“Little brat, I ain’t a vixen. How can my family of nine-tailed celestial foxes be comparable to those widely recognized mountain creatures? If you dare to despise me, don’t blame me for locking you up once and for all! I might as well not fight for the Tongtian Grand Competition anymore!!”

Yu Xuening was irritated, and he could feel the chills.

When Yang Chen heard that, he immediately changed to a smiley face, "My apologies for the mistakes of words, my lord is much more exquisite than a fox."

If he is really going to be imprisoned, even if he goes out, I am afraid that all of my family members will be killed by the enemy. No matter what, we have to endure until the day we enter the Tongtian Tower.

Yu Xuening glanced at him arrogantly, "That’s about it... Actually I know that you must resent me deeply in your heart, but it doesn't matter, as long as you can defeat the dragon valley and the purple bamboo forest masters to avenge me after the hundreds of years, I’ll be happy!”

Yang Chen smiled and said, “Right my lord, how did you train my Huilin to the Soul Forming Stage? The spiritual aura here is thin, and it is naturally difficult to reach the Full Cycle from Xiantian Stage, not to mention accelerate to Soul Forming.”

"You will find it difficult, but your lord does not find it difficult. Huilin is originally a good piece of jade. Obviously she couldn’t improve as much as she is in the hands of you mediocre people. Huilin, tell him that yourself. I am going to take a nap, these few days I have been too exhausted," Yu Xuening was too lazy to bother, she waved her sleeves, and then returned to her bedroom.

Yang Chen bared his teeth at her back, secretly slandering. Do you think I am dumb, how would you be tired!?

Huilin immediately asked with concern, "Big Brother Yang, is it too dangerous to go to the Dragon Valley? Did you get hurt?”

Yang Chen smiled, this girl is always so caring, like a good baby, "Do I look like I am injured?”

"Well... I am just asking, I know that Brother Yang is very powerful," Huilin pursed her lips and smiled, "But now that I am in the Soul Forming Stage, so I probably wouldn’t drag you down. The palace lord said that I have a good talent for cultivation!"

"What the hell is going on? What kind of panacea did she give you?"

Huilin showed an expression of unwillingness, but she still talked about what happened in the previous few days.

After Yang Chen left that day, Yu Xuening took her to the hall where she practiced cultivation, and carefully checked on her cultivation status.

Although Huilin's Shushan internal energy was not as unfathomable as Yang Chen's "Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture", it was considered a first-class method. However, she was still relatively new to cultivation, and there was still a barrier to entering the Xiantian Stage.

If Huilin's own practice was the only basis for this threshold, it would take as little as three or five years, or as long as ten years, and she shall achieve it. For ordinary people, it was already extremely fast, but for the current situation, it was too much.

After Yu Xuening thought about it for a while, she actually used her cultivation base to freeze Huilin so that she couldn't move. Then, using the powerful True Yuan of her Ninth Rank peak level, she helped Huilin to sort out and expand the eight channels in her veins.

This process required an exquisite control of the True Yuan, otherwise, any difference could cause Huilin to die!

Only an elite master like Yu Xuening could reach this point.

After Huilin's body was greatly improved, Yu Xuening leaked her own blood from her fingertips and fed it into her body!

The nine-tailed celestial fox had spent thousands of years, and all the skills that she had cultivated were in her blood, it was nothing ordinary?!

After these few drops of natal blood entered Huilin's body, her body heated up like a burning wildfire, her meridians surging violently, and her True Yuan turned into the aura of countless celestial foxes, as if it was pouring out!

Yu Xuening helped Huilin run her internal energy, and it took two days and nights to digest these spiritual auras to 70% to 80%. In fact, if it weren't for her protection, Huilin would undoubtedly die!

In the end, there was a surge of spiritual aura that helped Huilin break through her Xiantian Stage in one fell swoop!

After reaching the Xiantian Stage, the following processes were much simpler, relying on the spiritual aura in Yu Xuening’s condensed essence and blood, it only took one day to reach the Full Cycle.

As for proceeding into the Soul Forming Stage, Yu Xuening frankly admitted that she could not help, but chatted with Huilin instead. 

Yu Xuening was like a sister next door, asking about Huilin's childhood environment, her family, her childhood memories and her taste and preferences as well.

When she got asked that her favorite career was singing and listening to music, Huilin had endless words and was very excited about how she liked working with people who understood music and performing that together. She also mentioned the reasons for leaving the industry sadly because of her own personal feelings and eventually she felt emotional...

Yu Xuening thought for a while and somehow managed to find a dark brown, elegant Paulownia zither, and told Huilin that this was gifted to her by a cultivator in the Tang Dynasty and it was named Feiquan Zither. 

Without further ado, she started teaching Huilin how to play the zither.

Huilin was very focused when it comes to music. When she saw the zither, the thoughts about cultivation were all left behind. She followed Yu Xuening to practice the zither step by step and she didn't feel tired at all after all day and night.

Due to her great talent for musical temperament, and she had also learned a lot of musical instruments in the outside world, Huilin could quickly play fluently and she was overjoyed.

Yu Xuening stood by and told her softly, "In your opinion, if you use music to describe the world and the things on it, what will it look like? Use your heart to understand the resonance between the music and the world. Remember, everything happens for a reason, and you will eventually get what you want…”

Huilin playing the zither, gradually, as if the fiddle of their own hearts, every trace of trembling, her spirit followed...

After a few melodious pieces, Huilin felt that as she played, the Xiantian True Qi in her was transformed into a more powerful energy than ever before!

It wasn't until that moment that she suddenly awakened!

In the process of playing music, she had stepped into a whole new plane!

While understanding the rhythm of music had improved, she also realized some things vaguely...


The changes in the past few days had her confused for a little, but it was true indeed that she entered the Soul Forming Stage under Yu Xuening’s guidance. 

When Yang Chen heard of this, she realized that Yu Xuening didn't mean to say that she was tired just now, but she was actually exhausted. After all, the loss of life essence and blood would do a lot of harm to the demon clan.

However, it was not difficult to realize that Huilin relied on the rhythm to enter the Soul Forming Stage, this kind of enlightenment was naturally different for each person.

Rose was enlightened by the rain, and Cai Ning from a hidden weapon. In contrast, Huilin, who loved music, was enlightened by the rhythm. This was not a surprise. 

"This Yu Xuening is really getting more and more confusing. Why does she treat you so nicely? Logically speaking… you two aren’t even related in any sense," Yang Chen frowned.

Huilin thought for a moment, and said: "Big Brother Yang, I think that the palace lord is good to me because of you. Think about it, she gave you the refining script, and allowed you to go to the Dragon Valley to kill dragons. Her main purpose is to let you refine the pills, so that to improve your fighting ability in the Demon Realm. As for me, as long as I can become stronger, I won't be a hindrance to you, so she is also thinking about you from the side."

Yang Chen was taken aback, and her words made sense. Is it really because he has cultivated the "Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture", so that she sees herself as an important person?

Could it be said that the creator of "Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture" still had an inexplicable relationship with Yu Xuening?

Huilin then took out a ring instrument for storage and took out a paulownia zither from it, and said, "Brother Yang, look, the palace lord has also given me this infamous Tang Dynasty zither. I like it so much!”

Looking at Huilin holding the zither treasuredly, Yang Chen remembered that in his ring, there was also a mid-grade magic treasure, the Fengling zither, that he had snatched from Lu Huating which he killed.

He handed the fire burning like Pteris pattern Fengling to Huilin, smiled and said, "This magical zither is for you, it is called Fengling. Since you are in Soul Forming now, you may use it."

Huilin faced with modesty, but she was so happy and took over the Fengling irresistibly, lowered her head, and said faintly, "Is this... a token of love?"

"What? Louder please,” Yang Chen pretended to not hear anything and asked with a strange smile.

Huilin knew that he was trying to fool around, and pouted, "Big Brother Yang, I'm ignoring you! I'm going to play the zither!"

After speaking, the girl turned around and left.

Yang Chen didn't let her go as she wished, He hooked her soft waist with one hand from behind, bowed his head and kissed her forehead, and smiled, "This storage ring was also given to you by Yu Xuening? Is she that generous?"