Dragon Valley, in the Palace of the Dragon King.

Sitting on his dragon chair, Qiu Wujiang played with the two jade bottles in his hands. The inside was filled with plenty of faint golden essence.

Beneath the main hall, a wind dragon envoy in a green robe stood obediently and nodded.

"You mean, that human cultivator suddenly disappeared?" Qiu Wujiang asked.

The wind dragon envoy nodded and said, "Yes, Your Majesty, because he didn't dare to get too close for fear of being discovered, he disappeared without being caught by your subordinate."

"How many people did he kill in total?” Qiu Wujiang said. 

"At present, there are a total of fifteen members of the clan, except for an eighth-ranked thunder dragon south of Feilong City, and a seventh-ranked fire dragon north of Red Dragon Snow Mountain, the others are ordinary clansmen of second to sixth ranks,” The wind dragon envoy said.

Qiu Wujiang chuckled lightly, "It seems that he is timid, and he dare not approach my Dragon Valley."

“Of course. With your Majesty the Dragon King, he would never," The wind dragon envoy pleased the Dragon King.

"Wind Dragon Envoy, you have worked hard. The dragon blood essence collected this time should be enough,” Qiu Wujiang grinned.

The wind dragon envoy hesitated and said, "Your Majesty, since the dragon blood collected is enough, do you want me to bring a few masters in the clan to eradicate the nasty human cultivator? After all, the plan to use him to collect the dragon blood was successful."

"No, that person is a master, and you may not be able to catch or kill him. It is just a few of the ordinary dragons on the borders. It is not convenient for our dragons to take action. Just take it as a reward for him since he worked for us,” Qiu Wujiang said. 

The wind dragon envoy nodded, "Your Majesty, is there anything else that I can help with?"

Qiu Wujiang squinted his eyes, and said in a deep voice, "You shall disseminate the news to the Thunder Dragon Envoy and Fire Dragon Envoy, so that they must return to the Dragon Valley before the Grand Competition. In addition, carefully supervise the Ice Dragon Envoy in secret, and if he goes out, report to the king immediately!"

"Yes!" The Wind Dragon Envoy did not ask much, and immediately turned into a blue dragon and left the hall.


In the Dragon Cavern, Yang Chen was unaware that his bloodbath from slaying the dragons had long been secretly monitored by the wind dragon envoy sent by Qiu Wujiang.

Yang Chen didn't even know that all this indirectly helped Qiu Wujiang to complete the final steps of his plan.

At this moment, he stood on the vast karst cave floor, looking at the colorful ore in all directions, and was a little surprised.

These ores were all in different sizes and shapes. As far as his knowledge goes, he could only recognize certain gems, crystals, and gold and silver minerals. 

And these precious minerals, which could not emit light, were irradiated by mineral deposits similar to fluorite because a large number of them had luminous properties.

Ever since, all kinds of bright lights illuminated the whole cave and made it colourful.

Yang Chen once heard that in the legends, dragons liked to collect shiny things and that was where the story of the treasure in the dragon cave came from. Initially it sounded like a rumour but now, it seemed that other dragons didn’t know that this ice dragon might be a real ‘scrooge’. 

God knows where it got to find so many precious mineral metals to illuminate the entire cave with rainbow-like gradients.

Now, it benefited Yang Chen.

He didn’t have much demand for money, so gold and silver minerals were not very attractive to him.

However, the gems here, especially the beautiful sapphires and rubies, were huge. If they were in the outside world, it could be sold for sky-high prices, or could be even deemed priceless!

Yang Chen was overjoyed, if these gems could be taken out and given to Lin Ruoxi and his other women, a large gemstone for each of them, it would be much more domineering than a wedding diamond ring!

Women always find themselves irresistible to shiny gemstones, especially judging from the carats, it would make them lose their minds.

For so many days not being able to be by their side, they must be frightened. He should send a big gem back to calm their frustration and they would probably not resent him anymore.

Thinking of this, he hurriedly took out a large amount of refining materials from the Mustard Sumeru Ring, whatever spiritual grass, dragon blood, and keel bones were taken out as much as possible.

He then bounced around, digging, moving and smashing as much as he could. He stuffed the gems that hadn't been polished and picked the big ones.

Probably because there weren’t any diamonds in this Demon Realm, or dragons just like colourful things, there were mostly gorgeous gems instead of pure diamonds, which made him a little regretful.

After collecting a lot of "travel souvenirs" that he was going to take home to give to the women, Yang Chen focused his attention on the refinement.

Taking out the "Tushan Golden Elixir Script", he thought for a while and chose two top-grade elixir formulas. One was Longhua Pill, which could quickly replenish the True Yuan and replenish the spiritual aura by extracting the essence of dragon blood. The other was the Longshou Pill, which helps to improve the efficiency of spiritual aura tempering of the body, which was mainly configured with dragon scales and keel bones.

If these two elixir formulas were put outside, they would be trash, because there were no demon dragons in the outside world, and ordinary cultivators who had crossed the Tribulation Passing Stage had no ability to kill dragons. However, they were treasures in front of Yang Chen!

He had a lot of dragon skeletons, enough to refine thousands or even ten thousand of pills, but other spiritual grasses were limited, and they could only refine a few hundred at most.

Too lazy to think about it, Yang Chen summoned the Chaos Cauldron, soared up the Samadhi True Fire, and began to concentrate on controlling various materials into the cauldron.

He hadn’t practiced refining for many days, but he was no stranger to it. Instead, with the accumulation of awareness, he had a better comprehension of the methods of refining. 

Inner peace and the fire of the elixirs shall burn...

Unconsciously, four days had passed. 

In the unattended underground cavern, Yang Chen continuously refined Longshou Pills and Longhua Pills.

The success of Longhua Pills made him very satisfied. These red-gold-colored pills quickly replenished the True Yuan in his body.

This allowed him to continue refining crazily, and within four days, he had almost used up the spiritual grass in the Mustard Sumeru Ring. 

Fortunately, there were still many dragon skeletons, not to mention there was one more dragon corpse outside at the bottom of the river. This was indeed a good harvest!

Yang Chen packed up all the elixirs and materials, and when he was about to keep the Chaos Cauldron, he found that the cauldron became more lustrous and deep, and the totem became more visible.

He frowned. This Chaos must have secretly absorbed a large amount of dragon essence while he was refining, to restore its vitality.

Despite that, he couldn’t stop it. Seeing the Chaos getting stronger and stronger, he could only hope that his strength could suppress it even if anything were to happen. 

After finishing everything, he knew that it was almost time for the appointment with Yu Xuening, so he could not stay any longer. He quickly exited the dragon's lair, and after collecting some important parts of the blue dragon's corpse, he accelerated his True Yuan and returned to the Jade Fox Palace.

Yang Chen finally didn't have to worry about the lack of True Yuan afterwards. There were more than three hundred Longhua Pills stored in the ring, and he could replenish his True Yuan at any given moment.

After knocking down three pills in total, Yang Chen finally rushed back to the Jade Fox Palace at lightning speed.

As soon as he arrived, Yu Xuening's fluttering white skirt was already blocking him.

As always, the outstanding woman looked at him from top to bottom, and smiled charmingly, "It seems that you have refined a lot of elixirs for replenishing the True Yuan, so don't you want to offer hundreds of them to your lord?"

This fox is really smart. How did she know that he had come back from taking pills all the way, and said with an expression of distress, "I don't have so many pills, only a dozen, if I give them to you, I’ll have nothing left.”

"Cut the nonsense! You've killed only a dozen of dragons in the clan? Do you think that your lord is dumb? For so many days, how could it be possible to kill only so much? You must have been hiding somewhere for refining, now hand it over!" Yu Xuening said coldly and sternly. “If you dare to play tricks, your little lover might be unable to walk out of here alive!”

"You are threatening me!?"

"You can’t win me," Yu Xuening said with confidence.

Yang Chen was frustrated for a while, indeed, there was nothing he could do but to be threatened, he was so tempted to hold her down and torment her...

He took out a bottle with more than 20 Longhua Pills in it, and threw it to Yu Xuening. "That's all I have. I didn't have enough spiritual grasses to refine, and the other pills I have are to strengthen the body to assist in cultivation."

Yu Xuening didn't care too much. Based on her cultivation level, the supply from these pills were more than enough to make any opponent scared.

Just as he was about to ask where Huilin was, a pretty figure in a green robe suddenly rose from a building and came to Yang Chen's side!

"Big Brother Yang! You are back!" Huilin's eyes were full of surprises and a bit of triumph.

After Yang Chen carefully confirmed his eyes, he chuckled, "What did this vixen feed you? After not seeing you for a few days… You are now in the Soul Forming Stage!?”