Soon, Yang Chen too sensed something and a green ray of light shot into the hall!

Yang Chen wouldn’t have thought of it’s speed as terrifying if this had occurred outside of the realm, but as of now, it truly shocked him!

The green-ray of light sparkled and a silhouette appeared within it. There was a man dressed in green robes with a jade circlet around his head.

He was a handsome young man and Yang Chen could feel that he was also a Sky Demon. His abilities should be on par with Bai Jiu but his speed far surpassed Bai Jiu.

“My Lord, I have urgent news for you.” 

The man ignored Yang Chen and Hui Lin, and bowed to Yu Xuening immediately.

Yu Xuening’s face was stern, “Qing Luan, did something happen at the border again?”

Qing Luan sighed, “Yes, Bashe and Yawaragi were guarding the border between the Demon Night Forest and the Red Dragon Snow Mountain under your orders and a group of Sky Demons were also on standby. There shouldn’t have been any problem as long as Qi Wujiang doesn’t launch an attack himself, but when I went over to check on them yesterday, I found out…” 

“What did you find out? Say it.” Yu Xuening’s face darkened.

With a slow voice, Qing Luan spilled everything out, “Bashe and Yawaragi could not be seen at their positions. No traces of Shang Fu, Hu Jiao, Bai Hao and five other Sky Demons could be found. There were fighting marks all around and I think…they’ve been killed.”


Yu Xuening stood up with a cold glare. Her eyes were blazing as she unleashed her oppression as a Ninth Tier Sky Demon. The power from her made them feel as if the whole palace would start trembling soon!

The maids cowered onto the ground, shivering as they pleaded for mercy.

Qing Luan too dropped to his knees with a pale face.

Yang Chen was protecting Hui Lin as he struggled to withstand the fury from the Nine-Tailed Sky Fox. He was internally petrified from the fact that she did not unleash her true abilities during their last fight. Her cultivation was profound and unpredictable!

If she was already this terrifying in the Ten Thousand Demon Realm, wouldn’t she be invincible if she were outside the realm?

How did she get sent into this realm? What kind of master did it? It was unimaginable!

Yang Chen felt that Athena might not even be a match against the Nine-Tailed Sky Fox.

Yang Chen himself was superior to the Eighth Tier Sky Demons so how could the difference between them be so great? Or could it be that…her cultivation had far surpassed the Ninth Tier?

If the Devil Lord and Dragon King were of the same level as her, he would be a speck of dust if compared to them. With his current cultivation, he had no standing amongst them.

While he was undergoing self-deprecation, Yu Xuening had calmed down and sat with a sneer.

“Damn you, Qi Wujiang. I didn’t want to cause a commotion when he sent his subordinates over last time to hurt my people but now that he crossed the line…”

Qing Luan stuttered, “My Lord, what are your plans? Are you…are you going to do it on your own?”

Yu Xuening squinted her eyes, “Me? Are they worth my effort?”

“Uh…of course not.” 

Cold sweat was forming on his forehead.

Yu Xuening might be too cheerful and unlike a Lord at times but she could be ruthless when she is provoked!

“You may leave now. As for the borders, you don’t have to do anything about it. Order the Sky Demons to return to their territories and have their subordinates take over. I’ll take care of the rest.”

Qing Luan nodded and hesitated before speaking, “My Lord, I have a confusion…”


“Qi Wujiang’s subordinates, the five Devil Dragons are in the Eighth Tier and we, as the Sky Demons, may not be able to defeat them one-on-one but if Bashe and Yawaragi worked together, they should’ve been able to get away safely…unless another elite appeared in the realm?” Qing Luan asked with furrowed brows.

Yu Xuening cast a meaningful glance and waved her hands when she saw that Yang Chen was pondering, “Leave, I have plans.”

Qing Luan was still puzzled but he could only leave at her command. With a blink of an eye, he disappeared as a green light.

Back in the hall, Hui Lin asked Yang Chen with a curious expression, “Brother Yang, why does the name sound so familiar?”

Yang Chen snapped out of his thoughts and patted her head with a smile, “You must have not studied according to your grandmother’s orders. Those are the names of the legendary beasts from the Classic of Mountains and Seas.”

“Beasts? Why should demons be called beasts?” Yu Xuening cut him off in displeasure, “Chaos within your Chaos Cauldron is called a ferocious beast and those who can’t transform into human forms are known as beasts but the demons are the closest species to Dao, we’re far stronger than humans.”

Yang Chen snickered, “If you guys are stronger than humans, how were you locked in this realm by a human cultivator?”

Yu Xuening huffed and ignored his question, “You heard him just now. The Dragon Gorge is presumptuous, I was too lazy to seek revenge but they have gone too far this time. I want you to teach them a lesson!” 

“Me?” Yang Chen laughed, “Aren’t you asking me to go to the Heaven Tournament? Now you’re asking me to go to the Dragon Gorge, what if I were to bump into the Dragon King? I’d be dead!”

Yu Xuening said in disdain, “You’re afraid? Do you think Qi Wujiang is that free? He wouldn’t do anything to you as long as you don’t venture too deep into his territory. Just kill some dragons that are equivalent to Sky Demons at the outer range and you’ll be fine.”

Yang Chen couldn’t hold in his laughter, “Is this the pride of an elite? He won’t even help when his subordinates are dying?”

“It’s the law of the jungle, survival of the fittest. If you’re saying that we should help the weak ones, why do humans hunt the  beasts instead of helping them?”

“Humans only help humans. Besides, you guys are all demons, aren’t you?” Yang Chen retorted.

Yu Xuening snickered, “You’re a naive fool, I never once said that we’re of the same clan. Power is above all. They depend on me to live a stable life. They are indebted to me and I’m not obliged to protect them. I don’t care about their death, I care about my pride! In other words, if the beast you’ve eaten today is as powerful as you, why would you eat it? Even if you two are of different species, you can still live in peace together. So, it’s their problem for dying, I just need to restore my pride, I’m not avenging them.” 

Yang Chen thought she was a psycho which was a waste of her beauty, but some of her words did make sense.

“I don’t want to argue with you. I can help you with this but you have to tell me the reason behind the feud. It can’t just be driven by anger.”

To his surprise, Yu Xuening shook her head, “I have no idea but I’m not interested in knowing either. Qi Wujing is scheming so it’s useless to think about it. He probably wants to defeat me or to get out of this realm. I’m not interested in his motives.”

Yang Chen forced a smile, “Then you should at least give me a reward for helping you.”

“Not killing your lover is my biggest reward for you.” Yu Xuening glanced at Hui Lin coldly.

Hui Lin was just blushing from being called Yang Chen’s lover. She didn’t even pay attention to the killing intent directed towards her.

Yang Chen muttered internally, there was nothing he could to this woman so he could only be submissive.

“You’d better leave early. With your speed, it’ll take six to seven days for a return trip. You’ll be back just in time for the tournament.” Yu Xuening said and tossed a dark leather scroll to Yang Chen.

Yang Chen took it and realised that it was written with Seal script. Fortunately, he was able to read it as he had learned a lot about history.