Huilin was flushed by the kiss, and whispered, "The palace lord asked me to give it to you, saying that since you have killed those dragons, the ring that you are currently using should be too small for you. This ring is several times larger, so you can put more refining materials and magic weapons. You can give me the small one instead..."

Yang Chen was stunned, Yu Xuening was really thoughtful, and he really should change to a larger space ring.

After a little investigation, this space ring was more than ten times the size of this Mustard Sumeru Ring. Not to mention the dragon corpse, it would not be a problem to install dozens of living dragons, it should be an expensive thing.

Involuntarily, Yang Chen was a little embarrassed, how could he make such a charming master to always think about himself.

Perhaps, he should put down his guard against her, and prepare for the Tongtian Grand Tournament. After all, if she really had bad intentions to himself, she didn’t need to spend so much thought to teach Huilin.

Remembering that he had refined the Longshou Pills, he directly gave Huilin dozens of them, so that she could improve her physique quickly, and that she would not be hurt easily even if she had True Yuan.

When Huilin received the things from him, she didn't stop politely like she used to, but took all of them sweetly.

Finally, Yang Chen also urged Huilin that if she goes out in the future, the Fengling should not be taken out and used easily, because it involved him killing the Hongmeng Envoy.

Immediately after, he found a quiet place and began to move everything in his ring into the new, broader space ring.

After doing these, he settled on the top of a mountain and waited for a few days to go to Tongtian Lake to participate in the competition.


Dragon Valley, Dragon King Palace.

A blue-robed ice dragon envoy walked in from outside the hall, came under the hall, and nodded towards Qiu Wujiang.

"Your Majesty, are you looking for me?"

Qiu Wujiang was closing his eyes on the dragon chair to rest up his mind. At that moment, he opened his eyes, revealing a gentle smile.

"Ice Dragon Envoy, your king's great event can be done today."

The Ice Dragon Envoy made a tremor and turned his head up in surprise, "Congratulations your Majesty! This time, you will be able to break through the Tongtian Tower!"

Qiu Wujiang threw his head back and laughed. He then got up with scorching eyes, "Thanks to all the demon dragon envoy's slaying and killing powers for more than ten years, if the king can successfully cast the magic weapon, he would definitely take the dragon envoys and leave this prison together. We shall conquer the real world! It’s just that this last process requires the help of the ice dragon envoy using your ice breath powers. Follow me!”

The ice dragon envoy did not hesitate, and immediately promised.

Qiu Wujiang waved his big hand, and after a weird black True Yuan force condensed in the center of the main hall, the black rocks on the ground gradually revealed a huge crack!

Beneath this crack, there was a billowing heat that was unfathomable!

Not many people in the Demon Realm knew that the mountain where the Dragon King Palace was located was an active volcano!

Beneath this hall was the lava that had been tumbling all year round. The dragon kings of the past had suppressed the magma and prevented it from erupting with tyrannical cultivation bases.

"Follow me down!" Qiu Wujiang jumped down first and fell into the crimson.

A strange color flashed in the eyes of the ice dragon envoy, but it quickly followed.

The deeper the crack, the higher the temperature. The waves of the scorching lava, and the tumbling magma, making the entire active volcano felt like an eighteen layers of purgatory!

Red and golden, white rays of light were flashing everywhere. If it weren't for the strong physique of the dragon clan, any ordinary demon would not be able to stay here for long.

After diving into thousands of feet, he finally stopped in the air on a lava sea.

In the center of a piece of volcanic lava, a scarlet beam of light stood in the air!

That beam of light was like a fountain of flowing blood, constantly undergoing the tempering of the underground lava flames, without any signs of drying up!

And in the center of the blood-colored beam of light, an exceptionally dark red long knife was spinning slowly!

The blade of this long blade was completely dark red without any variegated color, only a black blood mist lingered around it, and at the same time, high-temperature golden flames were bursting out from time to time!

The handle of the knife was actually made of keel, and after being tempered by the lava ground fire for an unknown number of years, it had exuded the bursts of this scorching heat.

Just by looking at it tens meters away, you could feel the bloody evil power emanating from the whole body of this long sword!

"Ice Dragon Envoy, your king has explored for nearly a thousand of years, exhausted his efforts to spend more than two hundred of years to collect forty-nine kinds of iron that are unique to the Demon Realm, and collected nearly hundreds of essence from the demons and masters in the dragon clan and the blood of thousands of goblins to create this "Blood Demon Dragon Bone Knife".This knife is comparable to the god-level magic weapon handed down in the great ancient times, and it is more powerful than most immortal treasures! Now, just the final step of 'quenching' what it is left. As long as you spit out the cold ice breath on the long knife with all your strength, this peerless soldier will be born! Your king is looking forward to it, holding this knife and carving a hole of the Tongtian Tower in the Grand Tournament; destroying the purple and blue heavenly lightning and bringing back my dragons to the world again!" Qiu Wujiang proudly said.

The eyes of the ice dragon envoy shone brightly, it was excited.

"Your Majesty, don't worry, your subordinates will do it right away!" 

That being said, the ice dragon envoy changed its body, and even in this scorching temperature underground lava sea, it turned into a blue dragon full of ice crystals around it.

The cultivation base of the 8th ranked peak level allowed the ice dragon envoy to have enough dragon’s breath to exhale an extremely cold breath air current!


A shot of a fierce ice tornado came out, in the world of flames, it landed abruptly on the high-temperature blood column!

Seeing that the blood column had gradually been frozen and no longer burned, the Blood Demon Dragon Bone Knife in it glowed with a brutal breath of blood!

"Good job! The Ice Dragon Envoy! Your King is determined not to forget your great work!! Hahahaha!!!”

Amidst his wild laughter, Qiu Wujiang suddenly ignited a black vigorous True Yuan on his hand, calling out a huge dragon claw, and penetrated the most fragile abdomen scales of the ice dragon envoy!


Golden red blood bursted and scattered out from its body, instantly evaporating it with the high temperature!

The Ice Dragon Envoy who was struggling to breathe groaned, its eyes were full of disbelief, and it didn't seem to understand why Qiu Wujiang had to take advantage of his fragile time to hurt himself!

"Hmph, Ice Dragon Envoy, your king knows best about your capabilities. You’ve deceived me in your previous operation. No matter what your intentions are, this time, you will definitely not be able to get out of this lava sea of ​​flames. "

Qiu Wujiang sneered and a black dragon claw condensed in his hand, the powerful True Yuan of a 9th ranked master, once again grasping the heart of the ice dragon envoy!


After a short moment, Qiu Wujiang flew out of the gap in the center of the Dragon King Hall!

At this moment, the wind dragon, fire dragon, thunder dragon and earth dragon envoy in four colors of green, red, yellow and brown were all waiting outside.

Obviously, as a precaution, Qiu Wujiang asked them to wait outside in fear of the ice dragon envoy escaping.

Seeing the horrifying Blood Demon Dragon Bone Knife in Qiu Wujiang's hand, the four demon dragon envoys shuddered and bowed to their knees!

"Your Majesty! Congratulations on your mighty success!"

Qiu Wujiang looked at the four 8th ranked peak level subordinates with a grin, and said eerily, "The ice dragon envoy committed betrayal to its king and has been executed. If you dare to have even a hint of disloyal thought, your king will show no mercy!" 

How would the four demon dragon envoy dare to be disobedient. The ice dragon envoy was finished just like that but they all knew its strength was no weaker than any of them. 

Qiu Wujiang glanced with satisfaction, and when he looked at his hand, at the long knife with countless ghosts crying and howling, in the depths of his eyes, an imperceptible flash of silver-gray evil brilliance rose...