"Something else? What is this? Are you afraid of being kidnapped again?" Tang Wan was surprised. 

In fact, ever since Lin Ruoxi and her daughter got attacked by the Liang family remnants, the Yang family no longer had the slightest slack.

Lin Ruoxi still could not recall or explain the fact that she managed to kill a dozen of Houtian Stage elites.

After all, these people were way stronger than the elites in the Sea Eagles and the huge crowd of Dragon Group members that only knew internal energy due to their strong Hou Tian Internal Energy.

If it was not for one of the few super assassins in ZERO, almost no one could kill them with such impeccable skills. 

Investigating to no avail, Cai Yuncheng didn’t ask Lin Ruoxi further despite being suspicious, at least it wasn’t something bad. 

Immediately after, Yang Gongming personally instructed the Yang family’s elite guards to coordinate their work along with the members sent over from Cai Yuncheng’s Yellow Flame Iron Brigade. All of them were told to stay alert no matter at a certain distance.

Yang Gongming initially wanted Lin Ruoxi to ask Sauron and Makedon to send some Sea Eagle warriors to China as the main lady of the family. 

However, she threw away the idea after taking into consideration Yang Chen's influence in the world.

Fire cannot be concealed by paper, Yang Chen had been missing for so many days. Sooner or later, everyone would know about it and the consequences would worsen if he continues to go missing.

However, like Tang Wan, a core member of the Tang family, and Liu Mingyu, whose father was the leader of Beijing's underground clan, it was always easy to retrieve information. 

After Liu Mingyu came to Beijing with a sense of anxiety, she confirmed this matter and agreed to Lin Ruoxi not to share the news with the other girls in Zhonghai, including Rose and Cai Ning who were overseas for the time being.

Although things were getting more and more confusing, and Yang Chen's whereabouts were nowhere to be found, the ones in Beijing couldn’t be hiding at home.

As the sun was shining bright, Liu Mingyu invited Tang Wan and Lin Ruoxi to relax at her resort hotel.

This was one of the old bases of the Green Dragon Society. The place seemed peaceful, but in fact it was heavily guarded, and it was no less safe than the Yang Residence.

Lanlan was very bored staying at home these days. So the second she arrived at the resort, she got together with Tangtang and had lots of fun.

At this moment, after listening to Tang Wan's questioning, Lin Ruoxi paused, as if she didn't know how to speak. 

It just so happened that not far away, Liu Mingyu, wearing an ARCTERYX women's sweatshirt, trot over and asked curiously, "Sister Tang Wan, what are you talking about with President Lin?"

"Nothing, I was just casually asking some stuff as she was daydreaming, "Tang Wan smiled and said, “You are still calling her ‘President Lin’ huh, hasn’t she resigned already?”

Liu Mingyu said embarrassingly, “I’ve been calling her that for three to four years, can’t change that.”

“So you have feelings for the name as well?" Tang Wan joked.

"Of course," Liu Mingyu sat on another bench and wiped her delicate sweat from her forehead. "As soon as President Lin resigned, the atmosphere in the company has changed. Although everyone was working respectively and systematically, something seems to be missing."

“A spiritual leader is missing huh," Tang Wan said.

Liu Mingyu clapped her hands, "Yes, the spiritual leader. Many people have told me that they feel empty in their hearts and are not used to it."

"You are really exaggerating, if there is a spiritual leader, it should’ve been my grandmother. I have only been the president for a few years," Lin Ruoxi was a little embarrassed.

"It's different," Liu Mingyu blinked and said, "President Lin, think about it, during your tenure, Yulei truly became a multinational company step by step, and has won the entire Zhonghai after so many resurrections. Many people dare not tell you face to face, but in fact, they all treat you as an idol behind their backs. When I was a public relation staff member, those stubborn veterans initially didn't take you seriously, but later on they admired you so much."

Liu Mingyu seemed to have endless words as she spoke about the past, but Lin Ruoxi felt emotional as those moments seemed to have passed like the smoke.

From being forced to drive the ducks to the shelves in the beginning, and then gradually honing her skills and maturing, experiencing the hearty taste of victory and defeat, how could she have given up on her efforts so easily?

"Are there any major moves in the company recently? Is the Japanese branch going well?" Lin Ruoxi asked.

Liu Mingyu nodded, "It all went well. You appointed Hannya to manage it before you left. She did a great job but she always asks about our husband, which gives us a bit of trouble. As for the major movements, Yulei Entertainment does have something going on. During the Spring Festival, Huilin’s "Sword Fairy" will be soon forgoed. Although this movie has been very successful, the production team is enough to attract audiences from all over the world, but with Huilin the leading actress absent, we are worried that the office will be affected. For a fact, in the entertainment industry, Huilin’s issue was actually not a problem at all, she was too kind and simple, and under the pressure of the negative news, just retreated like that. However, it wasn't necessary. It wouldn't take long for Huilin’s singing and image to cooperate with the upper hand advantage of the media in our hands, which we will then be able to divert the attention of the public. It’s a pity that we don’t know where she and her husband are. If she comes back with her husband, everyone will be very happy. Yulei Entertainment planned to rely on this movie to become a hot topic, but the situation has changed and it is now risky to rely on it.”

Lin Ruoxi nodded silently, “You and Qianni have been working hard ever since I left.”

"Qianni and I have been busy delegating some tasks recently. We also plan to find time to quit the company and concentrate on cultivating. We are less enthusiastic without you here President Lin," Liu Mingyu said with a smile.

At this time, Lanlan ran back, holding Liu Mingyu’s calf, and asked softly, "Aunt Mingyu, can we go for dinner? Lanlan is hungry."

"I know that you little greedy cat is definitely waiting to eat. I already made the arrangements for them to add more dishes, let’s go,” Liu Mingyu grabbed Lanlan’s hand and got up.

Lin Ruoxi and Tang Wan also followed, looking helplessly at the happy little kid.

"My dad might also be coming here for dinner later, he was saying that he hasn't seen Lanlan yet. Do you mind, President Lin?" Liu Mingyu asked with an awkward smile.

Lin Ruoxi shook her head, "This is your home. How could I object to what the lady says."

Liu Mingyu blushed and didn't know what to say. 

Everyone slowly walked towards the restaurant. On the way, Tang Wan remembered the topic that hadn't been finished, and asked, "Ruoxi, you haven't talked about it yet, what were you thinking about in a daze?"

Lin Ruoxi said embarrassingly, "I have been getting nightmares recently and I always have similar nightmares repeatedly… So, I am a little worried."

Not only Tang Wan, but even Liu Mingyu couldn't help laughing.

"And I thought it was something serious, you are overthinking because Yang Chen is not here. No wonder he likes you the most, we don't have nightmares because we only miss him during the day at most", Tang Wan said sourly, but also out of relief.

Lin Ruoxi sighed slightly in her heart, but she didn't want to give it too much thought, trying hard to get rid of those things.


In the northeast of Red Dragon Snow Mountain of the Demon Realm.

The plants were especially huge in this area, many of the flowers exuding sweet fragrance were bright and colorful, attracting a large number of fat, ugly and weird insects flying around.

Yang Chen didn't know that these huge insects were the favorite delicacies of the dragons, and it was precisely because of the fertile soil in this area that a large number of reptiles and beasts were bred for the dragons to inhabit the area here.

At this moment, Yang Chen was standing at the peak of a mountain, where a river extending from the Tongtian Lake to here, divided the mountain into two halves, forming a huge canyon zone.

He stared at the turbulent water, the river surface was more than a hundred meters wide, and the waves were gushing fiercely, but there seemed to be no other living creatures in it.

However, he knew with certainty that there was a huge blue dragon who sneaked into the river from here. Presumably, the blue dragon's lair was under the river.

Almost three days after being here, he had already killed a seventh-ranked demon dragon, an eighth-ranked demon dragon, and some other small characters of the dragon clan. There were more than a dozen large and small creatures, it was indeed a good harvest. There were a lot of dragon scales, blood keels, and bones in his Mustard Sumeru Ring, but the rest of the corpses were given up due to their massive sizes. 

However, the old habitat of the dragon clan was hidden and it was very concealed. This was the first time Yang Chen saw the dragon clan returning to their habitat.