“Lady Tushan’s Golden Pill Records? A pill concocting scroll?” Yang Chen was taken aback. What was she trying to do?

It was said that Lady Tushan was the wife of Yu the Great. She was rumoured to be a Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit which must have been true since Yu Xuening’s clan possessed the scroll.

Yu Xuening said with a flat voice, “My clan has been interacting with human cultivators before civilization even started. We have countless pill concocting techniques and formulae but we’re not skilled at it and we don’t need supplements from medicinal pills so it’s pretty useless to me. I see that you have the Chaos Cauldron and you can make use of Samadhi True Fire because of the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture, I’m sure that you’ve already learnt about pill concocting. Take the scroll and study it. Dragon blood, bones and scales are precious ingredients for pill concocting. You can take some of it for yourself if you’re keen.”

Yang Chen was intrigued. The scroll was tempting but he was still wary, “Why are you helping me?”

Yu Xuening chuckled, “You’re representing my palace in the tournament and your cultivation is pretty weak so I have to help you…”

Yang Chen placed the scroll into his Sumeru ring and thanked her earnestly.

“No need to thank me. Save the formalities and go look into it, who’s helping Qi Wujiang to humiliate me.” Yu Xuening squinted, “I know you were thinking about something but I won’t probe into it if you don’t want to talk about it. Get going if you have nothing else to ask. I’ll take care of your lover.” 

Yang Chen sighed internally. She could read him like a book.

He was wondering if Wen Tao was the cause of all this. He might have survived and entered the realm too.

Wen Tao could engulf humans so he must be able to engulf demons too. If he could transform into his prey and inherit that person’s abilities and memories, he would be far more threatening than before!

Nothing much would change if he engulfed humans, but Sky Demons and Devils would prove a different story.

If he kept engulfing them, his abilities would skyrocket!

Besides, it would be difficult to track him down, let alone catch him!

Yang Chen was worried about this since his only choice of weapon against Wen Tao was the Chaos Cauldron. Given that Yang Chen’s cultivation was suppressed and that Wen Tao could advance at a faster rate, Yang Chen wouldn’t be able to fight him if he was truly alive. 

Even so, there was no point in worrying about it now. Yang Chen bade goodbye to Hui Lin and left for the Red Dragon Snow Mountain.

Now that Yang Chen had confessed to her, Hui Lin no longer kept her feelings hidden, watching him leave with a worried expression.

With a flash, Yu Xuening appeared next to her and spoke with a teasing voice, “You really can’t bear to let him go, huh? Do you want to spend the night together before he leaves?”

Hui Lin shook her head but her face was flushed which made Yu Xuening wonder if she actually wanted it to happen.

With a sigh, she continued, “You should join me and focus on your cultivation now that he’s away. You’re already at the pinnacle of the Houtian stage, I’ll guide you and you’ll be entering the Xiantian stage in a few days. Have Yang Chen give you some pills and it won’t take long for you to reach the Full Cycle. In this realm, you’re surrounded by threats especially if you’re not in the Soul Forming stage. Even my maids are stronger than you. If you don’t want to be a burden to Yang Chen, you should focus on your cultivation instead of your love life.”

In the eyes of Yu Xuening who was at the pinnacle of the Ninth Tier, guiding someone who was below the Soul Forming stage was a piece of cake. This was because anywhere above the Soul Forming stage required comprehension of the realm and no one could assist with it. 

Hui Lin’s eyes were fueled with the desire to be strong as she nodded with resolution. She was sick of being a burden.

It was a sunny day outside of the realm. Even though it was kinda chilly, it felt warm bathing under the sunlight.

At the Qing Long International Resort, a little girl was seen moving about the tennis court swiftly as she swung her racket at the tennis ball.

Opposite to her was a young girl who was struggling to keep up with her opponent’s pace.

Finally, another tennis ball went out of bounds and she tossed her racket out of annoyance.

“I don’t want to play anymore! You’re bullying me! I’ll ask Uncle to teach me kung fu too when he’s back! You’re like a monster, aren’t you tired from running around?!”

Tangtang grumbled and walked under a parasol to grab a sports drink.

As she was gulping the drink, Tang Wan nagged her aside, “Drink slowly, who taught you to drink like this? You’re engaged and you’re still acting like a kid.”

She was also dressed in a pink jersey shirt like her daughter but her shirt was much bigger than Tangtang because of her busty chest.

“There’s nothing to be worried about. We’re all girls here, I only need to put up the act in front of guys.” Tangtang burped.

Lanlan ran towards the table and looked at Tangtang’s drink with an envious gaze before turning to look at Lin Ruoxi.

“Mummy, Lanlan wants a drink too.”

Lin Ruoxi was reading an economics magazine with her sunglasses on and she passed a bottle of water to Lanlan when she heard her.

Lanlan pouted, “I don’t want water, I want Sister Tangtang’s drink.”

Lin Ruoxi got up and took off her sunglasses to look at her daughter with a displeased expression, “You’re misbehaving again. I told you many times that those drinks are filled with sugar. This won’t make you fat, it’s a fruit flavoured special healthy drink.”

Lanlan took the bottle with a pitiful expression.

“Sister Ruoxi, aren’t you being too harsh on her? She’s still young and it’s alright to be chubby. It’s all baby fat. Lanlan looks cute with it.” Tangtang too thought Lanlan was pitiful.

“Yeah, Ruoxi, this kind of sports drink doesn't have a lot of calories. Let her drink it. It’ll be easy to lose weight once she starts training.” Tang Wan joined in.

Lin Ruoxi sighed and passed Lanlan an unopened bottle of sports drink.

Lanlan cheered up and rubbed her face against Tangtang’s thigh, “You're the best, Sister Tangtang.”

Tangtang snickered, “I don’t believe you. If you really think I’m the best, you should have gone easy on me. Is it so hard to let me win one round?”

Lanlan pouted, “You’re too slow. My first attempt was better than you…”

“You…you brat. Take this!” Tangtang put down her drink to catch her but Lanlan was agile and she ran away very quickly.

Even while she was running, she didn’t forget about her drink.

Tang Wan was speechless to watch her daughter chase after a kid and she smiled at Lin Ruoxi, “It's nice to be young. People our age can’t have fun like them even if we have the energy.”

Tang Wan thought Lin Ruoxi would reply to her but she realised Lin Ruoxi was just staring into space.

“Are you worried about Yang Chen?” Tang Wan consoled her, “You don’t look well. We’re out to have fun today so don’t think about it. He’ll be fine and we shouldn’t worry too much. We have to wait for his return.”

Lin Ruoxi snapped out of it and she seemed to be embarrassed about something, “No…I know he’ll be fine. I’m thinking about something else…”