Yang Chen couldn't estimate the cultivation level of that blue dragon nor did he know if it noticed himself. He thought for a while and jumped right into the waters as he couldn’t control his urge of wanting to look into the place. 

The water was very turbulent and the underwater was worse. If you’re not careful, you might get washed on to the mountain rocks only to get crushed by the pressure.

But Yang Chen was no ordinary man, so the water pressure was nothing to him. He could just casually dive in after activating his True Yuan protection shield. 

As his divine senses continued to spread, the water level he dived into became deeper and deeper. The underwater of this river was far more vast and magnificent than he imagined. The cold river water formed a stream of underwater whirlpools, which hid murderous intentions.

Gradually, the water became dark as he dived deeper, more than a hundred feet underwater. There was literally nothing except for some huge deep water fishes.

Suddenly, Yang Chen noticed a wave of True Yuan that was about to move diagonally below!

Yang Chen was overjoyed, it must be that blue dragon down there! He then accelerated and sneaked towards the secluded area.

It was at that moment when he was about to touch the area, a cold current hit him violently!

‘Creak creak!! …”

Almost for an instant, countless deep water ice emerged from that deep cave, and in a blink of an eye, it spreaded across a large area under the water, with a range of hundreds of meters below the water. Like being rapidly cooled, it condensed into a piece of underwater Xuan ice!

Yang Chen's True Yuan shield felt intense pressure, as if he was about to be crushed!


A long chant came through the Xuan Ice and it was terrifying!

With this coercion alone, it was enough for him to judge that this dragon demon was above the eighth rank, which was much higher than the ones he had slaughtered previously!

"Bold human cultivator, how dare you trespass into my dragon’s lair! You shall not leave this place alive!!" 

The dragon clan could keenly detect the identity and race of incoming living things, it spoke in human language with its deep and strong voice.

Yang Chen sneered, this bit of Xuan Ice couldn't pose any threat to him. A large area of ​​Nanming Li Fire suddenly rose up all over his body, as if a layer of flame windbreaker, quickly dissolving the ice around him!

Even if it was underwater, the heaven fire would not be extinguished by this ordinary water!

The rapid melting of the Xuan Ice shocked the blue dragon demon. With a roar, the tough dragon scales directly smashed the large piece of ice, and it went straight up to Yang Chen!

The main reason the dragon clan managed to be independent amongst the other demon clans was due to their strong body. 

Even if they were the eighth ranked demon dragons, they couldn’t be compared with the other demon clans of the same rank at all!

The same Nanming Li Fire might cause the other demon clans to suffer serious injuries, but dealing with the dragon clan, who were born with extremely strong resistance to the spiritual aura of heaven and earth, would not produce much substantial damage.

Yang Chen's hands condensed two azure blue Kui Water, forming a thick iceberg in the river in front of him instantly!

This demon dragon also seemed quite surprised by the sudden appearance of Kui Water Xuan Ice, but the dragon horns on its head shone with bursts of blue brilliance, forming a whirlpool of True Yuan, and rushed toward the iceberg fearlessly!


The cold air on the iceberg had no effect on the demon dragon. On the contrary, it took in the impact directly and rushed toward Yang Chen! 

Yang Chen was shocked. He didn't expect the demon dragon to be so aggressive. Before he could get out, he was hit by the iceberg!


A violent muffled sound came from under the water, and the waves rolled. Yang Chen's body was shaken like an underwater torpedo, and he slammed into the deep silt at the bottom of the river!

The demon dragon laughed wildly and waved its tail smashing the iceberg into pieces, and rushed down toward Yang Chen!

"Foolish humans, did you really think that I, an ice dragon, would be afraid of your Kui Water!? Your spells are brilliant and you might be capable of using the imperial Xuan Water, but how can you resist the might of us dragons?!"

This ice dragon was extremely arrogant. Opening its blood basin like mouth wide and high, as if it was preying on an ordinary small fish, directing it towards Yang Chen!

Yang Chen took the previous impact hard, and he was far from being able to move freely as he was underwater. What's more, this ice dragon clan was the best at swimming, and this was their lair. How careless of me!

Seeing that bloody mouth that was going to swallow him, Yang Chen didn't want to be the food in the belly of this giant dragon, even if he didn't die, it would definitely be uncomfortable!

"I will defeat you!!"

Yang Chen resisted the cold dragon fangs without fear, and grabbed them!

After grabbing those fangs, he then used his legs to step on the dragon’s lower jaw and resisted them!


The demon dragon made a violent sound wave, and the True Yuan impact formed by the dragon's roar made Yang Chen stumble, after all, he was too close!

However, he went against all odds, bursting all of his True Yuan out to resist, and at the same time two waves of crimson Ye Fire were ignited in his hands!

Under the dark water, two groups of crimson fire lights, like the burning eyeballs of two monsters, were terrifying!

The demon dragon tried to break Yang Chen into pieces, but his strength was surprisingly great, and his toughness was terrifying. Apparently the dragon’s plan had gone down the drains!

"Impossible, how could a mere human being have such a physique!?”

The demon dragon felt his heart trembling, and finally shuddered!

Although human cultivators could possess powerful True Yuan, their body was very different from dragons because of innate factors!

The demon dragon was just thinking of ​​directly crushing his body, so it attacked frantically, planning to consume him.

Unexpectedly, Yang Chen's body could not be compared with an ordinary human cultivator. It was originally transformed with antimatter energy, with addition to decades of refinement from the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture.

Yang Chen's body was not much weaker than that of the dragon clan!

Yang Chen roared, the muscles and veins all over his body showed themselves and the Wuming Ye Fire gradually burned all over his body, enveloping the dragon head in it!

Given that its dragon scale could resist, but the Ye Fire burns the soul of living beings!

The demon dragon screamed, with a splitting headache. Gradually, the entire dragon’s soul was burnt miserably. Amidst the wailing, it twisted crazily!

But Yang Chen wouldn't let this opportunity go, he grabbed the dragon's teeth, pressed the dragon's jaw, and burned its soul for good!

It wasn't until the dragon fell to the bottom of the river that he relaxed, feeling exhausted.

The True Yuan in his body was actually consumed by the fierce struggle of this demon dragon. If he encountered another one, his life would be at risk. 

He thought for a moment and decided to not tidy up the demon dragon's corpse for the time being, but to find a place to restore his True Yuan. 

The elixirs that he refined at the beginning were all for accelerating the absorption of spiritual aura, and there was no elixir that could restore the True Yuan of the body to replenish his spiritual aura. This was also because the absorption rate in the outside world was slow, so he didn’t proceed to refine the elixirs. 

Now that he entered this Demon Realm, he regretted that he hadn't refined a batch in the beginning, and he was always afraid of his head and feet when fighting, for fear of consuming too much true essence.

Fortunately, in the ‘Tushan Elixir Script’ that Yu Xuening gave him, there were a few top-grade elixirs for supplementing True Yuan, and the raw materials needed were mostly in his Mustard Sumeru Ring. As for the main component, it would be the rare dragon blood.

Taking this opportunity, Yang Chen intended to go to this demon dragon's lair, where the blood would be, and at the same time, he could also refine a few furnaces on the spot.

If Hongmeng and the Hidden clan in the fantasy realm knew that he could refine these top-grade elixirs that they dreamed of at any time, they might go crazy.

Silly thoughts ran through his mind and he had already put the thrills behind him, and quickly went to the place where the demon dragon came out, looking for its lair.

Sure enough, in the dark depths, he found a huge cave. The waters poured into it from the outside, leading to the secluded depths.

Based on this demon dragon's cultivation base, it should have a certain reputation in the dragon clan. It is possible that there are hidden treasures in it. which made Yang Chen more interested, urging him to faster get in..

The water current in this cave was not as intricate as he imagined, but rather smooth.

He carefully checked the area, his divine senses were spread widely, and he discovered that the underwater channel had actually reached the bottom, and then started to go up again.

Strangely following the flow, he gradually floated up, and finally, there was light!

How can there be light underwater?

Yang Chen accelerated further, and he was out of the water!

Looking around, it turned out to be a unique underground cave!

And those colorful lights were actually all kinds of luminous ores emitted from the huge cave!