“You rascal, why do you look so down when you’ve taken advantage of me?” Yu Xuening teased.

Yang Chen felt embarrassed from being fooled by her, he could only blame it on his cultivation. Her techniques of transforming her appearance and concealing her cultivation were terrifying. 

Now that he thought about it, if she wasn’t Hui Lin, where exactly was Hui Lin?!

“Where’s Hui Lin?! What did you do to her?!” Yang Chen questioned her.

Yu Xuening twirled her hair, “Why? Are you worried now? Do you think I’ll harm her?”

“If you dare to hurt her, I’ll do whatever it takes to avenge her even if I can’t defeat you…” Yang Chen’s voice was deep yet ferocious.

Yu Xuening chuckled, “Look at you, I didn’t even kill you so why would I kill a little girl who’s only in the Houtian stage. Her blood serves no purpose to me.”

Yang Chen was relieved to hear this but he was still annoyed from being fooled by her. 

Yu Xuening smirked, “Why? Was it not enough? Do you really want to fool around in the prison?”

“Hehe, I would be pleased if you're willing to do so. I’ve had intercourses with so many women but I’ve yet to try it with a Nine-Tailed Sky Fox.” Yang Chen snickered from the anger.

Yu Xuening didn’t mind his provocation. She had extreme control over her temper, having been alive for a long time.

In a relaxed manner, she told him, “I have no time to waste here. I did this because I wanted the silly girl to see your true colours. I want her to know that her Brother Yang is a Casanova who’s thinking of eating her up.”

Yang Chen was taken aback. The anger within him disappeared immediately and he gasped, “What the heck are you talking about?! This...Hui Lin knows what we did?”

Yu Xuening chuckled, “Do you think of me as a fool? Can’t I set up some surveillance system here?”

Having said so, Yu Xuening flicked out a ray of True Yuan towards the iron wall.

Ripples were formed on the wall and with a sparkling glow, an image of the luxurious palace appeared.

It was the hall of the Jade Fox Palace.

Hui Lin was seen standing in front of a mirror with a shy yet reproachful expression. Although her gaze was anxious, a hint of tenderness was visible.

“I’ve cast a restriction on the iron and it can relay everything through the mirror at the hall. Hui Lin heard us and saw everything we did.” Yu Xuening was proud.

Yang Chen’s legs were giving out. This misunderstanding was burying him with guilt.

Fortunately, Yang Chen was thick-skinned. Now that everything was out in the open, he chose to greet Hui Lin brazenly.

“Uh…Hui Lin, it’s my fault for making you feel that way. I won’t distance myself from you anymore if I’m able to make it out alive.” Yang Chen didn’t really know what to say. It felt as if he had poured his heart out to the fake Hui Lin earlier.

Hui Lin gleamed at his words but it also made her more bashful and she turned around to wipe her tears.

A hint of sorrow appeared in Yu Xuening’s eyes when she heard his confession. With a wave of her sleeves, the mirror was closed off.

“You rascal, why are you still acting like a Casanova when you’re already married? Are you proud that Hui Lin is head over heels for you?”

Yang Chen wasn’t intimidated, “I’m a bastard but I don’t run away from responsibilities. I’ll take care of them if I love them. No one can control their feelings, I can only do my best to prevent my women from getting hurt. I’m not doing a perfect job but I’m doing my best to fulfil their wishes.”

“You’re a bold one.” Yu Xuening mocked him.

“I have a clear conscience so why would I be a coward? Some men may only have one wife but they mistreat them. I’m unloyal to my wife but I’ll love her with my life. I’m sure that one day she’ll be able to understand and accept me.” Yang Chen said earnestly.

“You’re shameless for saying this with a straight face.”

“I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong, that’s who I am. What can you do about it?”

Yu Xuening looked at him with a flat expression before chuckling, “If only that person could be like you, true to your feelings…”

“That person? Who is that person?” Yang Chen furrowed his brows.

“Where did you learn the Endless Revolve Restoration scripture?” Yu Xuening ignored his question.

Yang Chen froze for a second. She knew about his cultivation technique just as he expected. Even though he was excited, he still answered carefully, “A senior from Mountain Shu gave it to me. How do you know about this?”

“Senior from Mountain Shu? Hmph…indeed, how would you know that person…” Yu Xuening nodded her head as if she was mumbling to herself.

“You’re pretty talented for being able to enter the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning tribulation at such a young age. This Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture is the top cultivation technique in the world and it’s not easy to cultivate using this technique. You might be able to meet that person if you can make it to the Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning tribulation…”

“Who is that person that you speak of?”

Yu Xuening was resentful, “Why are you asking so much? Countless people have cultivated the Endless Resolve Restoration scripture for the past 20,000 years and a bunch of them has made it past the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning tribulation, but do you think the Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning tribulation is that easy to achieve?”

Yang Chen muttered internally, she was the one who kept mentioning it.

“Alright, rascal, I have a task for you.” Yu Xuening said.

Yang Chen was puzzled, “What do you need me to do?”

Yu Xuening smiled playfully, “Have you forgotten about the tournament? I can’t participate in it myself.”

Yang Chen reacted and he raised his voice from the shock, “Are you asking me to represent the Jade Fox Palace in the tournament?”

“I’m doing you a favour here. The champion can get a lot of medicinal herbs and artefacts from the tower. Besides, I got you another lover here. You should be grateful.” Yu Xuening glared at him.

Yang Chen was puzzled, “I’m okay with participating, it’s part of my plan anyway. But are you sure that I can win?”

“It shouldn’t be a problem if nothing goes wrong. The devil cultivators haven’t been doing well these days and the only eligible person from the Dragon Gorge is the Ice Dragon Messenger but he shouldn’t be a match for you. The rest of the dragons are only slightly stronger than my Sky Demons. My subordinates lost against them last time but it wouldn’t be a problem for you.” Yu Xuening analysed the circumstances. 

Yang Chen smirked, “So you wanted me to stay because of this…aren’t you worried that I’ll go for the 99 Level Ziqing Heavenly Lightning after the tournament?” 

“Hmph, rascal, you’re full of imaginations,” Yu Xuening said in disdain, “First, you wouldn’t leave Hui Lin alone and even if you want to enter the tower, we’d have to go into the first floor together. You won’t be able to run away.”

Yang Chen’s heart sank. She was right, he couldn’t abandon Hui Lin, which meant that he would have to think of a safer way.

Yu Xuening wasn’t planning on locking Yang Chen in the prison anymore now that they had a deal so she opened up the gates and left with him.

It was Yang Chen’s first time stepping on the ground of the Jade Fox Palace and he looked at the buildings with a curious gaze before entering the hall with Yu Xuening.

Hui Lin’s heart raced when she saw Yang Chen. Even though she was still feeling bashful, her longing for him made her run over to hug him.

“Alright, alright, do you want me to grope your butt just like how I groped the fox?” Yang Chen patted her back while smiling.

“That’s…that’s not it!” Hui Lin let go of him quickly while sneaking a glance at Yu Xuening, afraid that she would be angered.

Yu Xuening wasn’t bothered by it and she sat on her chair that was coated with the skin of a white tiger. Her gaze was fixated on the sky as if she was waiting for something.