is when you’re standing in front of the person you love, but he doesn’t know about your feelings, it’s that I love you so much but I can’t say I love you. Brother Yang, I don’t want to be a good sister anymore, my heart is too tired. I’m still young, I want to be selfish too. Can you accept a bad girl like me?”

The air felt suffocating as he looked at Hui Lin. Although he felt ashamed and uneasy, his heart was throbbing for her.

He had been trying to convert his feelings for her as family love and even though Hui Lin had been confessing to him more than once, Yang Chen never dared to cross the line.

He was worried about Lin Ruoxi’s response. Even if he had hurt her multiple times because of other women, Hui Lin was special.

Even though she already knew that Hui Lin wasn’t her biological sister, her surname was still Lin!

Lin Ruoxi couldn’t treat Hui Lin as some other woman as her tie with the Lin clan was strong. 

In the past, Hui Lin had been suppressing her feelings to prevent herself from acting hastily.

However, in a confined space like this, in a realm where the future was unknown, Hui Lin wanted to shake off her shackles and run towards Yang Chen!

“Hui…Hui Lin…I…I can’t…uh!”

Yang Chen was struggling to reject her confession but a pair of lips pressed onto his!

Hui Lin jumped on him and wrapped her arms around his neck. After pressing her lips against his, she even pushed open his lips with her tongue.

Yang Chen could smell the fragrance of a virgin from her tongue.

Hui Lin was kissing him earnestly as if she was giving her life up for this kiss. It relayed her resilience, her longing, her everything!

Soon, Hui Lin wrapped around his tongue with hers as Yang Chen’s breath got heavier.

His head was buzzing, the Yang in him was starting to rise as he hadn’t been this close to a woman for some time.

Subconsciously, Yang Chen started to rub his hands on her body.

Hui Lin wasn’t as curvy as other women, but her curves were still sexy as it let his hands caress each part of her closely.

Yang Chen’s breath became even heavier and flames were blazing in his eyes. His heart was pounding with heat and the chilly body in front of him was the antidote!

A woman who had feelings for him had confessed to him in a foreign world.

Yang Chen despised himself for being a coward. He couldn’t even admit his feelings just like what Hui Lin did!

His body and his lips had revealed his hypocrisy!

“Brother Yang…do you…do you like me?” mumbled Hui Lin in the dark.

Yang Chen’s hands had already snuck under her clothes and he pressed them against her breasts while answering, “I like you…”

The moment he ended the sentence, Hui Lin pushed him away and took a few steps back.

Yang Chen looked at her with a dazed expression but he realised that she was smiling at her with a teasing yet playful gaze.

His hands were still up and he gulped when something felt wrong.

The mocking smile on her became even obvious which made his head throb!

“You…you’re Yu Xuening?! You’re not Hui Lin?!”

Cold sweat broke out as he yelled out.

‘Hui Lin’ cackled!

With a twirl, ‘Hui Lin’ had transformed into Yu Xuening!

Yang Chen was close to tears. He was fooled so badly!

No wonder ‘Hui Lin’ could seduce him so well although she was a virgin. It was the fox!